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Chapter Eight



Nwanne Ifeoma




I stared at the girl I had always wished was mine as she stepped in front of me. With my mouth wide open and my sense of reasoning gone, I wonder how one person could be this beautiful. She was perfectly made, everything in her was perfect, her light skin glows and her curves we’re fitted so well in that beautiful red gown that compliment her skin. Who said that angel do not leave among us because she is the definition of one.


I was already imagining how it will feel kissing those pink lips of here’s, while I gradually undress her and make my way down her body, to feel the warmness of her body with my hands doing the needful. To feel her body respond to my touch until she get wet for me making it easy for me to f**k the daylight off her.


The thought of having Ella on my bed arouse everything within me. It set me on fire, my d**k was already hard ready to strike and pound her body from any angle she wants. I was trying so hard to compose myself. No girl have ever made me uncomfortable this way.


I suddenly realised that I was still holding her hand. Gosh! Eric “behave” you can’t afford to mess up on your first Date with her. You need her attention before striking.” You can’t afford to be dumb and chase her away before eating from her Honeywell.


How will I focus on having normal conversation with her now. Stupid Joe had paint me as a saint that I’m not. That guy no just get sense, he completely messed a golden opportunity with her. I wished I was the one that got that opportunity “na enjoyment all night” back to back fun. He was busy forming “Jesus Christ”. Sometimes I wonder if that boy nah boy at all or is his thing working because I don’t get how he will let such opportunity pass. How can a normal guy that has blood running through his vain miss such. Imagine the hell happening down here seating close to her. God why you no give me that kind chance with Ella na to seat here talking about stupid things.


My problem is now How i will pretend to be her ” Romeo” while all that is in my head is having s£x with her right now. I so much desire to get this over with now. What the point for sending all those romantic cards as if I was planning on



marrying her. It looks like she likes them. I hope she is not expecting me to continue with such act.


This is school game, let it not get through her head. I am not in for commitments and long time relationship. The longest relationship I have been in was three weeks and it was because joy was acting all holy and righteous before finally giving in. She thought after the s£x I will be all hers not knowing that was my reason of wasting my time in that boring relationship. The girl fine but boring die, all her conversation was always about God and Church. I had to be patient enough to get through her head and it worked like charm.


There are lot of girls in campus, the chubby one’s, the tall, slim name it any type you want is available so why waste time on one when you can have them all. Right now let me work on getting what I desire, she of no difference any girl that drinks, clubs and get high it only in for a game. It time to put on my charming look with Joe dumb love quotes this will be fun. Just have to put in the act of loving her until I get myself what within her.


To be continued…….




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