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CONTINUEFROMTHECAR Silence took place in the car





immediately we left the stadium.




As usual constant stares from Jennica.


Anabella started up a chat between us all.



Elvin that was very fast… I never knew you got a lot of speed ” She said and I look at her



Really???? ”


I asked.



Yeah.. you really ran like a sport car with a lot of speed…… ” She said.



Thanks anyway ”



You think it about speed


I just allow him won the race… Perhaps I won’t want to disgrace him in present of his girl friend ”


Daniel said focussing on what he is driving while Anabella shouted



” You know that’s a pretty lie


I watched you struggle your very best……”


She said looking at Daniel.



” I haven’t seen you in such speed before..


You also got a lot of speed up Elvin has more speed than you ” She added.



Thanks God that you at least admitted that I got a lot of speed ” Daniel said.



But you are not match for my Elvin ”


She said more like a laugh.



You know Daniel….You really tried you and your friends…”



But still I Won…”


I said cutting her short.



” Yeah My Elvin won ”


She added and we all laughed expect Jennica… She neither talks or smile..


Just staring.



So now that Elvin has won the bet what happens then ” Anabella asked and looked at Daniel and I.



The bet stool hold anyway and…….. ”


I said stressing the last word I look at Daniel to see his reaction and his eyes were on me…



Focus on the drive… I reserve my statement till further notice ” I said and Anabella signed showing a frown face.



See Elvin….You better start punishing him now… You know he has few days to stay with us and he will ran to Europe ”


Anabella objected…



” I think you are…..




Anabella what’s even your business with guys stuff. Can’t you mind your business??


are you now Elvin Huh … ” Daniel asked…



Daniel !!!


Mind the way you talks to my Queen ”


I said and Anabella laugh..



Awwwn thanks Sweetheart…


Hope you got that slave boy ”


Anabella said hitting Daniel playfully while laughing while Daniel frown



Yes sir.. But Anabella don’t forget am still you elder brother… You should always have it at the back of your mind ”


Daniel said…!!



I will so deal with you if Elvin goes out ”


He added..



Then I will always follow Elvin to wherever he is going to ” Anabella said…



Like seriously???? ”


Daniel asked ..




” Yeah ”




And if by mistake I heard that you touched her… Or you even look at her two times in her dream.. What I will do to you Eh !!!!!……”


I said and Anabella laugh…



Elvin am your follow guy oh …. No dey join girl kill me oh!!! …”


He said



And so??? look is like you will start now self… ”



Sorry sir.. Let me focus on the road… ”


Daniel said



” Better for yourself ”



I noticed that all this while Jennica never laughed neither did she contribute anything to our talk..



One can hardly know that she was with us in the car. we arrived home peaceful and we all walk into the living room..



I excused myself from and I went to my room to have my bath….After was I


came out and we all eat breakfast together…



The whole family was present including Mr. Bernard .. He didn’t go to work today.


we were eating I silent when Mr. Bernard broke the silent .



So Daniel when are you traveling ” He asked.



On Tuesday dad…Our tickets is already set ”


he said..



” Oh that’s good to hear… Look Daniel..


I want to remain a good boy over there…. Don’t look for people trouble…”


Mr. Bernard advised.



Yes dad… Am gonna miss you all especially you…” He said pointing at Anabella.. and we laughed..



Anyway let me use this opportunity to announce that I will be going on a business trip with some of my company workers… It just a week seminar ” He said…



Silence dwell for a little time.


So dad when are you going to travel ”


Anabella asked.



On Tuesday as well ” Mr. Bernard answered.



So you will be leaving with Daniel ” Anabella asked again and Mr. Bernard nod.



” There was unhappiness on Anabella’s face…


It show she is not happy with the travels…”



After we finish our breakfast..


I went to my room to take some rest but I decided to read a little before I sleeps…



I was still reading when Daniel walked into my room.I look at him unhappy face.. I wonder what the sad face is all about..




What is it Daniel ??? ” I asked.



Am gonna miss you guys ” He said.



Common we will miss you more..


look you have to strong.. If you are doing this what do you want Anabella to do.. ”



Anyway….Am just here to tell you to take care of my sister till I comes back..



Don’t ever let anything happen to her ”


he said and i nod.



I will bro.. Please chill up… You are you going for everything it just a matter of four months that just it… Before you know it you guys are back ” I said trying encourage him.



I have heard you bro…. Let me go and finish up my arrangements ”


He said.



By the way how is to night party gonna be.. how many of your friends have you invited ” I said trying to keep the conversation going..



Just fifteen of them ”


He said.



” Wow that’s great…


You know you have to go put things in other..


I won’t want to come out to see you with this face… ”



” Alright bro ”


He said we smiled at each other then he left my room.








I will really miss my brother Daniel..


I wish his won’t go but it is his success.


I can’t stop him…



I felt weak to do anything or even go out….I managed to invite just five of


my favorite friends to our house for the party celebration.



Since we finished eating I have been in my room and Elvin might be feeling lonely and am here…



I thought maybe staying together will heal a lot.. At least I won’t feel bored



I took my phone and went to his room to have a chat with him.



On my way I met Daniel coming out from his room. He saw me and smiled and I know he is trying to hid the fact that he was gonna miss me.



I smiled back anyway


I went inside Elvin’s room and he was kind of sleeping.



I stood and look at him.


Always looking like a god…



I took the opportunity to look around his room.. This might be my only opportunity to see his room.



I saw a picture of him when he was a little more younger.. And he was with a man that looks like him



That might be his father


I thought



I saw the old woman that Dennis told me about. Elvin moat have missed her a lot



For how long have you been standing there ” He asked jerking out from my thoughts.



Not too long


I just came in now…So don’t worry.. I didn’t meet you snoring ” I said and he showed pop Eyes



” I don’t snow ”


He said trying to defend himself.



Never said you were or maybe not ” I said and he just smiled.



So why are you here??? ”


He asked.



I thought it wise to come….. Haven’t seen you since we finished eating and that made me feel bad ”




” Oh!!!! sorry about that.. I thought you won’t be needing my company ”


He said and i stared at him.



Wait oh!!! is like you have been sleeping right??? ” He asked jerking me out from my stare.



Not really….. ”



Then why didn’t you come since and you are just coming now that I want to sleep ”


He said..



The truth is that feel somehow..




Can’t he stay awake because of me






” Okay.. Maybe I came late..


I will have to go to my room now.. sleep well ”


I said not really with my heart.



Did you just say I should sleep well..?? ” He asked.



Weren’t you the one that said you wants to sleep ???…”



Yeah and I mean now you have come you should join me in the bed ” He said.



Are you kidding me ”


I asked thinking off….. Unno.



Common naughty girl….Stopping about bad things are you trying to tell me that we can’t stay in one room again ”


He asked..



We could perhaps I wasn’t think any naughty thing ”


I defended myself and we both laughed at what I couldn’t figure out.



He sat up and I sat with him on his bed.


we both chatted for a while.













We played all through the day…


Me and Anabella and it was really fun and enjoying…



The simple truth is that I enjoyed every moment I spend with her.


The dark has already covered the surface of the earth.



The living room has already been crowded with friends that are here for the little party.


Many of Daniel’s friends while the lest were Jennica’s friends and few while invited by Anabella.



The party was going smooth anyway.. Fun if I should say but not enjoying to me maybe is because am not adapted to parties.



Mr. Bernard was the one that opened the party ground champagne was poured for celebration…




it was really a great one.. it was time to dance




and girl fulled the dancing floor…




The truth is that Anabella can dance but Jennica seem to be very good at dancing..




None of the quest that came was able to dance dances so perfectly…



more than her… She




One can call her a stripper…


The way she moves her body to the tune of the music.. Shows that is just a crazy dancer



The party ground was very hot that Jennica and Anabella got themselves drunk.



It was as if the party was just starting because Jennica started dancing like a crazy stripper…



After the hot dance and jubilation.. The party letter ended and Daniel


ended it with thanks and appreciation speech….



Anabella has already slept off on my laps… while Jennica was still awake but I think she is drunk and couldn’t stand up…



Both Mr. and Mrs. Bernard has already gone to sleep …. Daniel went to say


good bye to his friends that came for the party..



I first help Jennica up to her room then I came back and took Anabella to hers…



I sat down to wait for Daniel.. and when he came came we said good night to each other then I went to my room..



I opened my door only to find something very shocking….



To be continued…….




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



Something shocking


What could that be???







I apologize again







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