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I what shocked with what I saw..


I came closer and it was actually a human being laying peaceful on my bed.





Again.. what have done to this girl that she has swear not to let me rest in this house..



And this time it insured my room.. with a transplant night gown for that matter.


What is this girl wants from me???



” Jennica!!!!!


What are you doing here??? ”



” Common Elvin..


You are longer a small boy


I have tried many time for you to notice that I love you



But you have given all the attention to my younger sister Anabella… ” she said



Look Jennica am really sorry for making you feel bad… Is not that I don’t like you but I love your sister Anabella ”



Am grateful that you love me but please am also very sorry that I couldn’t be able to return the love to you…”



Spear me all that Elvin


Am I not beautiful like Anabella???


No tell me




What is this that Anabella has that I do not have double of it… What is that just tell me here and now….”


She said Turing her body for me to see..



Am not disputing that fact that you are beautiful but I didn’t have feelings for you Jennica.. Just try to understand me… ”



Common Elvin. if you don’t have feeling for me then know that I have for you



You can build up love


I really love you.. am I no not good for you to live me back.. ” She asked.



Is not that Jennica ”



Then what or has Anabella done something to you that you can’t see anything one else ”


She cut me off.



Look Elvin ready to do anything for you.. just to show you how much I have come to love you….



Please don’t turn me down.. Even if it means me giving my pride as a woman…”


She said trying to remove her clothes…



Stop Jennica am not interested


Just go okay… ”



Look Elvin I don’t mind and I knew I won’t regret it.. you can have me If that’s only way you can see that I really love you…”


She said coming closer to me.



Can’t you see that I already love your sister..


don’t you get it or what


I love your sister you younger and biological sister at that… ”



Why are you doing that.. Please just put on your clothes I said holding her hands not to remove it.



Okay.. I have heard you..


I admit you love my sister.. fine..


But just do this one thing for me


She said.



What is that????”



Have s£x with me now.. I want to taste you first ” She said



Are you crazy??? ”



Yes I am… if that’s what you think …. and I don’tind been crazy over you.. Just do it.. You are going to enjoy it as well



Get out of here…. and please don’t you ever come here ever again ”


I warned and her face changed..



Elvin you will sure regret this..


you will regret turning me down




Just know that if I can’t have you then no one else will not even your so called Anabella ”


She threatened and I just smiled.



She put on her clothes properly and then walk out after giving me a dangerous looks …











After dad announced he will be going on a business trip with some of his colleagues at the dining table



Everyone become downcast… apart from Daniel that has his own different case of missing his so called favourite.



Anyway that’s just there own headache not mine.



Am even happy that Daniel will be traveling…. at least I will have peace of


mind in this house..



Everybody has been indoor including Elvin and Anabella..



I decided to go the ELVIN’S room since I thought that Anabella was I her own room but when I approached Elvin’s room I started hearing the sound of noise from his room which shows that he is with someone and that person must be Anabella because it was a feminine voice that I was hearing…


I went back to my own room..


Don’t know why Anabella is always an obstacle between me and Elvin.



After the night party which ever one thought i was drunk but the truth was that I wasn’t drunk at all.



I just wanted Elvin to tough me even if for once and he did.



He took me to my room and then went back probably to go take Anabella to her own room.



I changed my clothes to my s£xy looking nighties.


A very transplant one … I just wanted to look so s£xy and irresistible to him but revers became the case…



I was so angry when he asked me to leave his room and never comes back again..



All this is because of Anabella..


I know that Elvin loves me but he do not want to hurt Anabella but I will do the hurting for the two of them..



Am so angry right now…


How could he ?????



Even at the expense of my woman hood.


He still rejected me.



Elvin I hate you…


but you must pay for doing this to me.


You must pay Elvin.


If I can’t have you no-one else will not even Anabella This is a promise.








What just happened here right now???


I asked my self.



Jennica !!!


Have it in mind that no one threatening me and goes away with it but I will just let this lay..



I just hope this never repeat it self again..


and I also hope you won’t take it to heart..


and sorry Jennica that there is nothing I can do about your feelings for me.




I went to my door and locked it properly.


I lost the appetite of playing my lovely guitar





this night..




I just walk to my bed after closing the door properly….


I slept well but not good.


just hoping that tomorrow will be peaceful and Great.



I didn’t have peace of mind again…


Just don’t know what her plans her..



I wanted to tell Daniel about it maybe he can help me talk to her sister but I remembered he is not in good terms with her sister..



I would just handle this the way I could..


I don’t want to hurt the two sister or bring up fighting between them..


It was a bright Monday morning.. and I just prayed before doing anything…



I came out for breakfast and the first person I to see us Jennica.



She wasn’t in good mood at all.


Anabella in the other hand was just happy though I don’t know that cause.



To be continued…….




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode







Promise fulfilled












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