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After I took my bath and


I gain a little strength.



I stayed inside my room not wanting to go out. I decide to go to my art room since am tried of reading books.



I worked into my art room look around seeing all I have created.



I started picking the artwork one after the other till I arrive at My Moms own picture.



I tool it out walk back to my room with the picture in my hand.



I sat on my bed and I took out my mum’s picture.


the more i stare at picture the more tears flow.



I have really missed my mom


how I wish death didn’t take her away from me.



My door open and my Step Mom walked into my room.


I look at her with the tears that was in eyes.


I stare at her a little before staring back at the picture.



” Stephanie!!!……..”


She called but i didn’t talk none look at her.



She work closer to my bed and sat with me…..



” Common Stephanie


You are not supposed to be doing this.


What do you expect your dad to do if he sees you like this.



” Common stop crying


This is not you are supposed to be doing ”


She said and I got me angry.



How deer you come to my room to tell me what to do or not ” I shouted at her.



Yeah that was rude I know but I hate people poking nose in what that do not concern them.



Not that she is wicked the truth is that she has been so kind to me and my brother since my dad married her after my mom died but know one no matter the love and care can replace the love of mother



I know what I said hurts her so much.


she turned and left in tears



I look back to the picture in my hand and I continue from where I











If there is anyone that I need to make happy the most it Stephanie…..


she us becoming so weak and passionate over the death of her mom and that I have way down her father.



I wanted to help I want to make her happy the way she use to be.



She Grandma came out from her room and she complained so bitterly.



I went to her room and I met her in tear.


I met the photocopy of my late friend.



Am really the cause of all this


I wanted to console her but she said an abusing words to me out of anger.



I caused everything


I have done a lot of bad things in the past and I wish to make corrections but time is what can never been drawn back.



I regret my actions


I betrayed my best friends


They trusted me with all their life including that of their families but what did I pay them back with….


I payed them back with pains and agony



What is life without been loved by the people you love????



What is life without peace of mind


I brought this upon myself


it all because of my selfies desires



How I wish all this never happened How I wish they never get to trust me How I wish I didn’t betray their trust for me



I took blame on Stephanie’s present condition It all because of my stupidity.



I turned her to the present beast she is now what was I expect????? what was I even thinking


That she will love me more than her biological mother??????



I blame myself for everything I caused Everything!!!!! entirely.



But I promise you Evelyn that I’ll make things right.


l promise you Catherina that I will find him and when I do it I’ll protect him even with the Last drop of my blood.



This is a Promise and I will fulfill it


I promise


I said as more tears flow.


I so messed up.











Since I heard that statement from Elvin I have stayed far away from him though it was difficult for me but I still have him some space.




Each passing dayakes me more weak…


he seem to be my strength but it pains me so bitter that he do not have


any i


affection for me



he just loved me like a sister nothing more……



My brother will be going to Europe anytime from now and I wonder who u will be chatting and taking with…… I



really love Elvin but he is not seeing it the way am seeing he…. Knowing


that he just loved me like a Sister.


It makes me Cry …..



I feels like killing myself…. I really Love him but I can make him change his





I does nothing this day than to stay indoors everytime…..



I don’t want to seeing his fave it will keep on making me cry but can I hide for ever …



we live in the same building, goes to the same school and attends the same





I will just keep my distance…..





Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode



Stephanie and Anabella







Happy Sunday Guys








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