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I have been happy since I heard Elvin tell my mom that he is not in love with Anabella…



And since then I have notice some changes in my sister and the thing have affected Elvin as well.



They have been acting strange….


Anabella no longer smile foolishly at Elvin as she use to do


She now stays on her own as if she was force to do so…. anyway her sudden


change in attitude shouldn’t bother me…



My problem is that it affecting my sweetheart Elvin



He has been mood since Anabella started acting somehow and it has been long I saw his dimples.



I don’t even know how to ask him if he has feeling for me…



After dad congratulated my brother’s success we all sat down to drink together but Anabella left.



I even taught it was a good thing so that I can have privacy with Elvin without been distracted by Anabella for any reason but it seem that her leaving has spoilt everything for me.



Elvin left few minutes after Anabella left though not to his room but outside


the sit out….



I was busy watching him through the window to know when he will be coming inside.



My brother left also with wine to Anabella’s room so he said to dad.



When he came back him and dad started discussing what I wasn’t even paying attention to.



All my focus was on Elvin immediately I saw he wants to come in I left to wait for him in his room.


I waited for sometime before I saw him coming…. I checked myself out and


I adjusted my skirt up a little bit…..








After Mr. Bernard prayed for Daniel and encourage him to keep up his good effort we open one of the wines as champagne.



Anabella was the first person to leave…..


the bitter part of it is that she didn’t even look at me not to talk of giving me a little smile even the smallest of it



The silent is now becoming so unbearable for me…..



After she left for her room…. I was no longer happy staying the sitting


room again so I just went out to the sit out I receive some fresh air….



I look at the star and I wonder what life has been looking like


without many people in my life….



I really thanks God for sending someone like Mr. Bernard to my aid….



The star looks so cute and perfect…


it seem it was kept for me to watch ….



If not that it already night I taught going to Dennis could be the only way out….. but I don’t want to disturb him with my issues with Anabella’s behaviors



I got tied of watching the star and I decided to walk back to my room..



I walk into the sitting room it was only Daniel and his father Jennica wasn’t with them.



I walk through the stairs to my room only to meet Jennica standing close to


my door




What does she want




She saw me and started smiling like a fool…. am somehow beginning to


hate the way she acts… I took two step and I was called by someone…



I look back only to see Daniel… I looked back immediately to know if Jessica was till there but she wasn’t there anymore…


she is indeed out for a game….



I turned to face Daniel as he walk more closer to me with a bold smile on his face



” Congratulations Bro


I said trying very hard to cover up…


the truth is that am not happy but I don’t want Daniel to feel somehow… ”



” I taught you won’t congratulate me ”


he said as we continue the walking to my room together



” Why would you say that…


I wanted it to be special that’s it ….”


I said and he look at me and laugh.



” Special????


Even my own sister Anabella didn’t even congratulate me ”


He said showing sad face…. and I just kept quite… thinking what could have


been the problem..



Elvin there is something I would like to ask you and I will like you to be sincere with me ”


He said…



And what’s that bro ”


I asked not liking at him



What is really going on between you and my two sisters????? ……” He asked then I look at him??



Look Daniel there us nothing going on between me and your two sisters ”



Then why are you all acting strange since I came back??? “”



Huh!!!!! ”


He asked



I don’t understand ”



Look Elvin… if you look around here there is no one here… we are both men… you can tell me anything…. ”



I want to ask you this and please just tell me the truth cause it only the truth that can save someone …………”


He said…



What is it???? ”




” Do you love Anabella


I mean do you have any feeling for her??? ”


He asked looking at me in my eye brows.



Yes I love Anabella ” I said



then what of Jennica??? ” He asked



Look Elvin there is no way you can date two sisters… no to talk of in the same house…


you have to choose one “” He added…



Daniel!! I don’t have any feeling for Jennica… I don’t love her… there is nothing even going on between the two of us… ”



I only love Anabella I don’t have anything for Jennica ”



So why is Anabella acting strange…


she didn’t even congratulate me for my success… ”


he said



The truth is that I don’t know what her problem is… she has refused to talk to me look at me or even smile…




I really love


kind of avoiding me.. ”



her but I think she doesn’t like me.. she has been




” I don’t really know what to say again..


But you have to try to talk to her you are the man here to gat to know what


the problem is


Okay!!!! ????? ”


He said and i nod



I will try talk to her ….. Just chill ” He added hitting me in Playful way



I got this wine for the two of us…


Let go to my room and enjoy ourselves ..”


He said and i nod again… while he lead the way….




I smell fish










It pain seeing someone you love not been happy but it pain the more to know that there is no way you can make him or her happy again


…..if there is nothing you can do about it….



Since I came back from training even before I left… I have notice the


unhappiness in my sister’s face….



She has been unhappy and it pains me…



After she left without drinking wine with us her family I knew that


this is getting out of control….




When Elvin left out I went Anabella’s room…



the truth is that.. I know that Anabella’s problem must have something to do with Elvin…



I entered her room and all the things even the Non_Living things weren’t happy at all…



walk closer to her…


” Anabella?!!!! ”


I called her and she look at me…



Why are you like this.???? What is the problem??? ”



Nothing ”


she said



Oh!!!! you can’t tell me nothing… You know something is wrong…


Why are you acting this way… ????



You didn’t even congratulate me over my success.. You didn’t even say down to drink with your family



” What is the problem talk to me


Am your brother… Your unhappiness is affecting me ”


I said trying so hard to know what the problem is…



Is Elvin ” She finally said



What about him??? ”



He didn’t love …he just sees me like a little girl… He denied having anything with me.. ”


She said.



Why will he said should a thing….


I know Elvin loves you… ”



No he doesn’t..


you are just saying this to chill me up ”


She said.



No am not…… Elvin really love you… ”



Then why did he denied having any feeling for me???? ” She said.



Do he really said that to you????…”


I asked her and she kept quiet.



” Not really ”


He said it to mum



” You see he didn’t say it to you.. ”


where you even expecting him to say he loves you before mum… that shows disrespectful ..”



It won’t be a good thing if mum finds out that you are having affairs with




I said and she kept quiet…



Look Elvin loves you… and I know that he said that to mum so that he will not put himself and you in trouble…


Remember he fought in school because of you and he nearly killed the guy


in question…


I said trying so hard to convince her…



Just chill… Now smile for me


I said and she smiled a little …



That’s my princess am coming… let me get something for you… and I don’t want to come back and see you like this… I said and she nod…




when I came out from Anabella’s room I went to Elvin’s room but he is not


yet in…


I went back to the parlor and dad was till awake…



I chat a little with him


not quite long u came down… Elvin walk in but there is something I notice… before Elvin walked in Jennica had already left like to say he is monitoring Elvin….



I allowed him to ride the way to his room and then I excused myself form


my dad and u walk up to Elvin room….



I called him when I was half way and he look at me and immediately look back before look back again to me as if there is something at the front that didn’t want me to see…



we chatted like men and I found out that he really love Anabella…. now am


100% sure


am going to use this to convince Anabella…




Yeah I was recording what we were discussing…




I send the record to Anabella immediately before we entered my room and I gave her some time to listen to it.



I texted her to come to my room though I didn’t tell her that i was with


Elvin in my room….



I want the two of them be happy…


I want to reunite them….



To be continued…….




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