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Yesterday was great


All thanks to Anabelle



It new day and my second day in school


As usual Anabelle was the one that came to wake me up today but surprisingly o saw her with Jennica.



Our conversation was short unno



I went in not after waiting for them to leave and I freshen up immediately put on my school uniform.



I comb my cute hair


Look at myself at the mirror



A knock landed at my door




Who could that be??????




Who is that I asked walking to my door???



” Is me Anabella


Are you not done?? ”



Everybody is already on the dining table We are waiting for you ”


She said.





Just wait am done”


I said took my bag and walk out



” Wow!!!! ”


She said immediately I turned



Anything the matter?????? ” I asked



Am I wearing the back of my cloth????


I added.



” No you look so great”


She said covering her mouth



” Oh!!!!!!!!!!??


You are Not serious



You look like a God ” She said



Now am flattered



Well let go they are waiting don’t forget


I said and she smiled and lead the way.



She look so beautiful as well








I entered the class though this time Anabelle wasn’t holding me



Girl smile at me



I went to my seat and sat not talking the dark guy this time



Let everyone play his own wing



Not quite long a teacher walk into the class with a long cane in her hand.


The whole class went as quite as graveyard.


I guess she is feared by all.



She walked in and the prefect signal us and we greeted her while she use her cane to signal us to sit down.



She walk up to the board and wrote boldly ELEMENTS She turned after writing it and face the class.



Hello Student ” She said.



Hello ma’am ”


We responded in Union.



” I told you guys to read up this topic. Right ? ”


She asked and the class couldn’t alter any hearable word.



Now someone should stand and tell me the meaning of ELEMENT? She asked but the class was still quite.



I look around but no one is raises his or her hand up.




Are they so dumb?


Not even one person





Well if know one wants to volunteer then I will point and if you fail … Off course you know what I will do The teacher said.




The dark guy stood up.



” Yes you ”


The teacher said to him



”ELEMENT is the mixture of two…two…”


He said repeatedly not knowing what else to say.



Keep standing ” the teacher said



”Anyone Else ”


She ask !? Looking around the class.



Anabella raised her hand up


I hope you know the answer correctly because if you fail it you will face the consequences so if you are not sure of the answer you better sit down now. The teacher said and I look at Anabella she was still standing



Wow! Impressive


I think someone is out to impress his friend


I just thought



Yes go on ” The teacher said



ELEMENT is the mixture……………………………




She answered correctly



Wow! I smile at the braveness.


She is indeed intelligent.



What are the properties of an Element???


She asked And Anabella answered



Now that is the difference between ELEMENT and COMPOUND????? The teacher asked and I guess she never expected that because she couldn’t say anything.



Now come out here and knee down.


I told you people to read it up.


She said while my helpless Anabella walk out.



Is their anyone that can answer it and save her and if the person fails he or


she will face the punishment


The teacher said.



I look around thinking that maybe one of her friends could at least save her but none was standing up.



Is this class this dumb.


They can’t even save there friend.


I can’t watch her get punished over what I know.



I raise up my hand and the class turned to look at me.



” Impressive ”


Who are you to her?


The teacher asked.



And i kept quite




What is this one own Why can’t she mind her own business






Why will she ask me such quesstion now all the class focus their attention on me.


i hate attracting attention.



”I asked who is she to you? ”


She asked again.




Wat is even your own self




Ma i think the question should be what the different between elements and compounds


I said although i know it rude but the woman do not want to stay on her own



” What !!!! ”


Did you just talk back at me????


She asked drawing her cane.



I can see you are trying to show that you are stubbron may God help you


if you fail my questions she said




Questions not question agin






Now answer she commanded


I gave a clean difference between elements and compound.


Se look at me still not smiling at all.



Name the first twenty elements


She asked again



I breath out and anwered it.



What’s your name


Se asked now smiling and i know that their will be no more questions.





I said politely



You are very intelligent


she said



Thank you ma



You can sit


Anabella and max you can now sit he have saved you.


We will end our class here you guys should read up element am going to


ask questions on it in our next class


She said took her books and left.



After the teacher left Anabella walk up to me smiling.


thanks Elvin


she said and I smiled at her



anything for my queen I said and she blush let go out it break time she said and drag me out.



she showed me around the school premises and I must say the school environment looks great



The less of the class was cool and as usual girl wants to flock around but trust me they all are afraid of Anabella because she never leaves my side.








It another beautiful day, well prepared for school. my dad wished me a smooth journey and safe return.



I came out in my golden outfit smile never leaves my face but trust me they are not real for those that will believe.



Good morning the young Thomson


Jacky greeted and I smiled at him.


among all my bodyguard I like Jacky and I trust him so much because he can die just to protect me.



Good morning My Mentor


I said and he laughed out loud



How was your night


hope it was great and……. anyway I know you saw her in your dreams


he asked



Not really but I saw another thing


don’t worry I will tell you in the car get in let go I said and he nod while I get in.




You look so excited about school today


Jacky asked me



Yeah I have something for my fans



Oh I see


well hope it will be great as usual


he asked me by then we were already in the car.



well I’m an Artist a secret one actually.


People love my music but they can never boost knowing whom the artist is.



My dad don’t want me to be an artist he believes that it will keep on exposing me to his enemies that he has failed to show me for once.



Even when I try to convince him that singing is the only thing that makes me fulfilled



he will be like am so famous for you to become an artist and you associating yourself with people can only bring risk and danger to your life. I have a lot if enemy and all their aims can never be achieve if you can’t get hurt by any of them.



so for now I sings with my face masked



So what is your dream All about


Jacky asked



talking about my dream last night


is still confusing, it wasn’t that clear for me to understand.



The ride to school was cool and Jacky did all his best not to make me walked up about my confusing dream.



I got to school


Got down form my car and Jacky followed me immediately.



The student gathered shouting my name while other try to take pictures of me.



it has been three day I was absent to school everywhere seem to have changed in my eyes.



with the help of Jacky I made my way to my class with four bodyguard around me and while I sat with Jacky.



My girlfriend Sophie walk in she ran to me and …….. gave me a hug ” what


do you want to hear” common Jacky is here and I can’t kiss her in his present that show disrespect to me I don’t know of you.



but I can do that in the present of any other person….that is just to show


you how much I like and respect him.



Oh baby I have missed you


Sophie said try to sit in my laps but I just adjusted for her to sit on the chair.



I missed you a lot


she said again



Hope you are alright now?????


she asked and I smiled



A teacher popped in


Am so so anxious I don’t really know why…


Maybe because of the album I was going to realize.





Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



Anabelle take it easy oh!!!!!


Alvin is a secret Artist??????



Drop your opinion for the next episode


















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