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After the incident that happen between me and Julian other girls in the class are scared of me.



It another beautiful Wednesday.


We arrive at the school and as usual girl wanna flock around up trust me none of the dares come close ……….



We walk in to the class and I took Elvin to his seat and I went to my own sit.


I saw a letter that was kept on my desk.



Who could have kept this letter.


I opened it and it reads



Met me at the cafeteria by break period.


Who the hell wrote this ?????



Well the only one that can drop such stupid letter us Maxwell.


I turned and look at him and be smiled like am idiot.



Teachers pop in and teach us.



It was time for break.


I walk up to Elvin and I notice that Maxwell wasn’t in the class.



Oh i forget


he must be waiting for his ancestors not me.



I went to our school cafeteria with Elvin and Jennica.


We were eating when I feel like using the restroom.



I excused my self from Elvin and Jennica and I walked to the girls restroom.



I walked to the girls restroom and I met two boys there with one girl though I never suspected anything.



After making use of the restroom can out only to find only the two boys the girl was nowhere where to be found.



I wanted to pass and they block my way.


I tried to take another way and they blocked it again



what is the meaning of this you fools?????


I asked but instead the brought out small knife from the pocket





Why are you guys blocking my way and threatening me with a knife????



You better keep quite here or I will design your face with this knife The short one said



Maxwell walked in immediately laughing.



What’s the meaning of this ?


I asked Maxwell and he laughed.



You think you run for ever




Let me see how far you can run


He said laughing.



Maxwell I don’t have your time


tell this your stupid friends to get lost


I shouted at him but the didn’t even do as if I was talking to them.


Today I will show you.


You think you are stubborn huh!


You think you can hid right.


Guys get her


He said ordering his two friends and they came after me.



I started running back into the restroom


I texted Elvin immediately to come I don’t even know if I sent the message but is that not crazy


How can he come to girls restroom.


God please save me



I hid my legs on something and I fall down.



Maxwell please


I beg you with the Name of God


Please don’t do this


I pleaded but my please fall in a deaf ears.



He started unbutton his belt



I looked at my scattered phone and tears flow down.



what will become of me???????


I just leave my fate in the hands of God.








Anabella is wasting a lot of time.


what’s keeping her.


I thought



It has been long she left.


could she be in any danger???????



My mind wasn’t stable again


I was restless.



Am felling somehow


I don’t think that everything is alright with Anabella.


The break is almost over it only just Jennica and some of their class mate in the cafeteria.



Jennica Anabella is taking a lot of time What’s keeping her this long?????



Common Elvin


Anabella not a small girl


She may be doing some girls stuff


she will be back okay


She said paying less concern.



” Jennica Am felling somehow……


Am not comfortable here, let go and check if she is alright.”



You know you can’t go to the girls restroom” She said



look Elvin Anabella is fine


she added



Jennica break is already over and students have already return back to their classes so I can go to the girls restroom.



My phone vibrated and I looked at it


Anabella said I should come to the girls restroom.



For what???????


Now I have confirm my fear


I no that something is not right.



Jennica please let go and check Anabella


I said she look at me for some times and she nod.



We walk to the girls restroom


and I saw Anabella on the wall while Maxwell is forcing him self on her anger envelope me.



How deer him.



Anabella!!!!! And they look at our direction the three boys……


I walked towards them and Maxwell’s two friends advance towards me.



I hit the first one on his cheeks


and he fell down while I kick the second one on his d**ks by them Maxwell has already left Anabella.



I walk towards him while Jennica help Anabella up.



I kicked him and he fell while I give him countless blows before Jennica’s classmate could come he is already on conscious.



They took Maxwell to the hospital while the principal call Anabelle’s dad.



We went home though Bernard Anabelle’s father isn’t around but I know he will surely come to our school tomorrow.



The next day was cool though bored because me and Anabella was Called by the principal to say what happened.


I left without Anabella and Jennica because I don’t know what her dad will tell me.



I came back home and the house was quite.


I kept my school bag and washed my school uniform.



I walk to Dennis’s house


I need someone to talk to.



Good afternoon bro ” I greeted.



”how are you Elvin ”


he asked



” Am fine ”


I said though I know am not fine.



” How was school today


and why didn’t you wait for Anabella and jenica ”


he asked



” School was stressful ”


I replied ignoring the second question.



What of Anabella and jenica? ” he asked again.


why didn’t you come back with them


he added.



Must I always flock around with them? ”



Not really but you never come back home for once without them ” he said and that’s the simple truth.



”What changed????????


he asked again



” Nothing bro ”


I said trying to hid it.



Common Elvin you can talk to me what’s the problem ”


he asked again.



I fought in school yesterday ”


I said not looking at him.



” I that it ? ”


he said as if fighting is a good thing.



Is that what you have to say ” I asked looking at him.



What else?


I know you fought in school because of Anabella she told me about it. so chill




I should chill????



Look I know you are bothered About her dad but is not a big deal perhaps


you didn’t fight for nothing.


You fought because of her.


You saved her daughter


He said



You think so?


I asked and he nod



You know that I can save her without fighting



Look Elvin the fight has already been fought perhaps is wasn’t your fault.



” Okay


I will help you talk to him ”


He said



But ”



Just chill I gat your back in this okay ” He assured and I smile.



Thanks Dennis ”



”You are welcome ”


He said



You are like the brother i never heard ” He added



Me too ”


I said and we laughed.



But is that why you came back without your girl??????? ” He said ……….



Which girl???????? ”



Anabella off course ”


He said…….



Anabella not my girl.



But you fought because of her


I could imagine you face when you saw that boy forcing himself on her he said laughing



I wanted to say something when we heard car horn.



” Anabelle’s father is back.”



He opened the gate and he drove in And park at the garage.


He came down



To be continued……..




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Hope you find this interesting



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