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After since I got Elvin arrested


I haven’t been myself… in fact the whole house has been like hell..



Though that Elvin is not my blood but I have loved and cherish him just like a son.



Anabella has been locking her self up in her room since I got Elvin arrested She has refused to talk to anybody, eat or even walk around like she use to.



I don’t know why all this happened in the first place… I always have this strange feeling of what I can’t even explain.



Since I got him arrested I have not for once went to visit him…. Hope doing


the right thing??



Hope I won’t regret this later.


Just hoping.



Today I didn’t go to work I had to take excuse for a day rest, my head is full and I don’t even know how to put my family back together again.



I were sitting quietly in my bed restless when a message pop into my phone.



I thought it was one of my company attendant so I decided to open the message but when I opened to message…



I saw what I never expected


I read the letter over and over again just to make sure that what I saw is real and yes it true.



I went an put on my television sat down on my bed and listen patiently








Wow finally that idiot is out of the way.


I pity him that he has to end up this way if only he had listened but he is proven so smart.



But I pity for him Sha


I don’t know why he didn’t listen to me when I weaned him…



The truth is that this house is no longer comfortable for me again… and my sister Anabella her own is even worse.



She has refused to talk to anybody all she those is go to school come back and lock herself inside her room.



Sometimes she won’t even eat anything in the house. I don’t know if I should say that dad’s own is more than worst .



Elvin seem to be the joy in this family.


I decided to go to my mums room but I saw her coming out from her room



Mum…” I called.



Jennica wait in my room your dad screamed let me find out what the problem is… I will be back in a Jeff……”


she said and left.


I waited for her in her room but


She came back with frown face.



Mum what is it…” I asked.



Can you imagine that your dad was shouting just because that idiot was among the winners in the competition they went. He got the highest score…


Can you imagine that the man Is happy over it …..” My Mum said



He is really intelligent….”


I said and I frown.



And what’s that face for…..” She asked.



Mum so Dad is going to let that boy go just like that……”


I asked in s snoring way.



Off course that’s not possible not when am still alive…..” He must pay for disobeying me.


I taught he was smart oh what a poor and stupid boy.. …”



Could you imagine…..


I myself went to him but do you know what he did he down me down insulted me and even walk out on me…..”



Just trust me…


I will make sure he rust in jail for all I care..



I will make sure he will remain in the jail and as for that’s scholarship he has already lost it because the scholarship will be cancelled in a week if he didn’t come to Abuja with your dad to sign some documents for his traveling.


So chill he is paying for his ignorance…..” My mum said and I smiled



That’s serve him right.


Now let me see how he is going to date Anabella. I even wonder what he was thinking when he turned my request to have s£x with me….”



Could you imagine that I even went to his room at night when no one will know that nothing happened between us but instead of doing what I asked him to do he was proven stubborn….”


My mum said.



I will make sure to dad didn’t realize him from that jail….”



Off course your dad will not try it ……”


My mum said.



” But mum that Elvin of a boy is very stupid


How could he say no to you something that other boys will pay for …..”



” That’s very stupid of him


I don’t even know what is thinking he is…”


My Mum said.



” But mum you were too fast..


You should have wait small let me at least kiss him…..’



Oh you wants to kiss him when I didn’t even touch him… Anyway that’s now a past tense ….”



But mum do you know what he told me when I threatened him that will shout that He wants to rape me …….



I was even thinking that he will beg me but instead he was just looking at me.



What were you expecting when I gave him my body but he still turn me down……”


My Mum said and we heard a sound from outside.



I rushed and opened the door but I didn’t see anyone.


I looked around but still didn’t see anyone and I went back to my mum’s room…”



What is that???? ….” My mum asked.



I heard the sound of someone…


is like someone is invading on our discussion Mum…..”



I don’t think so perhaps did you see anyone at the door???……” She asked.



I didn’t see anybody mum but am sure I heard something fall…” I said.



It just your imagination..


My mum said but am sure I heard something.. I think someone is invading our discussion


Just pray is just an imagination just like mum said….”








Me and my friend sat down on my bed and listen to the new…



They started calling form the tenth grade They call to the second and Elvin was not among them …



Elvin wasn’t opportune to win this award I said to my friend…



The caller were busy praising the winner So I decided to go and find out what made my daddy to scream in the first place and I intended going straight to the place were Elvin is kept to tell him the sad news as well.



We were walking quietly towards my dad’s room when we heard someone discussing .


Is actually my mum and my sister.



I stood and listen to what they were discussing and ears was too heavy to contain it.



How could my sister and mum be so wicked……


I felt so weak….. ”



Tears flow down my cheeks as I listen to what they were saying and something felt down from my hand immediately I heard my mum said that he offered Elvin her body.



Jennica came out immediately probably to find out who is invading on their discussion but thank God of my friend they would have see us.



I was very weak and my friend helped me back to my room..


I cried for an hour before she forced me to go take my bath so that we will go and see Elvin.



I took my bath I don’t even have the strength to do any makeup so I just put on the cloth my friend brought out for me and we both head to the police station.








This is the third day I have been in this dark room and this is the same day the results of the competition we went will be worldly announced but it very unfortunate that I will not be able to see nor even hear who the winner are.



I don’t even know if I have any future at all if I should continue staying in this dark room. I weep very bad not about my present but my future.



I have been expecting to see Anabella by now or didn’t she collect the letter I gave Dennis.


maybe he didn’t since Dennis said that she has been indoors and don’t talk to him since he asked her after me.



I look around me seeing other prisoners one police officer came and said that someone is here to see me.



I even taught the person is Dennis but I was brought before Anabella.


she came with her friend or should I say her friend came with her.




She saw me and smiled but I could return the smile I don’t really know why maybe because am tried of staying here.



I sat down look at her but she brought her face a little down and then I looked at her friend my classmate actually and she said something but I didn’t bored to here what that is.



” Elvin!!!!!!……”


She called and she looked at me and I smiled.


Yeah I smiled not that she is smiling but that she still remember my name.



I look at her then at her friend.



How are you doing Elvin…” She asked.



As you can see am getting more stronger very passing minutes of the day I said not knowing why I said that actually and she smiled and silent followed….”



Am happy you finally came….”


I said and she look at me in the eyes and she and her friend bend down there head.



” Anabella….”


I called and she raised her face, she is on her glasses but if you look very well you will found out that her eyes were red.



” Am sorry Elvin….”


She said and I smiled but the truth is that am boring inside me.


My old past is calling…….



” Sorry about what????


look Anabella you didn’t do anything to me so stop saying sorry….”



” Elvin I promise you one thing…


I will make sure I gets you out of here….”


She said.



Anabella I wouldn’t want you to disturb yourself about me please……



” Tell me Elvin me,


How does all this started????….”


She asked.



” How did what started????…. ”


I asked back though I know she must be talking about her sister and mum but how come??? do she know that truth??



You know what am taking about Elvin….


how and when did my mum and my sister started making s£x advance towards you


she asked and I look at her friend.




It won’t be a good thing discussing her family in the present of her friend.




Anabella you know that not right talking about your mum and elder sister like that


I said trying to cover up in present of her friend….”



No need hiding anything.


We already know the truth Elvin..


We both heard them enjoying over there bad act…”


She said and I look at her friend.



So you see know need trying to cover them up because they don’t deserve to be covered….”


She added and i became speechless.



I know that if she is saying the truth here then this simply shows war.. this is tearing up the family apart….”



I know Anabella will not give up on this but will her dad believe her… will anybody even believe her At all????



Elvin I must make sure you gets out of here , I won’t might how but I must…”


she said…



Look Anabella I wouldn’t want you to have problems with your family because it can only tear the family apart….”



I wouldn’t want to be the cause of war between you and your family Anabella try to understand……”



I don’t care what it will take


I don’t care about anything else apart from you…..”


She said.



” You don’t care???


This will cause make damage in your family Anabella… Don’t you get it.. . Just let this lay ….”



No I won’t Elvin.. They know I love you


Why won’t they start this in the first place.


Why didn’t they think of what this will cause when they started all this….”



My mum and Jennica must pay for doing this, they must pay for it… ” she said but I only frown.




If you must know the truth


My old past is very deadly but I think I don’t need it now because it can only change something I won’t want it to change.




Anabella fighting with your family can only bring more damage and no problem is solved causing another problem.



If you wants me out of this prison there is always another way in any


condition so let use the other…..”


I said and she look at me me.



I won’t want the peaceful family I met tears themselves apart just because of something that is not even a big deal….”


I added.



Elvin I don’t care the way you see this but my mum and Jennica must pay.. You should be rejoicing by now but look at what they have done to your joy….”


She said.



By the way


How is dad doing???


I asked trying to change the topic because it came only cry for my past ME.



I won’t say that dad is fine because he has not been himself since he got you arrested…..


Your absence is killing him….”



The house has become hell for everybody, No body is enjoying your absence Elvin….” she said.



What of Daniel….. have you heard from him??……”



Yeah he called the day you got arrested and I also called him before coming here if not that the police wouldn’t allow phone call won’t have call him now……”


She said..



”Don’t worry am happy he is fine… ”



”He is not fine because I told me about what mum and Jennica did. she said and I look and her …”



” Why??? ……”



He asked after you and he was asking why your phone has been switched off.


I have nothing to tell me so I have to tell me the truth She said.



I guess the result is out already…” I asked and her mood changed.




I guess I didn’t we didn’t make it







” Common Anabella let the question not change you mood.. even if we didn’t win that’s isn’t a reason for your expression to change….” I said.



Is not really that but the reserve is the case you got the highest score…” She said and I laughed.



” Come on Anabella this is not really funny just be serious okay…..”



” But am serious here.


It was announced in the television this afternoon ……”


She said and her friend nod.



” Are you kidding??? …..”


I asked they move their head in the sign of no.



” She is serious…


am a witness I mean we both saw and heard it from the news caster….”


Her friend said.



” Dad got a text message that you are need in Abuja in space of one week and if the one week elapse the scholarship will be terminated……” She said and I felt weak and somehow happy that I made it.



” Don’t worry I have already promise you that I will get you out of here.. you will not miss this great opportunity that’s a promise…..” She said probably she notice my change of Mood.



To be continued…..






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