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I was in a business conference when a call came to me that my son fainted in school


This is gonna be the third time this is happening to him,


Cancel all the appointment i have today re shedule it I said to my personal assistant


I walk out from my office with rocky


My most trusted bodyguard,


Put lynn in call tell him to put security in other i will be headed to the hospital my son is


I said to him,and he node and left


I breath out


God let my son be fine i can’t


Loss him not after lossing my wife daughter and …….


Sir the security is tight now


You can now move Sir


Rocky said jerking me out from my thought i breath out again stood up and left .








I open my eye but my eyes where a little bit blue so i blink my eye I look up a saw the smiling Steve


Young Thomson he called and i gave him a weak smile, he can never stop calling me Young Thomson though i have warned him to stop but it seen it has taken better part of his mouth


”Hasn’t my dad come”


Yes he has”


He is in the doctor office he came immediately i told him about you condition” He said.


”Thank you Steve ”


I said


”What for”


He asked?


”For anything”


”You are welcome”


Anything anytime


He said and i smile


The door flew open and my dad and the doctor walk inside.


My dad smile at me and i smile back though i don’t know why he is smiling.


Dad ! !


i called and he walk closer to where i am.


”Yes Son”


He answered


”Dad what is wrong with me”


i asked him but he kept mute.


You will be fine he assured me after what seem like am minutes.


It seem something is boreding him but here is not the best place to asked that so i keep calm.





Point of view


When i wake up i felt a huge headache.


My vission wasn’t that bright but i can see the gateman at his chair looking aroud the room.


I breath out and he turn.


You are awake he asked and i nod and the door open reviewing the man that hit me down and the doctor


They both walk in and their mood wasn’t a good one at all


Am hungry i manage to say and Immediately food was brought to me as if they have been long expecting me to ask for food ,


I ate and as i was eating something hit


My thought my grandma


the doctor checked and said am good to go anytime,


Please sir where is my grandma


I asked to no one in particular while they all exchange sad look yes sad look because none of they where smiling at all.


My heart began to beat very fast


I look at the doctor that told me that my Grandma is fine but i found him in tears


Why are you crying i asked i turned to the gateman and to the man and they where also in tears,


What is the problem i asked trying so hard to hold back the tears that wants to came out


The man walk to me and hold my shoulder.


I look at him and i can see he is fighting so hard not to let out the tears .


I asked where is my grandma is, my hope, My friend, My world where is she i


asked as tear came rushing down my chest, the tears have really try so much not to let out,


Your .,….. your Grandma is ….gone he finally said


”You said i asked as if i didn’t hear him well what do you mean by gone” I asked? Not wanting to admit that the gone means that she is dead.



Take heart boy.


This is life and the living got to keep living he said




As more tears flow



”Okay i got that but it still didn’t answer my question i said to him anxiously”


Your ……your Grandma is …is de….ad he said and it seem the world stoped and


very where was still


I shouted to the extend that even a dead


patient in the hospital could he


I felt emptiness, pain and heart broken that am feeling.



Tears flow down freely on my chest,


my grandma, my world of joy, my only trusted friend, my family my all and all is gone.


That moment i felt like their is no reason to Live.


Life became so meaningless to me


it was still like a shock to me and i find it every hard to believe that the woman i called mother has died.


I wonder why she didn’t take me behind other than leaving only me in this wicked world.


What is life with her?



What is life without her care and love? What is life with out the woman whom did everything just to see i turned to live a good life?


What is life without the motherly advice? What is life without having any one to call your own?.


What is life without having a friend to cry on his shoulder?.


What is life without been with those you love and those that loves you?.


Life is just Meaningless.


Life is just so so Wicked.


Life is so Unfair.


Life so Heartless.


Life is Hopeless and full of Pain without someone like you Grandma.


I cry the more as i remember the happy moment i had with her.


She was the best.


She was my everything.


She was my hope of living.


She was my only trusted friend.


She was my only family.


She was my world.


She was my joy and Happiness


She was my mentor and teacher.


She was one in a million, do i really think i can survive without you I asked myself as more tears flow down my chest.


thqe gateman just sat close to me.


He kept on watching me pour out my pain and sorry.


Please grandma just walk inside now and tell me that this is just a trick.


I look steady on the door as if she is going to come in anytime from there.


It seem there won’t be any hope for me


The more i remember her the more tears flows.


The gateman just sat looking at me and waving his head.


It okay he finally said and i look at him


with tears covering my eyes.


Did I just hear you say is okay ” I asked as if i didn’t hear him well.


Look Elvin the is not the end of the world, this is not the end of life.


This is not the end of the road.



There is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel


Many things goes wrong just to put the best on the way.


You gat to be wrong to stand when you fall cos:


Winner they say never quit either do quiters ever win


You must know that many orphan don’t have family either have they heard known the love of having one,


But here you are crying and killing yourself over an old woman whom has done so much in rising a humble, kind, intelligent and healthy looking young boy like you he said with so much passion in voice.


Tears began to fall from his eyes and I found myself consoling him.


” I promise I will never cry again”


I said and he look up to me And smile but this smile looks different.




______Writers Educating Point_____


Look let me tell you about something in LIFE.


LIFE can be discribe according to the way you see it


but something about LIFE is that it is only good to those that smile and Wicked to those that crys.


LIFE is like a batle ground everyone got to fight on his or her own for survival.


LIFE is a game that only the best and genius can win.


LIFE is a OBJECT that many people stands at many ANGLES to see and they give DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS on the way they see their own angle.


LIFE is a JOURNEY that we all travel without any DESTINATION but with only the hope of MEETING a better FUTURE.


LIFE is a MISSION that we all STRUGGLE to COMPLETE ours.


LIFE is like a PASSING WATER that is


Passing through a FOREST. It carries all the tree along it way just to make a SMOOTH moves.


LIFE is EXAMINATION that people FAILS because they try to COPY other without knowing that EVERYONE has it own different QUESTION PAPER.




You GAT to LIVE your LIFE the way you know BEST


Don’t try to IMITATE people cos LIFE can never be COPIED.


Learn to STAND when you FALL








Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think












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