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Chapter Eleven


By Nwanne Ifeoma ✨


“Hey pretty…miss me”


“Eric, enough with the drama.. so tell me what you want from Ella


“C’mon.. pretty, can’t you at least give me a hug for old time sake…and I am sure you are missing my baby inside you…. remember how I make you feel anytime we are together… Eric licked his lips in a lustful way.


“Don’t give yourself to much importance,…. You weren’t that good and I am sure


this is not why you called me….so let get down to the real deal.


“Oh pretty, you never seen to amaze me… You are just too smart when it comes to this game and that why I had to end things.


“Liar, or because of Ella.. you got carried away by her beauty, Eric don’t forget I know you too well.you will never let a girl like Ella go without wanting to sleep with her and I know you don’t love her “dog. ”


So tell me who wrote all those romantic lines I know it not you and the club incident, I am positive sure that is your boring friend that helped her out thinking



of it The Eric I know will never see opportunity of having a fun time with a beautiful girl like Ella and let it pass in order to impress her when she is in her right mind.


“Wow, you just figured the whole thing out, you see joe is a really cool guy I just used the opportunity when he told me about saving her it was a good way of making my way in but right now I think she sees me as her Romeo and trust me I really want her so bad. She is driving me nuts and I can’t help it anymore.


“You sound funny, why will I help you after dumping me for her and now you need my help to get her”


“How foolish do you think I am”


” Look pretty, you know how this game is played and work.


You understand how this game works people like us don’t do long time relationship and more over you’re going to dump me sooner or later and I never knew she was your friend..


“Stop, she is not my friend She can’t be my friend. We are just roommate. I hated her, she so naive and Daddy’s princess that the parents are over protective of. She making me feel like I am a horrible person and finding out you dumped me for her stir me up more that I feel like destroying her.


“She is so beautiful and rich, guys are just running around her but she feels so special and think highly of her self. How can one girl be making guys go crazy you won’t imagine how many guys that have asked me to hook them up with her. Some are willing to pay just to have her but she is so stubborn and spoils my dream of making money off her.


“Even the night that your stupid friend saved her from those guys, they already paid to have her but your friend had to be her prince that came to her rescue and I had to pay back the money to them.


“Wow!!! Wow!! ! wow!!….. never knew you hated her this much …. this is a


wonderful news that means you will help me get her.



“I will surely help, why do More think I am here. More over that won’t be difficult she believes we are friends and I can mess with her head. She is too sensitive and naive so you don’t need to worry.


“Oh my darling Gift…I could just kiss you right now and F**k the daylight off you. Thank u… thank..u, you just so amazing.


“Not too fast, Eric we are not done yet… You know nothing comes free and I need something from you too.


” What could that be, anything, for my pretty lady. ” Massaging her hand.


“You have to pay a little price for my help, like you said earlier, your bad boy is really good and I have missed having them. So we will become s£x partner for the semester I am sure that not too much to ask for.


“Geez Gift you’re such a bad girl but it okay I like girls who understands this game. Sex partner we will become and if you don’t mind can we start right now because that your dress is really exposing alot and it getting me in the mood.


“GTFO, my date will soon be here and I don’t want him seeing us together and we have a whole semester to do this.


“If you say so pretty, I will be leaving so I won’t spoil your show have fun and remember our deal.


Finally , Ella will pay for stealing Eric from me it the price for being so innocent and clueless. I love Eric but he just can’t see it, he think this is a game but I have fallen for him I don’t know how or when but I can’t just leave him. But because of Ella I had to go as low as asking him to just be my s£x partner she will surely pay.





Secret love ✨



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