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Chapter Seven ✨



Nwanne Ifeoma



This is not normal, I get restless thinking of Ella, her smile, the sound of her voice kept on replaying in my head. Why do I feel I have made a great mistake?


Why do I feel this way? Why is Ella image is stuck in my head? These can’t be happening No, Joe Ella is not for you. Eric is already interested in her and they both will make a great couple. Who knows she might be the one that will change him.


I have done what a great friend Will do, Link them. I know that girls love guys who are good with romantic words, they like compliment and gift. Someone who makes them feel special, these kind of things get to their head.


Ella looks like someone who like such. Just hoping Eric will not mess things up. That guy can be foolish, as if his brain was exchange for a penny. I don’t get how he thinks, how will he expect me to take advantage of a girl who was not in her right mind. Thank God he was not the one or someone like him that poor Ella fell into that night, it would have being a different case by now.


I know with time, I will forget about her. Look at me, I’m so shy, the only reason I was able to talk to her was because she was intoxicated, if not, on a normal, I don’t think she will ever talk to me or look at my direction for any reason. I’m that guy that girls tagged as boring, that has zero sense of romance but one thing they fail to see was the great guy in me. . I am actually the brain behind Eric sweet words that swings them off their feet.


Mostly the girls that comes to me just use me and dump me like a piece of trash. I have being on a series of heartbreak that it feels like this love thing is not for everyone especially me. Most times I believe girls are interested in looks and money rather than the real deal. They are so blinded by what they want that they fail to recognise what is real. Just maybe they are confuse with what they want. Honestly I just don’t get why they are so complicated.


The last girl I loved really broke my heart and almost ruined my relationship with Eric. She only agreed to date me just to get close to Eric. She Made me believe she loved and cared while she was seeing Eric behind me. Trust Eric he had a piece of her and that was the end. At first I couldn’t believe that Eric could do such to me , I allowed him shine with my money and those dumb girl fall for it. You know what



they say, ‘all that glitters is not Gold”. At the end they’ll be ranting ” all men are the same”, ” men are scum”, same old stories as if anyone asked them to date jerks




Eric and I have been closed friends from childhood. His father worked for my Dad. He was Dad’s right hand man and after he Died on a plane crash, my parent took the responsibility of taking care of him and his younger one’s. Sometimes I feel disappointed in the type of life he is living, I can’t really explain why but I believe he will change with time. Maybe With the right girl he will learn to respect others especially girl. This is why I agreed to help him win Ella’s heart. I hope he sees the innocence in her eye and understand her and learn what it means to truly love someone.


Just for that few hours I spoke with her, she is not just beautiful but intelligent. In her drunk state of mind she still answers and speak smartly. Her view about things was amazing. She has the most beautiful smile ever. There’s so much I want to know about her but I can’t. I can only watch her secretly at a corner.


I believe by now she will be getting ready to meet the guy that saved her and I can imagine the excitement in her eyes. I took my time to pick those gift I sent to her , and the card must had made her feel special. So sad she will be meeting the wrong person. I have nothing to worry about Eric is a good actor and I already filled him in details of what actually happened at the club. With his swags and looks he will be fine. My charisma can’t compete with such.


Hey pretty……..


To be continued….




Secret love

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