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The competition went well but I couldn’t tell if there is still any hope again.


but am still just hoping that something will come out it..



The truth is that exam wasn’t a child play though I wasn’t expecting less.. I mean something that is world wide.



Anabella was already out before me and I wonder if she took the same exam I took.. because she was smiling as if what her brain went through was nothing to compare to what it has been tackling before.



The drive came to pick immediately the gate was opened for parents to come pick their children.



Their was silence in the car and Anabella wasn’t helping matter..



What I really need now is company so that my brain can cool a little but she was too busy to have a chat with me.



She was busy chatting and smiling with someone I don’t think I know..



I even wonder whom the person that she is chatting with .. Because apart from me and Daniel



Anabella does not easily get happy..


I mean not to the extend of smiling foolishly before me like a lost sheep.



Well I stayed on my own.


I don’t think she will be needing my company in anyway perhaps she is doing well for her.



let me just carry my cross by myself.



I wouldn’t want to be a distraction or disturb her in any way.



I don’t want to spoil her happy and peaceful chat.



We arrived at 7.30 pm.


The ride was cool apart from the silent and the too busy Anabella



Everywhere was very quiet as if there was nobody in the whole house.



She was still chatting and smiling so I had to leave her and to my room I really need rest..



I haven’t had a good night rest since Monday because of this called competition..



I think this is the time to have it since the competition is over.



There is something I notice..


I should have been jealous about Anabella action but no instead I was happy that she could smile after Daniel traveled..



I really don’t know and wouldn’t believe that someone can make Anabella this happy in the world apart from me and Daniel.



But she was too busy smiling at the chat she was having.




Happy for her though


Maybe she found a new lover boy


Just think though





I was kind of weak and tired don’t know why..



I was laying comfortably in my bed thinking of how tomorrow is going to be knowing that we will be going to school tomorrow.



Hope that the out come of the competition will just be great I was still thinking when something unthinkable happened.



Someone with something Unexpected opened my door and walked into my room..











The competition is great yeah will say it great because I know that no Nigerian will win the price..



The exam was unpredictable.


Is nothing to write home about.



Am sure that Elvin will be regretting competiting in the first place.



I came out from the hall before him because I got tried of thinking what to write.



I was waiting patiently when a guy approached me..


He said his name is Michael.


He is really handsome though not as handsome as my Elvin.




He took my number and said he will call me later since he is in a hurry.


Not quite long they so called Michael left.



I saw Elvin walking towards me with a frown face he wasn’t smiling actually.


I guess he saw the unexpected in the hall.



I wonder what my fate is if Elvin’s face can be like this. I just laughed in side me.



A text pop into my phone and it was a what’s app message because my date is on I online on facebook.



I checked who sent the message and I found out that’s Michael. I look around for him but I don’t think he is close.



Hi beautiful princess


The text reads



Am fine and you



Very great my princess. you look very beautiful just like a princess you are He texted and I found myself smiling.



It just a lie you are just flattering me



No am not. you are the truth definition of a damsel. in all my life I have not seen a girl and quiet, intelligent and beautiful like you


He texted….



Really??? and who told you am quite



No need for anyone to tell me because I have eyes and I see.


He texted back.




You know really find myself admiring your beauty. you are really blessed with Beauty.


He texted



Please Stop you are making me laugh .



By the way do you live in Abuja??


He texted



Not really… I live in Benin. I just came for the competition



Wow I also stay in Benin just came for the competition as well.


He texted.



That’s great



Yeah.. so you will be heading to Benin now or are you sleeping over here He texted



Funny I can’t sleep here. am going back to Benin



I mean that.. I could log into one hotels around. it’ll already late for someone to travel back to Benin


He texted.



Is not perhaps my dad driver is ready here to take me.



Really???? I would have said you come stay with me since am the only one here In the.


He texted


In your room???


are back already to Benin I asked



No.. I lodged in a hotel. I will be leaving tomorrow morning.


He texted me



That’s great



So who is that guys you were talking with in the morning???


He texted




He must be talking about Elvin




Is he your boyfriend or brother???


he texted again not letting me answer the first question.



He is my brother


I texted I don’t even know why I have to lie to him.



Wow he very handsome


He texted.



We kept on texting each other. Michael is really romantic. he was saying a lot a sweet things to me.



I looked at Elvin he wasn’t either happy nor sad just mood.oh my goodness I didn’t even ask him how the exam is.. look at what Michael did now.



But he could have ask me is I didn’t ask him ……….



I wanted to start up a chat but Michael’s text pop in again and as I was replying another text kept on popping in.




The drive was like three (3) hour drive though I didn’t feel the hours spent in the car because I am busy with Micheal.



We both went into the house though Elvin is at the front while I was behind.


I went into his room immediately after greeting my mom.



I don’t think the exam is good to Elvin at all his face says it all.



Yeah it was really not a good one at that. the questions were very hard.



I only managed to answer only (8) Eight questions out of (30) thirty questions.


You could imagine.



Jennica my sister was also in the parlor. I just excused myself and I walk to my room and another message from Michael pop in.



So where are you guys now


The text reads.



Am already at home



Wow that’s very fast..


He texted






So can I now call you..


I mean video call


He texted



Yeah you can now call….. he wanted to call when I was in the car but I have


to give him some excuses. I wouldn’t want Elvin to suspect or get jealous over anything.



He called me and we spoke like you to another one hour thirty minutes.



I felt my stomach hurts. am hungry.


I dropped my phone and went to the kitchen took food and walk back to room.. let me allow Elvin to rest we will talk tomorrow. I know he must be very weak now.



I entered my room and I saw Michael’s goodnight message.



To be continued…….




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



What is this unexpected person with unexpected thing?????
















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