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Chapter five ✨



By Nwanne Ifeoma


Hey Ella,


why the long face? Who was on the line just few minutes ago that completely changed your mood.


That was my roommate, Gift


girl is nothing. I responded, it just my Mom that was on the line.


You should know by now how talking to them makes me feel.


She calls everyday, early hours in the morning, in the name of remanding me to have my morning devotion and late at night for the same reason. and this time it was their long session on counseling. I thought being in university will make them see me as an adult but they still treat me like a child. Who behave like that?


It feels like their will never allow me to grow up and this is making it hard for me to be sincere with them. It not that I’m doing anything wrong, I feel like they should trust my judgement a little bite, hmmmm my caged life. It beginning to piss me off.


Ella, but you can choose not to pick their calls everyday, use your brain. Just find a story and tell them. Don’t tell me you are just a pretty face without brain or what, afraid ? Don’t worry I got you covered.


Girl you’re beautiful, have you seen your self in the mirror, those curve will get you any guy in campus, not just that, your height and straight leg you look like a model. You know I envy you sometimes.


Guys will kill to be in your life. You need to start enjoying your stay here in campus or do you want to spend your four years worrying about what your parents will say. Just look at it this way; they are miles away from you so just enjoy and have fun. When you get home continue being the good and innocent life.


You know what, enough of your parents talk, it time to catch some fun and you are coming with me this time, no excuse and no hiding all night in this boring room.



So get dressed we are going clubbing. It weekend Vibe and I have some guys I need you to meet. It time for you to experience what it means to be a campus bae.


Not this time Gift, I’m so not in the mood for clubbing, there is nothing exciting about it and for your guys tell them I’m not interested in meeting them. Please let me rest my head is sore. I want to find love by myself and secondly I’m so tired of people deciding for me.


See this girl, who dey ask you to fall in love with them, girl……. you have a lot to


learn Just find one spend their parents money for them. Relationship in School ends at the gate better know that. Ok but even if you don’t want to meet the guys, I won’t force you on that part. Search for love but you are so coming to this party with me tonight. You know me na so just drag your lazy ass off of the bed and get dressed. Be wasting time watching Korean movies. Complete waste of beauty.


Gift have a way of forcing her decision on someone without you getting angry. She one funny girl and when she wants something she get it and I no get strength for her drama and I won’t hear the rest of it if I fail to come along with her. So I got dressed and off we head for the party to enjoy our weekend.


Everything about me changed after the party. Who was the guy that saved me from those animals in the party I was so drunk that I could not recognise his face even. He was so gentle and his touch was soft and his smile was contiguous. Wished I could see him again.


Was it Eric or Joe that saved Ella or was it just a strategy to trap her. Comment and tell me what u think.




Secret love


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