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Title: Secret Love


By: Ifeoma Nwanne


Chapter:. One


I eagerly await the arrival of my new life. Finally I will be free from my parents clutches.


These people won’t let me be or leave my life the way I want. They control everything about me, they went as far as trying to choose whom my friends will be not knowing that they were the ones who thought me how to live a double life. I don’t think this is over protection but madness in another level. Who on this present time pick friends for their children that something that still marvel me still date.

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Finally I’m a free bird ready to explore and fly. No more rules and regulations.


Now I can leave my life without any interference from my parents.


How Did I put up with all their drama all these years? Even I don’t know the answer to my question. ” Amazing right!


It always, Ella do this ….Ella that, Ella we don’t want to hear you sing this type of


song in this house, Ella stay away from boys.


Gosh!! I am eighteen years but they won’t give me a break. Ella have you gone to Bible studies, Ella why didn’t you sing today in Church, it drives me crazy but replying will be rude and that will result to an hour of sermon on how children should obey their parent. I wonder when this ranting will end.


only tried to please them but deep inside I knew that I was nothing like what I


made them believe. I attended all those vigil and program for their sake. “Honestly someone who doesn’t go to church is far better than I. Let just say I was living a double life. I was very good with my acting skills. You need to hear me preach or pray not to talk about my singing, God actually blessed me with a melodious voice, one that leaves people overwhelmed and speechless. you will stop and Wonder how a young beautiful girl like that was on fire for the Lord. I was tagged as ” fire brand” very funny.


Everyone praises my parents for bringing me up in a Godly way.” Regardless of being wealthy and influential in the society. You need to hear them brag especially when they counsel others to be like me. I Only laugh in my heart. Only if they know the type of life I live in secret.


When I saw my admission letter it was a dream come true. I will be going far away from them. Finally there will be no need to pretend to be a good and churchy person. This is my time to leave my dreams and rock it like never before.


Mommy cried that her baby girl is leaving her and going far away. She was angry with dad for letting me choose a far university . “If her school was near or within the state I will be visiting my baby during the weekend” but now I have to wait for a whole semester to see my daughter. I was just pretending to be emotional while I pray secretly for them to leave as soon as possible.



Don’t get me wrong, my parents are nice people and I love them. They will give whatever you ask. I have never lack anything in life. They make sure I get the best of everything, nothing less.


Attended the best Secondary School in town and now I just got admitted to study Law in one of the best private University in the country. Don’t judge me first, I’m grateful to them because I have never experienced anything called hardships up still date but my problem with them is the fact that they are controlling everything about me. They will not allow me to make any decisions about what I want, it always what they want for me.


Mistake is not a word found in their dictionary and I am not allowed to meddle with people not approved by them. I am very sure my marriage is fixed with Kennedy our family friend son. They are just waiting for me to come of age or Maybe get my first Degree before they will break the news to me.


“Kennedy is not all that bad” his actually good looking and cute” for those who see that as a good quality. I still want to be able to make my own choice when it comes to my heart not this family business arranged marriage by parents. I can’t even date him not to talk of a lifetime with Kennedy, his just “an asshole and a big jerk”. Never mind will tell you all about him later.


Sometimes I wished they were little bit simple and allowed me to be myself like a normal person, hear my own view about something and to socialize with people of my choice, Maybe I won’t be hiding a lot from them.


I remembered asking Mom her view on sΒ£x and relationship and the right time one should go into one she was furious at me and accused me of be in one. She made a big deal out of it. She went as far as running a pregnancy test on me to clear her doubt. Was it now a crime to ask questions? Gosh! I have suffer. I was so ashamed of myself that I vowed never to share anything happening in my life with them. I rather talk to my friends than speak with them.


Wait and hear her talk about virginity and the importance of keeping it. I just don’t know the generation she thinks we live in. I know a lot of girls among those her so called friends that lost their virginity within the age of sixteen and fifteen . I know



that I am not all good and holy but I still value my virginity. I don’t want to loss it to anyone like that. It has to be with someone Special.


Will Ella find that which her heart long for without her parents approval


To be continued…..




Secret love



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