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It a beautiful Saturday morning though I was already awake but I decided to stay indoors a little before I will come out. I don’t want Jennica’s trouble you no nah.



I was still on the bed with a book on my hand.


a knock landed on my door.



I opened it only to find Daniel, Anabelle and Jennica. they were all in a sport kit looking so beautiful Anabella Actually.




” Are you guys hosting a football I asked and we all laughed.



match or is there ”




” Common Elvin




”I already told you that today will be the competition day between you and I ”


Daniel said.



So what are they I said ” Pointing at Anabella and Jennica doing here???? ”


They are our witness


Common let go get this done and don’t forget the winner’s price!!!!!!


He said and i look at Jennica back to Anabelle.



Fine !!! ”



Now get in and look like us


we will be waiting in the car and don’t kept me waiting ”


He said turn and left with Jennica while Anabelle stayed behind.



”Can I ?????? ”


Anabella asked using her hand to ask if she is allow inside.



” Sure!!!. ”


I reply opening the door of my room very wide for her to come in.



Wow!!!! I love the saint of your room ” She said… looking around my room.





This is actually the first time she is been in my room after I moved in.





I have to go and brush my teeth ” I said to her ….



Oh!!! Okay or do you want me to help you she asked and I laughed.



I can help my self.



I went to the wardrobe took out my sport kit and I walked into the bath room brush my teeth, comb my hair and I changed into my sport vest. *


Wait oh what were you expecting change when Anabella is in the bedroom?? *


I look at my self at the mirror and nod.


Am good to go.



I walk out and Anabella were standing at my mirror looking at her self.


she turned immediately she heard the sound of door open.



” Shall we???? ”



”vYeah and before I forget


You look so cute ”


She Said……



Am always cute


I said feeling proud while she gave me ” as in look”



I guess you are very good at skating??? ” Sha asked



Not really ”



Then why do you bet Daniel on a skating race???? ” She asked



I don’t don’t know.”




Oh!!!!! you think Daniel is like Maxwell.


Look Daniel is very good at this.


It more like his hobby


I can even say he is the best in the state.


She said……..



I know



And you went and still bet him????


Do you think you are gonna win or something.



” Look Anabella


Daniel and Jennica is waiting let get going I said trying to change the topic ”



You know Daniel is gonna win and you will be his slave for one week ” She said.



It just one week and perhaps Daniel is not gonna do anything bad to me. it just a game



I know, let go then.


she said and we walk out together.



We came out entered the car and zoom off to the stadium.






Mr. handsome


You look amazing


Jennica recommended




Thanks Jennica


I said though not looking at her because she is at the back with Anabella.



Actually among all the rich guys I have met none is as handsome and hot as you.


she said and Daniel looked at me.



You are not serious


I said looking back only to see that Anabella’s face isn’t good at all.



Yeah am very serious.


you are really cute and s£xy


she said.




OMG which kind girl be this???


Jennica leave me nah





By the way


what happens if Elvin wins this bet.


Anabella asked directing the Question to Daniel and I know she asked that just to stop Jennica’s stupid complement.



Oh!!! You know there is no way he can win Daniel said.



You never can tell.


Anabella said.



Let watch and see then.


Daniel said.




I just kept quite looking at them.





Do you know that your boyfriend do not know how to play football????? ” Daniel said.








Must everybody know how to play football??? “”


I asked…..



” With all this your fine boy ????


If you don’t know how to play football I wonder what you will know then




he said



” Keep Wondering till you get to wonderland.”



We arrived at the stadium and the stadium was so big.


I haven’t been to this stadium before.



We all walk to the race point but Anabella and Jennica sat at the stadium seat.



Wait Elvin am coming.


let me get some of my friends to join the race


it will make it fun.


Daniel said and I nod.



He left while I put on my skating shoe and get ready for the hot race.



He came back with four of his friends and to my surprise Maxwell was among them immediately he saw me his mood changed.



we both exchange dangerous looks.



am not gonna be a part to this race


am out


he said turned to leave.




I really need this boy to be in this race




Why ????


Daniel asked



Just don’t want to…


He said



I guess he is afraid of disgrace


I said and they all looked at me and laughed.



Gosh!!!! Daniel where did you get this Udo from. do he know who Maxwell is in this game?????? he is a damn god in this race for your information. One of them who I letter discovered to be……………. by name.



If he is a god in the race like you said then why is he running?????.


Huh!!!! I asked looking at Maxwell.



Common guys


Stop acting like women, we all a men here


so Maxwell if you are out of the race that means you are scared of disgrace like He said and to you he said looking at me. it will be a disgrace if he wins you in this race.



Now let get this done


Daniel said and I look at Maxwell, we changed a bad looks.



We all put on our Skating shoe and we were ready to move a man walk to


the place with a


Whistle in his hand.



he blew it and we took off





Gish this team is really good.


it seem Maxwell bring out his very best.


At first it looks tough though I just gave them the normal race speed but Daniel is really good at this.



He is the present first followed by the guy that spoke then Maxwell.



we were almost half of the race line.


it enough.



I spend up and I count while I pass.


I skate through all of them though Daniel tried all he could but he is too small for me.



I won the race.








Gosh!!!!! He won the race


he won’t he bet.




I never knew that Elvin got that king of speed.



He ran like a sport car like a power Bike.





we walk towards Anabella and Jennica and to the surprise of everyone…


Jennica gave Elvin a surprise hug.



I look at Elvin he still in shock and Anabella her look wasn’t good at all.



Silent took place for the main time Before Anabella left with some much


anger .



Elvin is going to cause war between my two foolish sisters.



I just hope he knows how to handle this.



To be continued…….




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



What is Jennica up to this time??????















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