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After Anabella left I quickly close the door I don’t understand Daniel looks.


I look around the beautiful bedroom am in.



Money is really good.



I breathe out and began to rang my things I brought the most treasured thing in my life


The only thing that makes me at peace an d makes me feel happy even when am in a great anger My guitar and I smiled at it though my mood changed a bit when I remembered how I use to play it for my grant mother.


But I just wave it off and continue what I was doing.




I brought my stretching shoe my guitar.



and kept it at the corner where I kept




I took out a brand new sealed bag though if you look at it’s already getting old.


This bag has been with me for the pass five years the night before the disappearance of my foster father to be perceived. I look at it and I remembered his exact words.



He said that the code to the bag will be given to me after and before I clocked eighteen years but when is he going to fulfill his promise



I took a look at the picture we took together me, him and my Grandma.



Tears slip down my cheek and I quickly wipe it off.


I gat to be strong I encourage myself.


I packed everything the way I wants it and I smiled at my beautiful new room.



After packing I sat down on the bed and I felt bored so I decided to call Anabella.



Maybe she can keep me accompany I thought.


I walk to the door and opened it only to see Anabella standing at my door step.


She was shocked to see me so she let out her phone to fall off her hand but thanks to God I was fast enough to catch it before it landed on the floor.



We Stare at each other for a while and I noticed that something is on her hair so I came closer to her to remove it.



I can feel the uneasiness in her.


Anyway I never intended to do anything to her.



Girls are always like that whenever am around them so it not a new thing to me.



She walked out immediately and her brother came out from one of the guess room with a smile.


Not the other one I saw with a very suspicious looks the other time.


He walked closer to where I was standing with his hands on his pocket.



” What’s up bro”


He said calmly while I gave him a smile



” Am cool and you ?”


I asked and shake hands with him he is the first to bring out his hand. If you must know.



Very much alive” He said still smiling.




Care for a walk?” He added.



That will be great am cool with it”


I replied given him the best of my smile.



We both walk down stairs while he kept on showing me many things in the house and her other sisters room.



What class are you?” He asked



Senior Secondray One (S.S.1)”



”Wow ! you are in the same class with Anabella”.


He said and I was like………



So you guys are going to be in Ss2 by September? ” He asked and I nod.






See Niger question




”What of ….. What class is she?” I asked



Senior Secondary two (S. S.2)


He said




She is even my senior?


But Anabella looks much mature than her





Are you good at football?” He asked.



Not actually.


Am not very good at it.


In fact am not a football fan”


I said while he made a funny face.



” You are kidding me


If you don’t know how to play football with all this your handsome face and well build body what else would you know how to do? ” He asked laughing really hard.




What is even wrong with this one self?


Must every one know how to play football?





So what favorite sport then?


He asked



” Am good in race game more especially when it comes with stretching


shoe. ”


I said



Wow ! wow !! wow !!!


He exclaimed



You must be good at it?


He asked.


Yeah ”



So that’s mean one day we both we go for a bet,


It going to be Luke a challenge and whoever win………. ”


He said looking at me



Off course you are going to lose” I said proudly




I know he can not even meet up with me if it on a normal race not to talk of when my stretching shoe is involved.




” Oh I guess someone is ready to challenge the almighty Danny wolf ”


He said and I look at him very well.




He is Danny wolf


Am bit shocked because I didn’t know is him. I have been hearing about him all this while People believe he is the best. Well I haven’t met him before.


And now this challenge?


Think I like it





Wow ! I have heard much about you ” I said



Oh! But am sure that not going to change anything here because the bet is still on and whoever that win…….. Will become the others slave for two weeks


He said and I laughed


Is that not childish?”



I like it that way Common are you scared?” He asked.




Elvin has never been scared of anything He won’t start now






So when are we gonna get it done?”



” I will tell you when”


But it gonna be during the holiday time”


He said




” But my stretching shoe I said



is already old”




That’s won’t be an excuse


Am going to get you a new one.


He said.



”Thanks anyway”



You are welcome anytime


Let go and join Anabelle and Dennis over there” He said while we towards that direction.



I kept constant graze on Anabelle and I can see that beautiful Anabelle is getting shy







We discussed about few thing and Dennis told us his secondary school life.


It was really fun hearing the crazy things he did back then.




It is already very dark so we walk in to have our dinner and Anabelle.



me Daniel




We walked in to see the rest of the family on the dining table expect Mrs.


Dora she is in the kitchen.



We sat down and our food was served.


Very delicious actually, you know


We ate in silence till Mr. Bernard broke the silence.



” Elvin !! ”


He called and I look up almost the whole family was looking at me expect their Mum.



” Yes sir ”


I answered calmly.



Me and my family are really sorry about your grandma please accept our condolences and as from today see here as your second home.


Feel free to ask, use and touch anything” he said



”Thank you sir


I appreciate ”



What class are you?


He asked?



” Senior Secondary One (S.S.1) Dad


He is actually in the same class with Anabelle”


Daniel said.



” Oh that’s great


I guess you are also a Science student right? ”


He asked again



” Yes sir ”


I answered this time



” Oh that’s great


You are going to start school tomorrow I will make arrangements for that Hope you find your self strong to go?” He asked



”Yes Sir


Thank you very much Sir”



” You are welcome


And please I think the sir is too much


You can call me dad”


He said and I nod.



The rest of the meal was ate in silence and immediately I finished I thanked them and as well Anabelle and Daniel


Who walk upstairs and me and Anabelle walked to our room together




We are neighbors


Don’t forget that





Thank for today


And have a good night rest


I said smiling



You are welcome anytime


Good night Sweet heart


She said and walk into her room immediately.




Sweet heart





I walk into my own room and lay on my bed but not after saying a little prayer.



I closed eyes but sleep


refused to come.




I thought of what to do so I just decided to play my guitar .


I played it on a very low key and I felt like it is only bringing back


bad memories so I stopped it.


But what am I going to then since sleep has refused to comen




Maybe I should go out to receive fresh air .





I stood up and walk to my door


Only for me to open it and my eye met my greatest SHOCK



To be continued……..




Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting


By the way


What do you think about this episode



Who was that????


Who ever gets it I will dedicate the next episode to the person













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