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The competition day Has come and gone and It is now the results that’s I’m waiting for.



All the answer scripts will be in Europe By tomorrow and the computers that will do the marking Is already ready and after that..



The results will be worldly announced.



No need of Hoping I know that it I’ll surely win the bet between me and my dad


Because I know that the winner will come form Alivn high institution.



Can’t wait.


I laughed at my victory .



I felt a little bored and I decided to call My elder brother.



It has been long I spoke with him.


I called and he picked up immediately.



” My handsome brother ”


I called out as he picked up the call.



How are you doing my Sweet Kid Sister” He asked and I smiled.



I’m doing great just that am missing you as much…”



I know you are missing me Even me am missing you as well too…” He said.



So when are you coming back ???


When are you going to visit us..


The house is too bored for me…….”


I said Showing a frown face although I knew he is not seeing me.



Very soon My beautiful baby Sister


I just want to be through with some things



” Don’t worry is matter of time.


I will be fast about it am also missing home and missing dad mum even




He said.



Okay I have heard you try but try and make it very fast or one day dad will call you to inform you that I killed My self….”



No you aren’t killing yourself


I promise I will make it fast….”


He said.



You promise???



” Yeah I promise…”



Okay so how has school been… Hope nobody is disturbing you in school He asked.



You funny brother.


you know that no one can look for my trouble.



Well Spent Each day in is always great just that this house is getting more boring every passing minutes and that is the only problem I have staying here….”



Don’t worry I will soon visit home.


That reminds me Mirabel told me about the competition you guys hosted




He asked.



” Oh yeah that right I forgot to tell you.


Is actually Mirabel’s idea……She Uncle and Dad talked me into it…”


I said.



You mean you never wanted it????..” He asked.



Yeah I never did.



” But why???


I think it cool by me…”


He Said.



” Off course It will be cool by you.


I wasn’t expecting otherwise you all are always the same…..”



So why then did you give in because I know very well that they couldn’t have carried it out without your consent….”


he said.



Oh off course you know dad can do that even with or without my consent….




Yeah I know but dad is a man of principle he knows the rule and follows it.. You and I knows that he won’t have done otherwise if you have objected……”


He said and that’s the simple fact.



You are right dad wouldn’t have if I didn’t sign but I did it out of something can you imagine that dad said that said that am afraid of hosting the competition because I wouldn’t want any other person to take the world best science student in the nation wide Can you imagine that?????





Oh dad is not possible


My sweet baby Sister remains the best


He said and I smiled he always supports me in everything.



So how is schooling over there???


I asked



Very fine and fun …you know …” He said and i heard him laugh.



Hope all those bitches aren’t disturbing you??? ……”



Off course bitches also flock around like pest but I don’t care you know me.


He said.



I know my brother he is not into girl.



We talk for like one hour before we ended the call and I told my driver to take me to Mirabel’s house since there is no one to talk to in this big house.








After the incident that happened at night to be sincere I haven’t been myself at all.



My prayers is just that I wins this competition and just get the hell out of here.



As I am I don’t feel like talking to anybody from that family so when I just went to Dennis house but he was not in his room when I came so I decided to wait for him outside.



I sat waiting for him and I thought as how am going to stay till the results is out with falling in there traps.



I was so lost in thought that I didn’t even know when Dennis came back from where he went to.



” Elvin!!!! ….”


He called touching me and then I realized that he has been calling my name for sometime.



Big Bro ” Good evening



Good evening Elvin


No need asking how are you because you don’t look good.



So what is the problem


He asked sitting down on the long bench with me…..”



Nothing bro… Am fine, is something I can handle ” I said.



Even if it something you can handle I want to hear it… because I know that something someone can handle can never get the person this walked up or bothered….”


He said.



Common you can talk to me.


What is the problem talk to me.


He added.



Dennis is Mrs. Dora …” I said in a low voice



What with her????……” He asked.



She is making s£x advances towards me.


She wants me to sleep with her.



What!!! How ???


He asked.



She wants me to sleep with her in the absence of her husband…”



What… when did she start acting that way towards you??? …” He asked not finding it funny.



Yesterday she was in my room and she almost succeeded.


She in the night when everybody is asleep.



What??? so what happened how come she didn’t have her way with you?? ……”


He asked.



I left the room for her …”



Look Elvin you have just started a war between you and her… I know Mrs. Dora too well she gets what she wants..



You must be very careful and when i say be careful I mean extra careful with her and Jennica.


Those two are like demons. He warned and I paused a while.




Could he have had such encounter with them Maybe he just advising me.




I got that bro.. I will watch my back very careful


I will be careful like you say…”



Did you tell Anabella about this…” He asked.



No I didn’t as a matter of fact I haven’t speak with any of them since yesterday apart from Anabella that came to wake me up but I didn’t discuss it with her.



OK all you have to do is to be very careful and watch you back.


I mean very careful those two can never give up….. Okay ..”


He said and look at me but I guess my mood wasn’t something to talk about.



Common chill you can handle it it a matter of smartness….” He said and i nod.



We chatted for so time before Anabella can to call me to come and eat actually She dragged me in because I tried giving her excuses but she insisted.








Since the moment we stepped our fit into the house after the competition, Elvin has been acting strange.



He has been very moody to me


I don’t know if I did anything wrong to him or is something wrong with him



Even when I went to wake him up this morning, he was somehow moody and unhappy he didn’t even talk to me as usual. *



Could it be because I kept quiet when we were coming back from Abuja But he could have told me if that’s is the problem. *


He was silent even in class as if something is bothering him



Even when we came back from school he has been indoors and now that he finally came out he went start to Dennis house. *


Is he avoiding me or something???




Could he be angry about yesterday or is there something else I don’t know???.



When it was time for dinner I used the opportunity to go out because mum has refused me off going out or Elvin entering into Elvin’s room.



I don’t know what is wrong with my mum since yesterday ….she has warned


me to stay away from Elvin….


She thinks Elvin might try luring me into having s£x with him.



Could you even imagine that


me that never for once thought of such.



To be continued……..




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode


















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