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I don’t really know what my dad is up. why will he support Mirabel”.



but could there be anyone as intelligent as I am


I asked myself????


Am in my room alone.


Mirabel has left to her house.



Well l think I should wait and watch the event unfold.



Am sure that dad loses because I know it only a student from Elvin high school can win this competition.


I sat on my bed with my phone listing to a cool music.


my door flow open and my grandma walked in



Oh !!!!! No


the old woman is here to disturb me again…….



” Oh my Queen ”


She called!!! and i smile at her



Yes grandma ”



What are you doing here?” she asked.



Am resting ”


I said and look at her


she wasn’t smiling at all



Yeah I know why she is here.



she is here probably to ask me


why am not studying


cos this is the



time I usually study my books.



Dad must have told her that it has been long u read.



Since I came back Ireland


You have not been serious with your studies.




” What is wrong with you Stephanie ”


she asked and I kept calm not looking at her either smiling.



Actually she us right


Since she return I have not been myself.



The sight of her face reminds me so much of my late mum.



My Grandma is so kind caring and loving.



I wants her to be around me all the time but she reminds me of my late mum.


I kept quite facing my bed, not looking at her .



I know that Dad is behind this.


He must have told my un_concentrated mind in class and my less time for my studies



I really don’t know what us wrong with me.



Am talking to Stephanie what is wrong with you ”



Do you want to damage all your mum’s effort of making you the best science student ”


She asked.



I still didn’t say anything”



Talk to me Stephanie am your grandma.



I will understand


why are you always absence minded in class?????



Why have you lost interest in studying What is the problem Talk to me


She persuaded me.


she came closer to were I am.



Tear flow down my cheeks This is not me ”


I said to myself.



Talk to me my Queen


What is matter?????????


She asked with her calm and sweet voice.



I don’t really know grandma


I don’t understand what is wrong with me


I said as I cry the more



She sat beside me on my massive bed


She draw me closer to her self and made my head lay on her shoulder.



Don’t worry Stephanie


Stop crying okay



Always know that your grandma is here with you to be by you, help and


support you in anything.


Okay !!!!!!!!!


She said.



Now smile for your grandma ” She asked and I smile for her.



That’s my queen




” You always look more gorgeous and more beautiful when you smile ”


she said and I smile the more.



Thanks you grandma ”



You are welcome my Queen


now get up and go freshen up and keep looking like a queen for your grandma okay ????


She said and I nod stood up and walk to my bath room .













Dennis opened the gate and he drove in And park at the garage.


He came down and Anabella, Jenica and Daniel followed.



He walked in immediately


Is he angry ???.


I ask myself…



They walk into the house leaving their fathers briefcase in the car .



I took it and walk in


I met the family all sited as if they were having family meeting.



I went and drop the briefcase beside Mr. Bernard you should have leave the briefcase am still going back to the office he said.



I turned to leave.


” Elvin !!!!!!!”


He called in a calm way.



Yes sir


I answered and stood and turn to face him though with double mind.



Why did you left after school dismissal without waiting for Daniel to bring you home??? He asked.



Nothing sir


I just feel like walking home


I wanted to exercise my self a little ”


I lied



Well don’t do that again You wait for him to come Is for your safety Okay ”


He said and I nod.



If you want to exercise your self then you follow Daniel in him Saturday jogging ”


He added.



Okay sir ”



And thank you for saving my daughter.


I wonder what will become of her if you hasn’t came on time ”


He said……



If I should tell you that I wasn’t surprised at his statement then I must be called a lier “.



Is it not the same man that nearly killed Anabella over a mare fight at school ????


Maybe is because my own case is different.



Okay sir


Anabella is like a sister to me


Is my duty to protect her in school






Sister indeed for where




My stomach and a little noise am hungry


I didn’t eat since morning don’t ask me why



” Elvin are you okay? ”


Daniel asked I guess he noise my change of face.



” Sure bro am fine ”


I said putting on a little smile .



I guess none of you is hungry well Elvin come let go and eat I know you will be hungry…


Their mum said and I followed her without hesitation.



We walk to the dining table


” Just wait a little am coming ”


she said smile and walk to the kitchen.



Anabella walk to her room without even looking at me what is her problem???


Daniel left also but not to her room


jenica in the other hand stare at my for a while, she smile and walk to her own room.


Mr. Bernard went back to the office.



Mrs. Dora walk in with food in her have but it was just one plate.




is she not going to eat


is she planing to eat with me in this plate it better not.





she dropped the food close to me




she said and sat down opposite me while I start eating.



” So tell me Elvin


do you have any feeling for my little Anabella????? ”


She asked and I look at her surprisingly.




Why will she ask me this type of question??????





I kept quiet and continue eating as if I didn’t hear her.



Am talking to you Elvin ” She asked.



” Am sorry Ma


I don’t understand what you mean ”


I said.



” Common Elvin


do you love Anabella?????”


She asked again.



Yes Ma’am


I love your daughter like a sister


I lied.



I kind of like Anabella but am not going to tell her about it.



I know this is never what she expected to hear and look at her I could see the shock in her face, we have a sound of falling object from the stair case.



I stood up walk to the stair case but I didn’t see anyone there.



I came back sat down and continue eating my food.




You think you are smart????


by the way who was that ???


I asked myself





” Enjoy your food ”


She said stood up and left.









I was walking down the staircase when I over heard my mum’s conversation with Elvin.



I stood and listen to what they were discussing.



My phone fall off immediately I heard Elvin reply over the question my mum asked him.



So Elvin didn’t love me


this is the second time he is saying that he takes me like a sister.



” I was been a fooled ”



I picked my phone and ran back to my room immediately with tear…….



I was been fooled …..


I cry the more







He just took me like and sister and I even thought he loved me…








Am so happy


So Elvin did have feeling for Anabella and she have been throwing her self over him.



Oh am so much loving this


Maybe he loves me


Yeah he loves me.



Who won’t with all this packages



I have to go to him to confirm


Am so much happy



Now Anabella is going to no her place.


i was in the guess room close to the dining and I was looking at them as they discuss.



I also saw Anabella


she was so shock to hear Elvin say he has no feeling for her.



Oh!!!!! am so much happy


I followed the back door to my room.



To be continued……..




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



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