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Human are known, characteristed and recognize on what they do most


Right from the day he was born.


Right from his age Two 2


Mystery become his own inheritance


frustration became so unbearable


he was rised by an Ex solider


A Mafia


and An dangerous Assassin


Whom trained him in his dangerous way


he had cried that tears has refused to fall and smile became the only thing he could offer



Learning the good things became very hard for him


He lived without trusting anybody


because according to his father no human id worthy to be trusted And Trusting became a abominable thing to him


Love became a criminal any victim must die for because to him no human can be able to return his love


Revenge was the day beat in his mind


but everything changed at the sudden disappearance of his foster father


Living with an old grandma


And things turn out to became different


Bending the iron ^Him^ became something hard turning him from bad to good was a hard nut to crack


He is know as a Sport bike


because of his Speed and Despiration


but his Grandma ^ the old woman ^ Proved to be equal to the task she bend the iron as if it was a metal


though it is difficult to take a horse to the river and also force it to drink but the tears of the old woman become his weak point


Only the tear was able to bend the iron hearted and he turned to be living opposite the way he was brought up


Humidity took the better part of him


His Guitar became his most treasured thing in life


Though his Grandma was able to bend the iron


Loving was what because hard for him



He lived without loving anyone except his Grandma Love was a difficult thing for him to get acquainted to

Trust was common as quiteness and calmness took the better part of him


And the Beast in him was caged


What happen when he came accross


a Mermaid


Yes i call her mermaid because of her beauty Her beauty is beyond human comprehension


She was born with a dangerous Sickness


And she is loved and cherish by his Father and Uncle


She turnned cold heart towards men because of the betrayral her father and the murder of her mother


Loving men because difficult for her


she became hot tempered to was


Something that became uncontrollable when she Clocked fifteen


But the sudden hatred towards men changed at the sight of one quite boy


Whom by mystery found his way to her Golden Heart ♥ ♥


Find out what happened


In this book









Your author


Prince Øffør Ønyeđikachi


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