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Chapter 13



Nwanne Ifeoma



Damn!, This room is a mess again, can’t Eric just act like a human being but No he chose to behave like an animal.


If not that we are family friend and the history our family share, I would have stop talking to him talk more of living in the same house with him.


He was the same person that told me that Ella have accepted him as his girlfriend and here he is again messing up with another girl, I don’t even want to know who this girl is this time, How did he get girls to sleep with him so easily.


I feel guilty for letting him have Ella, I wonder how hurt she will be when she finds out the truth about Eric but what can I do it already too late to act now.


Ella should have seen through his game but it looks like she also likes his swag and fake charms.


“I was very upset knowing that she is now his girlfriend and he will just sleep with her and dump her. Why is this bothering me it not that I love her or have any form of interest in her I should just forget about whatever she does with him.


I picked my books and head to the library some of us needs to study for the upcoming examination while others will be getting their self f**k up in that name of fun.




Today was Friday a week to my Examination and I was feeling really stressed and work up about it. I have heard so many stories and I really don’t want to deal with



any carry over, my last first semester results were good and I intend keeping it that way .


I wasn’t surprised that Gift doesn’t seem to bother about it. She continued with her clubing and wild ways.


I spent most of my time in the library trying to cover the areas that I missed because of Eric, I skipped lectures many times to follow Gift and Eric go clubbing and other events. First Semester wasn’t this bad because then I had no boyfriend distracting me, it was just Gift dragging me to club with her most weekends but after the time Eric came to my recuse and finally saying yes it a whole new experience. Had my first kiss with Eric but maintain my ground on no sΒ£x there something about him that is making me to hold back but Gift Advise I should give it time that everything will be fine and she is right I am now comfortable with him touching me


We have become closer even though he was not what I imagined but I have to make due with what I get and since I accepted to be his girlfriend after making him wait for long I promise him a proper Date with me after my exams we can have all the good times we want before leaving for the long holiday and continue with being a good Child to my friend, can’t wait to gist Emily all about my experience in year.


The library became fun when I met this really nice guy earlier this semester called Joe. He is a 300l Electrical Engineering student and he have been a great help with my Physics and other calculating course. He really doesn’t talk much but have a great sense of humor, sometimes I tried to ask him personal questions but he just stick with teaching.


I was only disappointed because he never wants to see me outside the library, I don’t know anything about him other than his name and department and I have to respect that.


I wished we could be friends other than him just teaching me, I really will appreciate having a friend like him in my life but it looks it won’t happen .


He is the only guy that doesn’t seem to notice my physical appearance and look at me in a lustful way.



Maybe he has a girlfriend that he is committed to she must be lucky unlike me that have to deal with Eric lusting over girls even when I am with him, I don’t even think he noticed it hurt me anytime he does that.


I came on time today waiting for him but it unlike him not show up on time I wondered what was wrong I could have called but he never agreed to give me his cellphone number as if I was going to start calling him every moment he is one guy I don’t understand. Hiding his great personality under the umbrella of being a Nerd.


“Finally his majesty decided to come, some how I was happy because I really love his company


I waved at him but he ignored me. What up with this new attitude now and why is he acting like he didn’t see me.


“Hey Joe, kept a space on our usual spot.


“Thanks Ella but I won’t be staying at that spot today because I won’t be teaching anymore, I have so much to cover and I think you don’t need my help anymore.


“But.. Eric staying at our usual spot won’t stop you from studying, have I done anything wrong because to me it looks like you are avoiding me. I said with a frown”


“Look Ella, I don’t want anyone getting ideas or thinking wrongly about us because of seeing us together in library and I am sure you have a boyfriend I don’t want anyone bothering me.


“I was confused, do Eric say something to him or he found out


‘Joe, why do care about that moreover we are not doing anything wrong so what the big deal. Yes I have a boyfriend but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep other friends.


“Ella just stay away from me, I have exams to prepare and I think you also do. Focus on why you are here and maybe you can see the truth in front of you. “Best of luck in your Exams ”



“I stood and watch him walk away from me , I was confused about what just happened…. I can’t make sense out of it because I thought we were getting along


very well and now he doesn’t want to talk to me again. I went back to my studies and never bother him again but I still wish he could see I want to get know him on a personal level. His right I have to focus and write this Exams without any stress and see Eric for the last time before going home.




Why did i get angry with her, she doesn’t even know that I know Eric. How long will I continue to love her secretly and not say anything. I am watching the woman I love falling into a trap and I feel bad that I can’t help her . I tried so much to make my believe that I don’t have feeling for her but each time I am with her here studying makes me want to tell her the truth about my intention but what if she reject me. I feel like pouching Eric the day he told me about kissing her, the thought of him getting Entangled with amorously disgust me. why do he always get the cool girls but plays with it at the end.


She is carried away by the fake life Eric is displaying her and she falling just like other girls. I thought she was different but no she proved me wrong.


“Maybe it my fault for not admitting MY feelings her on time, I was afraid she will turn me down and now I can’t help this feeling anymore. It good the semester will be over I need to try and forget this whole thing.






Secret love



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