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Episode 8


A year later, when Sarah finally got over the heartbreak. She made up her mind to stop being miserable and depressed.


“Not every relationship must end in marriage, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage” She told herself.


She concentrated on her life, Job and family. She invested her time into things that made her happy.


She had given up on ever finding Love or getting married.


She was also determined to serve God not because she needed a man but for her peace of mind, most times, when she was alone she wallowed in regrets and self pity, but gradually she was healed from all pain as she began to draw nearer to God, At the other hand, She was so busy, working hard to succeed in her career. Her parents had stopped mounting pressure on her, They secretly prayed for her to find happiness instead.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



Some months later, Sarah was transferred to a new branch and she was not please with the sudden transfer. She wondered how she would cope with the distance,



even though her salary was increased because the new branch was very far away from where she lived with her family. She almost thought of resigning but her parents encouraged and persuaded her to Keep working with the bank.


“my daughter to find a new job these days is something else, don’t allow yourself to be discouraged, with time you will get used to it, all you need to do is wake up early and you will definitely meet up” Her parents told her and she decided to give it a try


“Dad, mom, if after three months and I find my Job stressful, I will leave the job” She concluded.


Sarah’s first day at the new bank branch was so stressful, she worked at the Customer Care department of the bank.


Two months later, She was busy attending to customers when a guy walked up to her desk and said “Good morning Sarah, one of your ATM machine outside just seized my ATM card”


Sarah stared at the young man for a while, she was not surprised about how he knew her name cause there was a tag with her name boldly printed out on her desk. She could see that the young man was stressed out.


“I’m so sorry about that” Sarah sympathised, She handled the complaint and one thing led to another, The guy needed to get a new ATM Card as the one the machine seized was damaged


When the young man wrote down his account number for some bank formalities. Sarah found out that his name was Anthony Onyeka, few minutes later, Sarah handled the situation immediately and Anthony was thankful and then he left.


Three days later, One Friday evening, at the close of work, Sarah was outside the bank, she was waiting patiently for the cab she ordered. She wondered why it took the cab driver so long to arrive. She was having a conversation with a colleague beside the security post, when some one called her name and she turned around to see who it was. Lol and behold it was Anthony.


He was heading out from one of the ATM machine.


“Hi” Sarah said it was obvious that she had forgotten his name but she remembered him.


“Good evening Miss Sarah, I don’t think you remember me” Anthony added


One look at Anthony, Sarah recognized him, there was just something about him, that’s makes him unforgettable.


“My name is Anthony, you can call me Tony, we met few days ago, when I had issues with my ATM Card” He explained


“Good evening sir, of course I remember you, have you collected your new ATM Card?” Sarah asked politely


“Yes I have, I just got it two days ago, thank you” Anthony added.


They talked for a while, Sarah made sure not to be too chatty and finally Sarah begged to take her leave.


“The cab i ordered had arrived, see you some other time Mr Anthony” She said politely and she turned around to look for her colleague who had left already while she was busy talking with Anthony.


“please can I have your phone number, so I can call you sometimes” Anthony managed to say and Sarah hesitated for a while and then she reluctantly gave her phone number to him and then she got into the cab and Anthony waved her “Goodbye”


On her way home, Sarah thought was on the well built handsome Anthony. “he seems like a nice guy” She thought.


The next day, Anthony rang Sarah, at first Sarah had no idea who called her. But she took the call and Anthony was quick to introduce himself, they got talking and in few weeks later they met up, Anthony told Sarah alot about himself.


“I’m an architect and I’m from the eastern part of the country, I’m the third child of my family” Anthony had said.


Anthony was a good man and he seemed he was developing feelings for Sarah but getting into another relationship was the last thing on Sarah’s mind.


Anthony was the perfect man, a complete free spirited, very meek, humble and sensible man. Sarah had began to notice his good qualities as they got closer and closer to each other.Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from



And six months later, they began seeing each other weekly, then daily. Thier star signs also aligned and Anthony looked like the normal nice guy she had imagined. They fell helplessly in love with each other.



They dated for a while. A year later, Anthony proposed to her and she accepted because she had a strong conviction that he was the right person for her. They had a lovely wedding and they lived together as husband and wife.


End Of Episode 8


To Be Continued











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