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If I should tell you that I wasn’t shock when Jennica said that Anabella is fight then call me a lier.



I ran to the school library with the taught of whom Anabella could be fighting with.



I ran to the school library to see poor Julian on the floor with blood almost in all her school uniform.



Anabella were sitting comfortably on top of her still beating her.



I rush towards them hold Anabella.


She tried to hit me but when he saw I was the person holding her she gave up.



I took her out from the scholl library to a quiet place.


I hugged her as she try so hard to calm her self down.



She look really angry.


She wrapped her hand around me.



Is okay


I said calmly to her and she nod.


I made sure I calm her down before we walk out to the school car park.



I have already called Daniel and he said He will be here to pick us as quickly as possible



Anabella is really strong.


Separating her from Julian was not an easy thing oh!



If not that she saw it was me.


She would have slapped me the way she slapped our prefect that I saw trying to separate them.



Daniel came and we went back home because the incident happened during school dismissal.



I never bothered to ask her that caused the fight between her and Julian because she wasn’t in her right state of mind.



I went to Dennis house since Daniel is busy, Anabella isn’t in her right state of mind and am not in good terms with Jennica.



The lest of the day was a beat fun all thanks to Dennis.


He didn’t allow me to feel Anabelle’s absence.








I was happy that Elvin won the race.


I decided to go get his bag since it is dismissal time and he told me he left it at the library.



I walk to the library to see that bitch.


I think I need to warn this fool


I thought



I walk up to where she is sitting



” Hey bitch ”


You should stay away from Elvin.


I said and she laughed




What’s funny?




And who are you to warn me?” She asked standing up.



Look Elvin is my boyfriend and am warning you”



Stay far away from him if you don’t want me to change the color of your face.



Stop playing those dirt game around him.



” The last time I checked


he is just a friend to you so you should back of ”



Look Anabella you think am afraid of you Huh! ? ” She asked



I won’t warn you again ”


I said and turn to leave



” Say that to the bird’s.


You know you can do nothing.”



” Watch and see how I make Elvin mine.


I will make sure he is mina and mine…… Alone…. ”


She said and anger envelope me


I slapped her first and she slapped me back.




Trust me I beat the hell out of her.


next time she will stay away from other people’s boyfriend..



Everything went back to normal because my dad came to my school the next day.



He nearly killed me when he found out the reason behind the fight.



I notice some changes in my sister’s attitude towards Elvin the way she looks at him.


I even found her at Elvin door.




Is there anything going on between them ?


I asked myself


well let me just watch carefully





The lest of the week was cool and Maxwell disturbance was too much this time.










This idiot…


what’s he doing here?


hate this boy with passing.



He always flock around Anabella like a pest.



He must be the lesson why Anabella is sobbing me but I will deal with him.



l watch him walk up to out sport mistress Ms. Lucy and they discussed what I do not know .



The next thing


He started putting on his skating shoe.


He ride to the ace line and more anger envelope me.



I wanted to quit but he brag been the master of the game .



it was more like a shock when he won the race. Then I know that all my pride has been mobbed in the floor



Jenica Anabella elder sister ran to him and told him what I couldn’t predict and he left immediately.


leaving the crowd that gathered to celebrate his victory.



I left the field with so much annoyance.


I went back to the class only to be hearing the fight that ensured between


Anabella and Julian.



Anyway the fight was never my business but the most annoying thing was that the fight was because of Elvin.



Since this boy started schooling with us the class has been disformed.



I hate him with so much passion and as for you Anabella just wait and see.



I must make you mine weather you like it or not you must be mine or no one else will.



To be continued……..




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*Anabelle I wasn’t there oh!!!!*


What is even Maxwell own





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