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Gosh !


This Elvin of a boy is damn cute and hot


Gosh! Am so much in love with him.


His brown hair and ocean blue eyes they look so perfect on him.



His lips gosh!


Only that can make a girl go crazy about him.



Right from the very first time I saw him at the gate with our gatekeeper Dennis.


Don’t look at me like that I saw them discussions at the gate and I kept on staring at his handsome face they are so cute to be ignored.



I felled so cheaply for him at that spot.


He got me thinking since that day.


I has secretly watch Dennis when ever I sees him outside to know if I can get to see him again.



I even went to the extend of asking him about him


I know it sound weird asking after someone you have not met before.


But I couldn’t hope it when I first saw him at the gate.



And now am going to live with him a the same house.



Mum also admit that he is so cut and hot *


We both will look perfect as couples


I thought





I keep smiling at him constantly


I don’t even know what’s wrong with me again



Dad told me show him his room


And I took him to a room very close to mine



I need to be seeing him every minute of the day I don’t want him to be far from me *


Anabella what’s wrong with you




He even said I look gorgeous and beautiful He said I look like a goddess Maybe he loves me as well.



And who is that?


My brother Daniel asked



Who is who?


I asked back




Who said you are beautiful and gorgeous?


Who said you look like a goddess?


He asked.





I called


I don’t know what you are talking about


I deny.



By the way


Why did you enter my room without knocking


I asked admitting a little shout.



I permitted myself perhaps this is my sister’s bedroom and I know and not having problems with her either is she hiding any secrets from



Or are you


He said and i look at him.


I don’t even know what to do to this one self.


I just hiss what type of a brother is this? I asked myself.





I just want to tell you to be careful that’s all


he said and i just keep on looking at him as he walk out of my room



I breathe out


I sat on my bed and I try to sleep put the thought of Elvin came flashing.





Am think about him again


Elvin I called his name.


Am feeling bored now


Let me go and know if he needs anything



Maybe he could also be feeling bored. I can keep him busy I thought and smile



I came close to tell door and to open it and walk out became problem



What If he is standing out side there


I asked myself



Common Anabella


What will he doing outside.


Open the door


My conscience said to me


And I opened the door and walk close to his door but to knock became another problem.



Immediately he opened his door and my phone fall of my hand out of shock but he was fast to catch it.



Are you okay


He asked me looking directly to my eye brows



Oh! Elvin stop looking at me like that.





He said stretching my phone to me.



Thank you Elvin


I managed to say



you are welcome


He said smiling



We stare at each other for a while.



Something is in your hair


He said to me and he came very close that our body was almost touching.




No Elvin


I just close my eyes and stayed calm




You are good to go now


He said and i opened my eyes








He said and smiled again




Elvin stop smiling




And I perceive the smell of my brother’s perfume.


I walk pass him immediately towards the Stairs Case.



I came and it was almost dark


I just sat at our sit out


Am really feeling bored


I sighted Dennis our gatekeeper reading Newspaper so I decided to go play with him.



My parents might be rich but that’s doesn’t mean am a spoilt brat.


I love to associate with people around me.



Good evening Dennis


I greeted him as I approached.



Oh my beautiful Queen


How are you doing today


He asked and i smiled.



He can never change


We are friends or should I say we like brother and sister.



He is always fun of me regardless of our differences of background.



He loves making my head go big


He loving bathing me with praises



I love spending time with him than my siblings because he is so caring, he is very intelligent a graduate actually and I wonder why he do not want to fine another thing better to do other than to be a gatekeeper all the rest of his life.



he helps me do my assignment when I finds it difficult to tackle and he is fun to be with.



I say down with him on the long bench he was sitting on.



So how was school today


He asked in a good English on like if he wants to talk to my parents and my siblings he always like using pidgin English but I have warned him not to speak pidgin English when ever am with him.



School is fine just that I miss you




Miss me?


But I stay here with you all the time


He said



Yeah you are here in this house but you have been too busy for the past few days now”


I said giving him a baby face.



Oh! Am sorry my Queen.


You are right I have been so busy


You know Elvin grandma died and he was hit down by your daddy’s car when he was coming back from work He said and i was shocked.




” You mean my dad killed his grandma?”



Oh! Not that


Elvin’s grandma was sick before and the sickness killed her because they are poor and that’s why your dad brought Elvin here to stay with you guys He explained



So am I forgiven


He asked while I do as if am thinking



” OK I forgive you ”



Thanks my Queen


He said



I hope those big head didn’t look for your trouble when I wasn’t around He asked referring to my elderly ones




No they didn’t


I said laughing at his funny question.



I look and I saw Elvin and Daniel walking towards us and Elvin was constantly looking at me.



I felt butterflies in my stomach.





Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode














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