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I was doing the assignment with Anabella when her phone started ringing and she picked up and after answering the call she said that her mum wants her to come get something for her so she have to go answer her mum.



She said it was just a few minutes something and she will be back in a minute.


She left and I focused on the assignment I was doing.



Few minutes after Anabella left my door opened and someone walked in to my room.



Yeah I kept quite thinking it was Anabella because she said she will be back in a minute time.



But I waited for some second for her to talk but the person was quite and the next thing I started here the sound of my room been locked.



I heard someone called my name and the voice wasn’t Anabella’s own then I knew that the person I have long expected is her.



I turned and it was Jennica smiling devilishly.


she was holding the key to my room in her and and I my present she put it inside her bra.


I guess my doom is here..








I called his name and he turned and looked at me. actually he wasn’t in a good mood guess he wasn’t expecting what he is seeing now.



I slowly put the key inside my bra as he watch. He didn’t move or try to do something He just stood up looking at me.



I guess you never see it coming…..” I asked laughing at him



Not really


I know it was coming but I never knew it was gonna be today….”



”Am not surprised either am I shocked. because even before you plan for this the man who has already plan ahead of time has decided for this to be today….”


He said and i laughed….



I guess you weren’t smart enough to walk with the man that has longed planned ahead of time…..”


I asked still giving him a wining smile.



Yeah because he is a difficult man to walk with bit I also guess you walked with him forgetting that it is just a matter of time…”


he said



Really???? you know At first I taught you were smart but I never know you weren’t you are trying to proven to be smart forgetting that there are people that started this before you……”


I said and he keep quiet just looking at me.




” Finally who wins…????




You will do it or…. off course I know wouldn’t want the second option…”


I said and walked towards him.



You do it or I shout…” I threatened



I guess you know what it mean and for your information my dad is back and Is in the living room….”


I said and laughed but not loud.



Do you really want us to do this.


I mean do you really thing am gonna do this with you????…”


he asked



” Off course you must or I shout you gonna rape me…”


And you know what… Nobody is going to believe you even if you try telling


them that you are innocent…”


I said.



” Oh that… is not a new thing you no..


So you should be update before doing something ……”


He said…. I guess he is trying to play a smart one for me but I gat to fast


about this.



I walk towards him he was till standing were he was when he stood up.



You am wondering what you will gain in this.. Seducing someone that is dating your younger sister That can only be called Madness..”


He said.


” Oh!!!!!!!! that ..


Come on Elvin you and I know that you are just deceiving my sister and she has been a fool all this while thinking that you love her…”



Oh you think so??? ……” He asked.



Look Elvin you do this or I shout you want to rape me and don’t forget am dad is back already……”


I remained him but he just smiled.




Elvin is really stubborn I thought this is gonna be easy. why is he finding it difficult to have s£x with me


Well this ends here is either he do it with me or he leaves this house is either me or no one else




I press the send button of my phone



You know you will never gonna escape from me this time…”


I said buying myself more time for my mum to come with my dad.



A knock landed on the door and I smiled that’s my dad and mum… ”



You were proven stubborn


I toured part of my clothes and I jumped on him as he was trying push me off him the door opened and my mum dad and Anabella rush into the room.



I ran to them crying and I could see the disappointment in my dad’s face.


Anabella was already crying.




Sorry Sis Elvin cause this…





I ran to my dad with a lot of tears flowing down.



Dad he wants to rape


I said as more tears flow



Thank God you guess came on time…








I and Elvin was busy doing the assignment when my phone started ringing I checked the caller and I found out that the caller is my mum.



I answered it and she told me to come to her room and help her out with something.



I excused myself from Elvin and I told him will be with him in a minute.



On my way to mum’s room I meet Jennica and she asked me if we were done with the assignment but I told her that it remaining a little.



She told me that she will have to go to Elvin and found out if he is done with it



I went to my mum’s room and she sent me to go buy something for her I was still exchanging greetings with Dennis when my dad horned and he went and opened the door for my dad..



I walked in back to the house with dad and mum said I should not buy the thing again.



I wanted to go call Jennica and Elvin but mum said we should surprise them with dad’s return so we all went to Elvin’s room since Jennica is also there but when we came the door was locked.



We knocked but we could only hear some sound and I wonder what is going on.



My dad pushed the door when we heard Jennica scream and we melt our greatest shock.



My sister was half naked and it seem her clothes were toured.



I looked at Elvin and tears flow down my cheek.



My dad out of anger slapped him and he called the police to come and take him away



I couldn’t stand it anymore so I left his room.


I was crying at the living when the policemen came and they came out with


Elvin handcuffed.



He looked at me before he walk out.


morning tears flow down.



My dad took Jennica to the hospital immediately for medical check up.







Watching her put the keys inside her bra


I stood motionless thinking on what to do though I know it will be a difficult thing or should I say an impossible thing thinking of getting out of this.



Things seem impossible


we exchange word but she wasn’t ready to have a second thought.



I knock landed on my door and there was only two things running in my mind.



Is either Anabella or her mum and dad like she said earlier.



My doom is here.


And I don’t think I can escape it this time.


I watched her tour her clothes and she was practically half naked before me.



I walked more closer to me and before I could know what she wanted to do she jumped on me..



I tried pushing her out and my door went open and the whole family entered.



She freed me immediately and ran to her dad crying and saying that wants to rape her.



I just look at Anabella and she was already crying why Mr. Bernard looked at me with a deadly eyes.



He walked towards me and before I could find my voice to say something a heavy slap landed on my cheeks


Another slap followed.



He took out his phone and called the phone immediately few minutes I was still silent the policeman walked in at another slap followed from one of the policeman before they took me to there car.



I couldn’t cry before I never found what happened crying for..



The only person I pity is Anabella having someone lie and should I call her a


prostitute or…. Jennica as a sister.


I just pity her.



She has already left but as I was walking out from the living room I saw her and her eyes were very red..



I could read disappointment visibly written on her face.


I walk out entered the police car and we zoom off to the police station.








Gosh I can’t believe this even up till now.


What could be his reason for trying to rape my elder sister what????



I cried so bitterly as the policeman that came to take him took him away.



I trusted Elvin how could have betrayed the trust have for him.


He didn’t even try raping others nor even someone else but on my own sister.



How could he….What was he even thinking when he wanting to rape my





Elvin you have betrayed me.


You have played with my heart, My feeling and emotions .


I will never forgive you for doing this.



With anger I went to room and I never came out I stayed there crying my eyes out


I don’t even know what my heart is tell me even though I could see that Elvin was trying to rape my sister watching his absence were never an easy thing for me.



When my sister came back form hospital i went to at least say sorry to her as a sister.


She was really angry



Why won’t she???



” Am sorry Jennica…”


I said went I entered my room.



Stop saying sorry Anabella is not your fault.



You weren’t the person that told him to do that…thank God he didn’t have his way with me….”


She said and I pity my sister.



I cannot even imagine someone trying to rape me not to talk of encountering it at all.



We talked and I tried everything just to make her happy and forget about what happened.



After staying with my sister for a while I went back to my room and almost everything in there reminds me of Elvin



I broke down crying.


Why did he allow the devil to use him?



Why will he agree to do it at the first place.




Anabella you have to be strong and move on with life.


Elvin has already betrayed me and the trust can never be build again.


maybe in the next world.





To be continued………. ——————————-





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