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I never understand the kind of pain my younger sister felt when he heard Elvin said that he just loved her like a sister



But the pain and feeling now is more than whatever she must have felt



Am just like a rejected fool….so am the fool here.



He do not even have any feeling not to talk of love…


He didn’t even sees me like a sister not to talk of loving me like a sister



I will never leave Elvin for Anabella


He is for neither me or no one else .



I weeped like a child.


Felt so humiliated.


I felt so embarrassed.



Elvin loves Anabella instead of me


I felt heartbroken



I stayed in my hideout listening to all they were discussing.


I cried as he confess his love for Anabella



Well this battle is not yet over but Daniel is not excluded.




I will make sure that if Elvin is not mine he will not be for Anabella also.



I waited for them to enter Daniel room before I went to Anabelle room to


find out how she is doing….. Am not really going with good intentions…



May be I could spoil her mind before Elvin will even come to talk to her about anything.



I want to see her cry …. I want her to feel heart broken because I will make


sure that Elvin is mine.



Open the door but she was no where to be found.



She was not inside her room…. Where then will she be???? I asked myself.



I can out from her room and as I was walking towards the stairs case..



I started hearing sounds from Daniel’s room and it was Elvin and Anabella voice



What’s happening


Are they back together again????



Oh know there will be know peace in this house until Elvin becomes mine.



I don’t even care what it will take… is either me or no one else








I have tried so hard to avoid Elvin but even when I do so I will find myself loving him the more.


I don’t know if I can live without him.


I can down with Anger .



I never wanted to talk to him again but he seem more handsome and hot to resist.



After dad congratulated Daniel I left immediately to room before I will do something stupid.



I stayed in my room mourning.



I blaming myself for falling so cheap for him. My brother came into my room



The called me but I didn’t answer him…


I just want to stay on my own for now.



he tried so much to convince me that Elvin loves me but I objected.



But judging from what he said


Is true… It wasn’t right for Elvin to tell my mum that she loves me



Daniel made me happy again.


he left to bring something special for me as he said but I waited for him



Few my letter a record message popped into my phone and the record was


from him….



I opened it and was shock at what I was hearing… he truly loved me.



I smile repeated when I heard him confess his love for me I smiled the time I heard him say the he loves me.




I back forwarded it three times at the place he confessed his love for me and I smiled foolishly



I feel happy instantly and all my body desires for him..



I desires to see his handsome face again.. I desire to tough his hot and s£xy looking body again. I felt absolute happiness.




Another message popped in


Come to my room …. the surprise package





is set





Surprise package is set






Anyway I left for his room.


I walked in only to see my handsome Elvin sitting comfortably in his bed..


he was backing me so he didn’t see me at first.



” Wow who do we have here


My brother said and he look back and our eyes meet….”



I looked at him in his charming eyes and I brush he such a Greek god. He looks so hot and s£xy as always



Let me leave you guy to have a talk.. but don’t try the other one……” My brother said and we all laughed while he left leaving only me and Elvin in a room.



My brother left and we stared at each other .I started blushing again


Anabella what’s wrong with you.




Comport yourself





Something about life is that


Life is am echo is what you do You get..


What goes Around Comes Around.


What you are looking for Is what you are definitely gonna find.










Daniel left leaving only me and his sister. we stare at each other for sometimes and she started blushing she brushes too much” always shy ”



We kept on looking at each other.


she looks more beautiful than before.



We kept staring at each other not saying anything.




Elvin talk you are man here


Stop staring my conscience scold me




” Hey ”


I said and she looked at me with smiles visibly seen in her face.



” Hi ”


She replied.



Am sorry I made you feel bad…” I said and she smiled



Is not your fault your trying to protect us I understand okay….”


She said and he came and huge me.



we were still hugging each other when Daniel walked back



” Wow that’s very close


Is okay with that because I won’t want my….



” Naughty boy ”


Anabella called him and we all laughed.



Am happy now


Much more happy than before.



I feels at peace.


It really great having Anabella back….



You guys will make up a great couple” Daniel said…



You are right and we are going to have just four kid” Anabella added


I just kept smiling.



So ???? ”


Daniel asked looking at me and Anabella



” What ”


We asked together at the same time.



Aren’t you guys going to celebrate your reunion unno like using champagne ”


He asked.



Yeah you are right… Anyway since dad said we will be hosting party for you tomorrow….. We will celebrate it secretly tomorrow ”


Anabella said and I nod my head.








I envy those two…


they look so perfect as couples.



Anabella is lucky to have Elvin… In fact they both are lucky having each by there side.



Am happy that my favorite sister is happy I look at them and I smiled again.



That’s reminds me Anabella this must be a secret for now….. Dad and mum must not know about it ”


I Warn.



Sure thing ”


She replied.



” And you have to use wine to thank me


You know you are too young to me keeping relationship ”


I said and we laughed again




” Yeah and you know what….


You allow it because am your favorite ”


She said



Yeah she is right


She is actually my favorite.


I love her more than Jennica.


I hate the kind if dirty life she lives and she knows that



Not that I don’t like her like a sister but I prefer Anabella over her



I like Anabella beyond words…. If not that she is my blood sister Eh……


I didn’t say anything



Wow… Tomorrow is gonna be so great…


I will take Elvin by surprise….



Many events…. Both my party and the competition with him…and I know he


didn’t remember



To be continued…….




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode

















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