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Episode 2


Few months later. Sarah got a Job with a commercial Bank, She was so excited, She invited some of her close friends and of course she invited Mark over for dinner to celebrate her new Job, Mark came over for dinner, after little chit chat, he got down on one knee and proposed to her in front of her family and friends. Of course, she said yes.



Those few months before thier wedding, Mark showered Sarah with lots of love, gifts and sweet promises as They didn’t waste time tying the knot, They had a big wedding, exchanged vows and moved in together as husband and wife.


A year into thier marriage, everything was still going as usual, and they were trying for a baby. Sarah was having trouble conceiving and then she consulted a fertility expert along with her husband, Mark. And there she got the worst news of her life.


“Due to the complication you had, in your last abortion. Your womb was almost damaged… it would take longer than usual for you to fall pregnant, so you have to be patient. you will undergo a series of other fertility treatments and tests. So relax” The Doctor had said


Sarah cried all through her way home but Mark didn’t utter a word to console her and later he ordered Sarah to quit her Job at the bank so she could have enough time for her fertility treatments and she obeyed.


After two years together, Mark began to show his true colors, He comes home late and he goes to work even on weekends, he would claim he had alot of paper work to sort out. He barely spend time with his wife and he is not bothered if Sarah was happy or Sad.


When Mark would be home, he would always be busy on his phone or on his laptop or he would fall asleep. They started communicating less everyday. To the point where he just stopped talking to her unless he needed something. Sarah was extremely hurt by this but reminded herself not to stress him out. She assumed that Mark was just feeling the pressure from being the sole breadwinner of thier little family.


One Saturday afternoon, Sarah decided to surprise her husband Mark at his office, but when she showed up he wasn’t there. She asked the security guard what time Mark left and was told that no one had been in the office that day. “This is weekend MA, no work on weekends” The security guard said. Sarah was shocked as her husband always claimed to be at work on weekends. When she messaged mark to ask where he was, he told her that he was at work. Right then she knew something was up. She returned home broken and shattered.

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That evening when Mark returned and hit the bathroom for a bath, Sarah went through his phone. Sarah was horrified to find nude photos and s£xy messages from a particular Lady. Her husband was having affairs! She came across a message from her husband’s supposed lover. From her photos, she could see that she was tall, beautiful and busty and her husband spent the whole day with her. She felt sick to her stomach and collapsed on the floor in tears.


When Mark came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, he could tell Sarah had been crying as she was still on the bare floor


‘What’s wrong?’ he managed to ask


‘Where were you, all day?’ Sarah asked softly. ‘You told me you were at work but I went to your office and nobody was there….and now I just looked through your


phone and saw messages from the woman that you’re sleeping with. What’s going on?’


Mark flew into a rage at being questioned. He grabbed her collar with one hand and slapped her cheek with the other.


‘How dare you look through my phone!’ he yelled. Then he hit her again and pushed her to the floor, he hit her with both hands and rained curses on her.


‘I will throw you out of this house if you go through my phone again, you couldn’t even do what other women does, that is to bear children and you are parading yourself as my wife!’


Sarah Cried bitterly as she reminded him of all the abortions she had when they were still dating, He didn’t utter a word, but instead he left her on the floor and stormed out of the house.


Days later, Mark apologised for hitting her, but he never changed either, he would hit her at any slightest provocation. Sarah continued to stay with him, hoping that they would eventually work things out. She was too ashamed to seek help . Over the next year Mark treated her even more badly. He called her names “Barren woman, I don’t know why I married you” He would say, He had hit her a few times for speaking up, and He also threatened to throw her out of the house.


Sarah felt lost and alone and became very afraid of him. Living with Mark became traumatising. Then, one afternoon, while he was at work, Sarah had a nervous breakdown. These had never happened to her before, she was a strong, smart,



independent woman, and now here she was, seemingly at the mercy of a man whom she married .


“This was not the life I had planned for myself” She thought sobbing. She then decided to get Help. Even the fertility treatments seems not to be working because she was constantly stressed out and even worst, Mark had stopped paying for the treatment and her bills. She was broke with no Job and was at the mercy of Mark. He gave her money for her upkeep only when he deem fit.


End Of Episode 2


To Be Continued







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