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Chapter Nine,




Nwanne Ifeoma




I can’t believe I made it through this boring date, I don’t know why I feel like Eric was not the same person I met in the club. The guy I met that day seems different, he didn’t even touch me but why was Eric looking at me in a lustful manner and having his hands all over me which made me wonder if I was ready to explore



with him or stay away from him. Whatever it maybe I’ll find out with time but right now Ella relax and try not to over think it. It might just be your imagination.


I walked into the room and saw Gift pacing about and fuming. With a stub of half smoked cigarette in between her finger while blabbing something I couldn’t hear or understand.


I was surprised, never knew she smokes as well. I watched her puffed smoke in and out in the air. It obvious this not her first time because she was doing a good job at it. I have never seen this side of her before I only thought she only drinks and play games with guys emotions but this part looks dangerous and wild.


Hey, Gift………. I’m back from my boring date and I have a lot of gist for you but


looking at you right now seems like you got alot in your mind.


” Mind sharing with me, maybe I could be of help.


Gift, made a face at me and snapped, she walked up to me and continued with her puffing in and out.


Damm!!!. …the whole room smell of cigarettes and I really distaste the smell but I can’t just tell her right now it has to be another day when she is back to sense.


Well Ella it nothing I can’t handle


Gift” said to me; I just petty the little “cockroach” that thinks she could take my man from me. I laughed at her because she had no idea who she is messing with and the big mess she just got her into. I will destroy her in a way she will never show that pretty face of hers anyway that no man will ever look her way once I am done.


How will my guy breakup with me just for her, I do the dumping not the other way and that fool of a girl will pay dearly .


I wasn’t bothered at first, but finding out the girl he dumped me for triggered my anger.


How can he dump me for that thing ……she paused for a while and gave me an ugly look,…….That little thing will pay dearly.



“But Gift why don’t you let it go, you already have so many boys around you. “I said to her ”


why do you choose to punish an innocent girl, maybe she doesn’t even know he was your boyfriend.


This doesn’t make sense or seen fair, talk to the girl since you know her rather than this evil plan your making.


I’m sure you don’t even care about this guy you just want to satisfy you’re ego but it your life do what you want.


I was pissed listening to her rubbish and the smell of the Cigarette was messing with my head and stomach.


“Sweet heart , you just don’t get it right…, in this campus no girl messes with me and for the naive girl, she doesn’t even know the type of guy she is going out with, come to think of it she is the one that is being played in this game.


“She said while making her way to her bed space and continue with her smoking.


I couldn’t sleep I was determined to find out who Gift was planning to deal with seeing the way she talked about it shows anger burning inside of her. I feared she might do something crazy and stupid.


All effort to get Gift to tell me the name of the girl or the guy name was in vain because she finds a way to avoid the topic anytime I bring it up but I continued with my search to find her and warn her of the trouble she was about to fall into.


Few weeks later Gift return from lecture feeling so happy she surprised me by apologising of her recent behavior first I could not believe it myself but seeing my old roommate back was exciting.


She dragged me to the bed and asked me to gist her about my new found




“So Ella tell me how is the relationship going, have you guys made out yet? How


was it .. tell me…tell me…..


“Geez…. Gift stop, he is not not my boyfriend yet I responded…..I don’t even think


I can date him



“What do you mean he is not your boyfriend …..I thought you two have being


going out ….what up with this news ….


“Yes…I know that we have gone out couple of times but he seems different in person and looks like someone who will want to get into s£xual relationship with a girls..


I drew closer to her and held her hands,….. Gift I am afraid …..I don’t want to….she


cut in


Ella, are still a virgin……she asked me looking surprised


I was too shy to look at her, please don’t make fun of me but I haven’t gotten intimate with anyone…. I don’t want to ….I paused since she was laughing at my story…I frowned at her


“Okey, I will stop laughing but it funny that a beautiful young girl of your age is still a virgin….Ella it not a big deal if he wants to have s£x with you… sooner or

later you still loss it so what the big deal….


Ok let me tell you a secret I lost mine at the age of sixteen and it was not that bad…it shows your now a big girl and can explore other things.


Gift but I don’t feel this is right and I don’t feel that connection between Eric and I. I am not ready to explore with him.


“Mommy’s baby…. continue to act like a Child and by the way I thought you said


you want to experience life and be free …then this part of it or don’t tell me you are one of those girls that thinks virginity is an award….She looked at me in a funny


way.. maybe you should keep it for your parents choice of man Kennedy……she


laughed out loud this time.


Who Virginity epp, better enjoy your self and be free or someone else will give it to Eric then you will understand if he is your boyfriend or not.


After the conversation with Gift, I wonder if I should just give Eric a try by accepting to be his girlfriend moreover he have given me enough time to make a



decision and he is also good looking and maybe he won’t ask me to have s£x with him maybe all this is in my head and nothing more.


“Ella just listen to Gift, you’re now a big and experience what it means for someone to love but it feel strange anytime he holds me why are you fighting this? I just don’t know why my mind is holding back. Tbc…






Secret love



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