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It another beautiful Monday morning.. everyone got ready for school… and Daniel will also be traveling the next day been in Tuesday.



After the incident that happened on Saturday night.. Jennica has been acting strange.. she gets provoked at any little thing that neither me or Anabella did.. and I know this is coming From the threat she made that night.



Anyway Sha just a little child in the game of threats…



Daniel dropped us for school as usual and he drove back home after saying good bye to us.



The assembly was going on when we came so We all walk to the assembly ground together.



After doing the necessary thing.


We all sang the National Anthem together



we all walk back to our various classes and teaching commerce..



Classes were going on smooth until we heard emergency bell… we all walk out to the assembly ground to find out what the emergency was all about..



We stayed and waited till the principal claim the stage.



Good morning Students ” The principal greeted us.



Good morning Mr principal ” We all chorused.



Hope you guys had a great week ending.. ” He asked.



Yes sir ”


We chorused.



As you all know it.. Today is monday and new activity commences. Anyway.. I think this week will be a different one ….”


He said pause a little observed the students before he continued.



Well this week is going to be a good one for some of our intelligent student if only they will work hard for it.



I brought to you all good new this beautiful morning from the almighty Stephanie Science school ”


He said and everywhere went as quite as graveyard….



Students pay rapid attention to what the good new the principal has



The school our principal just mentioned is not one of the best but the best science institution in the whole world…



That’s has been my dream school from primary school but as natural will have it..



Today Stephanie Barlon and Mirabel………… has declared scholarship to first to ten best student in the whole world.. He said and everywhere went so noisy..



Is not matter of noisy making so you people should keep calm….” He said and the assemble ground went back to normal..



This is not just a scholarship.. neither is it a scholarship for just our school but it nation wide..



So you guys have to study very hard and make me proud…..”


He said…



All this while I have been quite.. this might be an opportunity for me but can I conquer all the students in the whole world???



Is that even possible ???



The competition will be holding Next tomorrow at Abuja…. Yeah it so quick


they did it so to know the true intelligent ones among you all….



The Principal said… and the student kept calm to know what he wants to say again…



For that reason in particular I give out today for you guys to go home and tell your parents about it and get your brain prepared ”


He said and the noise increased.



Getting up to the first tenth best student will be a every difficult thing… Can I really dance to this tune????



Will like to hear that at least one of my student made it.. You guys should not disappoint me..



You guys can now go back to your various class for more details from your teachers”


He concluded and left the stage.



We all match back to our classes for more details like the principal directed us to.



Many thoughts were running through my mind though I couldn’t figure out what it is…



After a brief talk from our class teacher.. Anabella call Daniel to come pick us home..



Daniel came and he asked why we dismissed so early we went back home…



I don’t even have time for Jennica.. all my attention is how I will make it up to one of the best…



Immediately we came back from school I went start to my room.. I wasn’t even feeling hungry..



I just focus on some book I think I need this competition.. I was reading when Anabella walk into my bed room… I don’t really know when..








Since the announcement at the school Elvin has been somehow quite..



We all came back from school and he didn’t even come to eat he just walk into his room



I decided to visit him and I found him reading..


He really want to make it.. but the truth is that I don’t really think it possible …. I mean when a lot of people is concern… I mean a competition between world wide..



Elvin is really intelligent no doubt but the truth is that I don’t think he can make it to the first tenth..



Don’t look at me am competiting but am just doing it for doing sake I know I will not make it to the top ten.



Anyway I got to encourage him ..


I walk closer to him and I draw a chair closer and sat with him..



He looks so focused in this books.




” Elvin!! ”


I called him but he didn’t move or look at me..



Elvin I called and toughed him then I found out that he has been engulfed with the thing he is reading.. ”



Anabella you are here


when did you come in ”


He asked me and I just smiled.



I have been calling you since ”



Oh am sorry I didn’t hear you call ” He apologized.



So What is it Anabella …


Why were you calling me.. You need anything??? ”


He asked me focusing back on his books.



Yeah… I want something actually ”



And what is that.??”


He asked not looking at me..



I look at him still focused on what he is doing.



Look Elvin you are just coming back from school.. You need to have some rest before reading… you have been reading since in school.. you have not even gave your lunch.. ”



Alright.. just go am going to join you later ”


He said.


” Join me later??? ”


I asked and he nodded..



” No I want you come with me now..


Look Elvin.. what you are reading now cannot guarantee your success.. it only the things you know before can .. ”



What you are just doing is what I called memorizing.. and you can do that later ”


I said and he looked at me..



Really?? ”


He asked.



Yeah.. look come and eat so that you can have energy to read.. there is not way to can understand what you are reading if you are hungry no matter how you try.. ”



You brain have been on work since morning allow it to rest a little ”



Okay find.. let go before you kill me here ”


He said and we both laughed.



Better.. ”



He stood up and and I stretched out my hand and he carried me up.. ”



We both walk to the dining table to eat together and we came across Jennica..



She has been acting strange this day..


Just hope there is no problem..



I have noticed that she picks fault in any mistakes I makes ..


and I notice her kind of eyes towards Elvin..



I don’t even know if they have anything in common.. Just thinking Sha.








After eating which Anabella forced me to..


I just feels like reading all through out the whole day..



I really need to make it at the top..


After I finished eating and I excepted Anabella to see a friend at the next gate..



Mr. Bernard came home and Anabella told him about the competition which he agreed to postpone his traveling just to take us to Abuja himself..



After dinner I went straight to my room and I locked my room.. I don’t need story from Jennica or disturbance from Anabella.



I read throughout the whole night.



To be continued…….




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