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It is a very bright Tuesday morning after assembly we all walk back to our class.



The dark boy was sitting and busy operating his phone.




Didn’t he come to assembly?




I walk to my seat and sat down without even talking to him.



Teachers pop in teach and go.



It was time for break and Anabella has left to answer the call of a teacher promising to come back as quickly as possible.



I took out my books to read but the class was too noisy so I stood up and left for the school library.



I took out my biology text book to study I love biology a lot and I have almost all of it at my fingertips.



I was busy studying more when Julian our class assistant walk up to me to help her with something.



She brought out Math equation ” Matrix”


for us to tackle but the way am see her she is not here to learn.




I wonder what some people have in mind before doing something


Just wondering




She was so close to me that part of br**st was touching me and I felt uncomfortable.



One thing about me is that, am not into girl either do I take advantage of them.



I always find it difficult to tell girls no but trust me I also no ways to get away.



I took out my phone and texted Anabella and I told her to come to the school library as quickly as possible.



Thank God she came right in time.


she walked in and I pretended as if I didn’t know how she knew that we are here.



Her mood wasn’t good at all and am sure she met Jillian dirty game.



She took my hand and drag me out from the library.



We walk in silence for a while and I decided to broke the silence since Anabella do not want to talk.



” Why did the teacher sent for you???”




” I wants me to help her put some record in the grade book She replied….



. ”




But that’s the work of the prefect ”



Yeah Maybe she do not want the prefect to handle that ” She said now looking at me……



You were shy right ? ”


She asked and I laugh



Come on Anabella I can’t be shy am too handsome for that ” I said and she laughed….



Too handsome indeed……….


Then why did you send for me? ” She asked again…



Look I hate to say know to people That’s just it not that am shy……… ”



Oh !!!! I see


So what If didn’t open the message the time you sent it??


She asked



I even wonder what you are going to do if am not in school ” She added looking at me



I observed her a little



Then I will give in


I said trust me I said that intentionally





She said more like a shout



Am not gonna go anywhere I promise ……….”


She said and I smiled to myself




See this girl oh





” You better not….. ”



I said while she hold my hand more tight as if am gonna escape if she leaves me.



Let go to the school field ” She said..



What’s happening there? The break is over already.” I said.



Today is Tuesday and every Tuesday at 1.00pm we go to the field for sport and after that the scholl dismissal.


it only done on Tuesday ” She explained.



Ok let’s go then ”



We walk to the school sport field


there I saw max on skating shoe racing with other students.



He seem to be the best so far.



” Who is he ”


I asked Anabella



Who ??????……..” She asked back.



Him the boy with skating shoe ”


I pointed at Maxwell though I no he is the black guy i saved in the class.




” Oh!!!!! that’s Maxwell.



He is the principal’s son and he is the best in that sport as long as this school is concern ”


She said……



Oh!!!!! i see ”



You might think he is quite but that guy is a beast….



He molests student most especially girls and he get away with it She added while I look at the guy she us talking about. *


Now i know why he was so rude to me what I greeted him.”




He even want to be my boy friend He has been disturbing me Anabella said and I felt a little angry


I don’t know why ….



I want to race with them will they allow me???? ” I asked her.



Yeah but that’s too risky


is not like football that everyone plays.”


She said.



Why do you say so???? ”



The first time I wanted to ride on it when Daniel wanted to teach me.”



I almost killed myself


If so difficult to control ”


She said…..



I know but I want to ”



Fine let go get you a shoe but you have to be careful.



I wouldn’t want you to scratch this your handsome body for me ” She said and I smile…..



I won’t ”



We walked to the sport room and she showed me where to get the skating shoe.



so how am I going to go about it???? ” I asked Anabella



over the is the sport mistress


she is more kind that that sport master so just go to her and tell her that


you want to join the race ”


she said and I nod.



l walk back to the field and they where about to start another race.”



I walk up to them actually to the direction of the mistress with free mind. they where just mopping at me


You think i will be frightened


for what? are they not my follow boys.



What are you doing here


the max of a guy asked more like a shout.



I ignored him and walk to the mistress she is very young and beautiful. she is wearing sport kit.



Good afternoon Ms. ” I greeted…



How are you boy???? ” She asked looking at me.



Very fine ”



Do you need my help in any way???? ” She asked.



Yes……. I just want to join the race cue ” I said and she laughed.




What is funny




She look at me for sometimes…


Do you know how to ride on a skating shoe??? ” She asked



Yes Mistress.”


I answered she look at me again.



Ok put on your shoe let me see


she said and I nod .




I put it on


It not a big deal




Join the race cue ” She said.



I ride to the race cue


and Maxwell gave me a dangerous look.



Who asked you to come here?




He asked i didn’t even do as if am the one he is talking to.



He thinks he is the only one that knowns how to snob people. **


Am talking to you” He said and pushed me





The Mistress called and we both exchange angry look.




Is like this boy is a learner


I will help him learn quick




Am the one that did…” She added.



Now get ready ”


She said and we all focus on the race line.



I can’t race with this idiot. He is no match for me………..”


Maxwell said and I look at him and I smile.



It is an insult for me to race with this boy…….” He added.



And what made you think you can win this race ” I asked.



Off course I will ”


He said and I laugh.



Then prove it and stop running away from your shame ” I said and his mood change.



That’s what u really want.


I so want to disgrace him.



What happens if I win ” He asked.



Am gonna do anything you want…” I said



Off course i know he can win me not that am too proud but I know what my legs can do.



Common join the line let get this done


I said and he look at me not a good one actually.



The time for the race set and the Mistress blow the whistle and we all took off.



Even without my skating shoe I can still win the race because what am seeing.



They are no match me


Their speed on


the skating shoe is too poor for my speed in just a normal race.



I speed up and not up to twenty minutes I arrive back at our starting point.



Max arrive some minutes letter while others followed I can see the shock in his face probably he is imagine how i got at the finishing line. *


Keep thinking




The Mistress smiled at me while clapping her hands.



Wow ! ……that was awesome” She said.





I replied while I shift from the cloud that gathered to removed my shoe”



I walk out from the field to look for Anabella.



Where hell would she be ?


I ask myself.



I was walking towards our class when Jennica ran to me.



Elvin !!!!…….


Anabella is fighting ” She said



What? …..Where? ”


I asked.



At the school library ” She said.



And i rushed to the library while she followed me.



To be continued……..





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Anabella is fighting








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