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I opened my door to see the last person I expected standing at my door step.



I blink my eyes to no if they are deceiving me but know what am seeing is actually correct.



Anabelle elder sister.





I called her and she look at me


” What are you doing here? ”



” Nothing ”


She said



” Then why are you awake by this time of the day ”



I came to tell you that what you are playing is disturbing me from sleeping She said



Oh !!!!!!


You should have told me since other than standing here


I said to her



Don’t worry am not gonna play it again.


I never knew it was a disturbance to you okay.


I asked and she nod and left.



I just stood there Maka sure she has walked down stairs before I walk back to my room and lock it up.



Hope this is not what am thinking.










It seem this boy is getting handsome every passing minute.



Is as if am just seeing him now.



The time my dad introduce him to the family I didn’t get time to look at his handsome face but now I did and I find it difficult to resist him.



My younger sister Anabella is already lusting after him I can see that I her eyes.



The way she acts crazy when ever he is around shows it all.



I came out to look at him When he came down with Daniel and I had to hid just to watch his handsome face.



I wonder how this boy manage to get my mind at first sight.



I have been watching him secretly after I saw him Daniel coming down from the stairs though I think he likes my younger sister.



Can I really control this???????


I asked myself.



Could I leave him for her?


This question kept on ranting in my head.



I have tried to avoid him since he came.



I have tried to show less care but it seem everything change at the dinning table.



I felt jealous finding out that he is in the same class with Anabella I know she will go around saying he is her boyfriend.




I can’t let that happen



Elvin must be mine and mine alone no one not even Anabella will stand on way.



I must be the one to date him.


Is either me or no one else.



I tried taken his memory off my head but it seem the more I try the more I think of him.



I felt the urge to see his handsome face and the urge was too much to hold back.



I put on my long night gown because I was wearing only the singlet and the short.



I walk out from my room to his room and when I reach his door.



I kept on looking at his door.


I began to hear little noise


From his room



It seem he is playing something.



Well I can’t really say what he was playing but what ever it is He is really good at it because he plays it so perfectly.



I got carried away and I didn’t know when he open the door and the next thing I saw was the face of my handsome Elvin.



His rip is as tempting as always and I felt like kissing it at the spot without minding what will happen.


He looks frightened probably he is wondering what am doing at his room.



Jenica !!!!!


He called jerking me out from my crazy stare.



What are you doing here?


He asked still in his frightened expression.





I said looking at him in the eyes



Then why are you awake by this time of the day He asked further



I just kept on looking at him like a lost sheep.



Common jenica you have grown bigger than this.



Am taking to you


He said again.



I came to tell you that what you are playing is disturbing me from sleeping I lied because their was no excuse I have to go e except from that.



Oh !!!!!!


You should have told me since other than standing here


He said though he is not satisfied with my response



Don’t worry am not gonna play it again.


I never knew it was a disturbance to you okay.


He assured me while I nod and walk back to my room.




Elvin what are you doing to me I asked myself.










I was woken up by a knock on the door.


I stood up straight myself and walk to door.


Opened it and behold beautiful Anabella was standing smiling at me .


She looks as beautiful as ever and she is still on her night dress.


I can see every thing be the night gown is transparent.




Look at me am not a bad boy oh




Good morning Elvin


She greeted me smiling



How are you my dear


I asked returning the smile.



Am very much fine


She said while I gave a smile



She gave me a look of what’s the matter.


We stare at each other for sometimes and she was the one to break the silence.



Are you not preparing for school ?


She asked





I asked back like an idiot





Have you forgotten that you are resuming today?


Or are you not strong to go?


She asked further.





I mean am going


I said alike uneasy.



Let me go and freshen u.



I can help you do that if you need my help She said and my eyes widen *


Is this girl Okay?????




Don’t worry I can help myself


I will join you in the dining table


I added while the smile the more.





Hope you had a beautiful night rest?


She asked



Yeah and you ?”



Oh my was great.


I dreamt about you


She said and I was shocked.




About me




About who ?


I asked pretending as if I didn’t hear her well.


I just want her to repeat what she said earlier.





She asked back showing a confused face but am sure she is just putting up that to confuse me.



You said something about your dreams last night ”



I said that ?


She asked




Elvin you are just imagining things


My conscience scold me








After I preparing for school


Daniel drove us to school with one of his father’s car.



I was sitting with him at the front while the girl sat at the back.



The ride was cool as we all maintained a quite moment.


I notice the constant gaze from Jennica and as well Anabella but her own is controllable unlike Jennica she kept steady look as if her life depends on me.



We drove like some k/m and we entered inside a beautiful gate.


He drove to the car lot.


We all came down and the school is like wow!



I stood observing the school.



Student stop at the sight of me.


I could see some slay queen adjusting their mini shirts




What’s is even their problem self.




They kept looking at our direction.


Anabella came to where I was and she attached her hand on mine.



Common it not a big deal


Bitches must keep on staring


She said and smile.



I smile back though I wasn’t comfortable because i have never stayed this close to a girl.



I really avoid them when I was in junior secondary school time.



Let go okay


She said as she drag me while I can see frown on jenica’s face.




What’s even her own self?”




Alright guys


You two should take care of him


Daniel said to his two sisters


And we all laughed.


Elvin you know what I mean


He added entered the car and drove of.





Let go


Anabella said to me.



We walk to the direction of our class by then Jennica has already left for hers.



I sighted some seniors with cane.


Let walk fast


I said to Anabella.



Don’t worry they won’t do anything stupid.


They are jenica’s classmate and they know am her sister.



She said with so much confidence.


We walk pass them but they didn’t even do as if they see us but they kept on kneeling other students down.



We entered our class and am still holding hands with Anabella.



I look at her and she didn’t look as if she is going to let go of my hand anytime soon.



Anabella went to her seat but not after taken me to my own seat.



She left and the dark tall guy that was sitting at the edge of the seat was busy operating his phone.




What’s up


I said to the dark guy trying to be friendly but the dark guy did as if I was


talking to myself.








My first day in school was like hell


Well indeed the school is quite good but it seem the girls here are crazy.



I just hope that tomorrow is not gonna be like that anyway Anabelle has promised not to go anywhere tomorrow.



She wasn’t with me the first day in school she seem very intelligent and teachers likes her a lot because she is respected even more than the class prefect.



anyway let watch and see if she will till hold onto that.



The journey home was cool and quiet but Daniel wants to kill me with a lot of questions of the school events.



Just hope tomorrow will gonna come with a lot of event………..


Just hoping …..



To be continued……



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