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Chapter six ✨✨


Nwanne Ifeoma


I woke up with this headache, what happened? And this is definitely not my room.


I was still in my thoughts when a young lady walked in.



Judging by her dress code; she must be a waitress. With a smile on her face, she handed a cup of coffee to me and a note. In my little mind lost and trying to understand why she was so polite and most importantly who brought me here ?


Oh! Lord, I hope is not what I’m thinking if not I’m so died what have I gotten myself into. so many questions and more than through my mind. “Ella, you are in so much trouble”. That moment the thought of what my parents will do to me if anything bad happens because of my stupidity. Gosh! What a mess!! I was suppose to me in school not in a hotel room with no idea of how or who brought me in.


I summon up courage to ask the lady how I got there. I was completely blanked and this headache is not helping me in anywhere, I needed answers and I need it fast, damn! why is she smiling like she was obligated to do so. Lord please help me out of this mess I just got myself into.


Ma’am, are you alright ? the young lady asked, I smiled at her reassuring her that I was fine just wondering who brought me here and ….. I was still speaking when


she told me that a gentleman brought me in last night, paid for the room and instructed them to take care of me before leaving. He only dropped the note which I just gave to you. Please ma’am if you need anything just give the receptionist a call. That was her last words before leaving me to myself.


I rushed to read the note, maybe it will help me remember what really happened last night and to know who was the gentleman that took care of me when I was intoxicated. Hey pretty, hope you feel better by the time you woke up. I had fun talking to you, I must commend, you are one funny girl but still don’t get why you choose to get drunk. Just to clear up whatever you might be thinking right now, nothing happened between us. Just some one who care


Knowing that nothing happened between us gave me a sense of relief, imagine having to spend a night with a complete stranger. I don’t think I will be able to forgive myself and honestly I’m so not going to listen to Gift ever again.


Thinking of Gift, where is She? That girl is something else, I remember her pushing me to that “ugly fool” that won’t give me breathing space, his hands was allover me, it was remaining to eat me with those ugly filthy look. What did he



take me for a slut or some random girl he could have one night stand with? So dumb.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


I only took a little bit of Hennessy to clear my mind from the whole drama but that was a wrong choice. I lost control of myself. I only remember going to the ladies room and some guys following me behind. Can’t remember anything thereof. Damn! Gift is so died when I get to the room.


The queen is finally home, so who was the guy that took you home last night, she dragged me to the bed to listen to whatever gist that I have for her. Can’t believe this, is she being serious right now, first she left me in the hands of those animals and now she not showing any remorse. Did she know I could have gotten raped or even something but No, she thinks it funny. I couldn’t find any words to describe her that moment so I walked to my bedside to actually rethink.


Ella, this one you’re forming angry are you trying to tell me that you didn’t have fun. Anyways even if you refuse to talk, this package speaks for it.


Which package and from who? I dragged the bag from her to find out what was in it. The contents of the bag was amazing.


We met in the dark, U lit me up, your smile was the most beautiful thing ever. U made me feel though I wasn’t enough. We danced all night and for a minute I was cold sober. I held ur hair back U were throwing up and I looked into ur eye I could see the innocence in them. can U please give me a chance to know better. If yes meet me at love garden 6:pm


With smiles on my face, I wanted to meet this guy. His words are magical. Maybe he is the man of my dreams I have been waiting for.




Secret Love

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