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Morning came so fast.. and I was very weak to do anything… thank God I won’t be going to school today…



A Knock landed on my door…


I stood up and went to open it… I was just wearing my boxers Shirtless… I opened the door to see Mr. Dora..



She stare at me and I became uncomfortable with she looks



Good morning MA ” I greeted.



Good morning Elvin How are you doing???


she asked.



Am fine MA ”



Hope you had a good night rest??….” She asked again.



Yes ma’am


Hope you also had a good night ”


I asked..



Yeah my night was great… ” She said..



Anyway I came to check on Anabella is She here??? ……” She asked



No Ma’am..


Isn’t she in her room?? ”



No she is not there… anyway let me go and check her in Daniel’s room but in case you sees her before me..


tel her that am looking for me ” She said and I nod.



She stared at me before turning to leave



I went back to my room put on my clothes before coming out..


Daniel will be traveling today.. and I will be the only boy in this house..








Today I will be leaving my lovely family to another continent.



I got my self ready to leave… I have to be strong like a man.. I don’t have to show my weakness to Anabella..



Immediately I was ready to leave I went my dad’s room.. after some fatherly advice he gave me some money.



I can out to see by favorite sister Anabella, Jennica beside Elvin.. and Anabella was holding Elvin..



I bred them good bye and after hugging each other which I had to please with Anabella I let me go.



I got in to my car and drove straight to the airport only with Elvin and my dad..



We had a talk and I encouraged him to stay strong… study very hard so that he can win the competition and come join me in Europe.. Fun though.. how I wish it could be possible..




The airplane country..



took off and I said last bye to my peaceful home




I never knew life could be so unpredictable..


I thought I could hold back the loneliness but what i saw immediately the airplane took off



I started feeling the absence of my family..



Then I realized that there is nothing like family love.. I started from there to miss everybody and everything I have shared with them..



I miss Anabella


I miss Elvin even Jennica..


I miss them all..



I found myself crying


Anyway let me just see and take it as a matter of time as Elvin said..



Just hope I can stand not seeing them.. for confirm four to five months..



I imagine how Anabella will be feeling now anyway Elvin is there to take care of her.








Yesterday was great.. Spending time with Elvin was very great..



We all prayed for another great day and that another day was what I never wanted for it to come..



My brother will be traveling today.. all his lounges is already ready..



After saying good bye to his lovely family.


He hugged us all and I find it difficult letting .. him of me. …



I seems to me that if I let him go I will never see him again anyway I allowed him leave… He had to leave.. I have prayed for his success all this while to be among the selected I can’t stop what I have prayed for


He left with Elvin and dad..



I went to my room and I tried controlling myself but I couldn’t..



I cried till I heard Elvin call my name.. .i didn’t want him to see my in tears so had to wipe it smashed fast as possible..



The truth is that am really gonna miss Daniel..



” Anabella !!!


He I had him call my name and i tried.. wiping her tears immediately.



What are you doing???” He asked.





Elvin you are here….”


I said trying to cover up but my voice was failing me.



” I raised up her face ”



”You are crying again!????….”


He asked.



No no no am not.. is just that ” I tried to lie but he cut me short.



Is just what?????


Look Anabella..


I don’t mean you should not miss the absence of your brother but crying is


like your are mourning his death….”


He said and that’s is really true.



”Look you have to stop crying..


Am her for you.. or haven’t I been there for you?? …”



” Am sorry ”


I found myself saiding



” You don’t have to be….


Come on.. get up let go and study together..



Don’t forget what to tomorrow is…..”


He reminded me of the competition.



I don’t really think I have interest because I know will not get to first ten









I watched as the plane then I started to miss Daniel..



took off..




We stood me and his dad and we made sure that the plane was out of sight before we left the airport..



I thought of Daniel’s absence anyway before tomorrows invent took charge..


Yeah the competition is tomorrow..



I got home work straight into my room took out my books to read but I remembered Anabella so I decided to go check on her..



I entered her room only to see her backing her door..



Nobody needs to tell me that all isn’t well..


She must be missing Daniel so badly..





I called and he tried wiping her tears immediately.



What are you doing ” I asked.





Elvin you are here ..”


She said trying to cover up.




She raised up her face and nobody doubt She is really crying







You are crying







No no no am not.. is just that” She said trying to cover up.



Is just what???!!


I cut her short …”



Look Anabella.. I don’t mean you should not miss the absence of your brother but crying is like your are mourning his death



Look you have to stop crying..


Am her for you.. or haven’t I been there for you??….”



Am sorry” She said.



You don’t have to be….


Come on.. get up let go and study together..



Don’t forget what to tomorrow is ..” I remind her.



I walk closer to her and helped her up..


She has really cried so bad..



Look you will not follow me with this kind of face.. Please put a smile in it.. ”


I said and her just managed to give me a weak smile..



I took her to my room and I thought reading together will less the pain but she seem lost in thought.



I had to abandon what I was reading and cheer her up..



Am really feeling bad for her..


Daniel liked her so much no doubt..



I took she on my arm..


She stayed on my arms.. and the next thing she slept off..



I took her to my bed and lay her peaceful.. Stare at her beauty before walking back to my study table…



I studied the whole night on what I think will help..


I just hope tomorrow will come so fast and come with a good luck..



That’s just my Prayer




I wanted to take Anabella back to her room but she insisted on sleeping in my own room….”


She actually slept in my room



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