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No matter how smart you are one day you must surely experience the rout of nature and decisions of the devil.




There are two ways you must learn from life and that is.. either you learn it the easy way or you learn it the hard way.



Life can only you offer you what you give to them and they only throw back to you what you have thrown to them.



There are some mistakes in life that even if I die and wake up even die again and wake up that I will never make in life.



It has been two days since I got a threat called promise from Mrs. Dora and getting to a week from Jennica life has become so comfortable to human that they think they rules the world but nevertheless Life remain it own boss.



It will be remaining four days and our result from the competition we went will be out and I so pray that God should just grant me success so that I can leave this house am no longer comfortable staying here.



Thinking that time has become so close not knowing that the devil has already plan ahead of time.



The truth is that applying Dennis advice I stayed away from them including Annabella but a time came and Anabella started disturbing me.



She started thinking that am avoiding her though she never told me for once but I can see it in her eyes.



Today after school that seem like hell to me ended.



Following the rules of the man whom has planned ahead of time as he will have it.




I was reading comfortable in my room when Annabella walk into my room with a frown face visibly seen on her face.



She should behind me crossing her hand around her chest.



” Elvin!!!!!……”


She called my name and I dropped the book I was holding and face her.



What have I done to you Elvin??? ” She asked.



Nothing… You did nothing wrong to me Anabella…”



Then what changed?? ..”


She asked.



Nothing changed either ”



Then why are you treating me like this??? What have I done to you to deserve this Elvin…..”


She asked and it seem her voice is fading.



Look Anabella you have done nothing and I know you don’t deserve this…


it just that…..”



It just what Elvin..


Maybe am no longer attracted to you Huh??? ”


She asked raising her voice a little.



It nothing Anabella.. There is no excuse I can you now….



I guess you are tired of me right…” She asked.



Is not that either…


Don’t see it that way Anabella



” Then how do you want me to see it.


You started avoiding me and Automatically stopped taking to me Huh??




She asked.



” Am sorry Anabella


This is the only thing I can say for now.. I promise to make it up to you.. Promise never to avoid you again…” I said and she didn’t say anything after.



Are you sure ?????……” She asked.



Yeah am sure..”


I said and smiled.



” Fine I have forgiven you


She said still smiling and hugged me surprisingly.



I have missed you”


She said.



” Me too….”


I said and then I saw she is with a book in her hand


” What’s that book for???? …”


I asked knowing fully well that the book is not hers.



” Oh it Jennica’s assignment


She asked me to help her out with it…”


She said.



” You help her with her assignment


Is that not funny I mean she is your senior….”


I said.



Yeah I know but she is finding it difficult to tackle…” She said.



So what do you want to do then


do you know how to tackle the assignment…”


I asked.



Off course now and that is why I came for you to help me out with it…” She said.



Do she asked you to give the books to me or do you just decide to help her out.


I asked…”



You know I knows when you are lying ”


I added



The truth is that she actually gave the assignment to me to help her asked you the answers……”


She said keeping her face a little down.



why will she give you to assignment in the first place she should have brought to me by her self….”



Yeah you are right but she said she needs it done fast and coming to you herself you might be busy and won’t be able to attend to her that’s why she asked me to come since am more closer to you than her……”


She said



Oh really ????……”





she replied



Okay fine bring the assignment let get it done since she said she needs it urgently


I said though my mind wasn’t stable about this.




Who knows what her plans is this time. Just wondering anyways










Seeing Annabella with Elvin get me unnecessary angry but today will be the end of the game for him.



He has been playing smart one all this while but today he will know that there are people that started this game before him



Yeah I know what transpired between Elvin and my mom and I also knew how how to uselessly idiots turn my mom down just because of Anabella someone he can never spend the rest of his life with.



I just pity my lovely kid sister Annabella who is going to Carry everything I have been monitoring him since the day he had encounter with mother.



He has been smart enough to out smart all the traps I have set for him but I bet if He can out smart this one.



I went to my sister room I need her in this and I must use her but she will still not know that she is been used.



I walked into her room and I met her chatting and smiling to what I don’t know..



Maybe she must be chatting with Elvin because know one makes her this happy apart from Daniel and Elvin.. but that happiness will be cut short today.



Am sorry Anabella for doing this but your so called Elvin is playing to smart too hard to get



” Anabella !!!!


What’s up with you baby sister ????…”



” Jennica!! what are you doing in my room……”


She asked still looking at her phone (her voice were normal).



” Come on am still your elder sister don’t forget that….”



”Off course I know and I won’t forget but I can’t remember the last time we chatted like a sisters still yet I don’t know what changed…” She said now telling at me.



”Look Anabella I know it has been long we talked like sisters but we are still sisters and am here now to make things right…”



” Really ????


So what brought the sudden change in the first place….”


She asked.



Nothing.. Sis why not forget the past let focus on the present am here now and that’s what matters….”



Yeah it matter really and happy having my big sister back…”


She said and smiled.



Anabella is just a lovely kid sister just that Elvin wants to spoil every thing.




Am sorry kid sister


Am sorry for doing this but know that Elvin pushed me into it.


I said to my mind




Is anything the matter….” She asked.



No baby sister


I have really missed the things we shared together you know…..”


I said trying to cover up and she failed to it.



She came closer and we both hugged each other



Am sorry Anabella I should have done this but know that Elvin pushed me into it I said again to my self….”



So what’s up big sis…”


She asked.



Nothing much just want to work on my assignment but I finds it difficult to tackle alone ……”


I said..



Oh!!!!! How u wish I can help but you know your assignment is bigger than my own knowledge……”


She said.



Off course you can help


I think Elvin will have either you know he really intelligent….”


I said.



” Yeah you are right


So are you planning on meeting him to help you out….”


She asked.



Not really but you will have to do that for me..



I need the assignment done with in one hour and you know that am not that close to Elvin so he will do it fast if you are to be the one to take it to him……”


I said and observe her mood.



You think so????….”


She asked.



Yeah I think so or are you guys having problem recently ???……” I asked.



Not really anyway give me the assignment let me go and meet him at once since you need the assignment done in an hour….”


She said.



Oh!!!! That’s will be good


I handed over the books to her and she turned I left…..”



” I will be in room in case you are through with the work….”


I said as she was about to exist from the door and she just nod.



Things are working according to plan..


Elvin I pity you…..



You think you are smart let watch and see how smart you are in this game.


I murmured and left.



I walked into my mums room and told her the situation of things …



We waited like up to (45) forty five minutes before my mum took her phone and called Anabella to help her go get something outside.



This is the perfect time.



I walked into Elvin’s room


he was sitting on his bed backing his door.



I entered but he didn’t make any move to check who the person is I guess he thinks it Anabella.


I turned and locked the door immediately and I walk towards him.



Elvin I called and he turned, his face changed and I smiled mischievously.



Guess he never saw this coming but I thought he smart enough to see it.


This will be his last………



To be continued………




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Very bad Omen…














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