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Chapter 43



Nwanne Ifeoma to


Today was fun and I still couldn’t believe that I am engaged to my love.


The joy in my heart was so much. We kept staring at each other on the dinner table. Kicking each other legs childish but romantic at the same time.


I made a pout face the moment he announced that he will be taking his leave. I made up excuse and put up an act just to get him stay a little longer but his mind was made up and my parents wasn’t helping rather they support him and he Left.


I refused to see him off and faced the window.



Why must he leave now that I want to spend more time with him.


“Ella stop acting Childish and see him to his car Mom yelled at me.


“Don’t mind her ….she acting like the Ella I know. Joe said while kissing my




“Goodnight sweetheart he said to but I frown at him.


“Okay wait I ran off to catch up with him and kissed a goodnight kiss before heading back to my room.


“Hey Ella…he called my attention.

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“We will be traveling to meet my family during the weekend. Mom is dying to Meet you.


“Do you think they will like me? I became nervous about the news of meeting his family.


“Why will you say that…they already love you.


“,But.. what if.


“I understand you are nervous but my family will love to have you as their daughter in-law now can you smile for me and get yourself ready.


“,I will inform my parents then.



“, Alright sweetie


We hugged and I watched him drove off.



I spoke to my parents about the news about visiting Joe’s family during the weekend and honestly I was nervous about it but mom assured that I will be fine and gavee tips on how to behave.


“Be yourself and not pretend to be who you are not just to win their love. Let them see how amazing you are and accept you for you.


I wore my Flora dress and packed the necessary things I need for the weekend and Joe came over to pick me up after work on Friday.


Are you already …he smiled


I guess so


Don’t worry we got this.


I know just nervous about meeting them.


I have told that there is nothing to worry about. Joe assured me.


Driver brought us to the airport and we boarded a flight to his family house . we arrive late due to some delay in our flight time but we made it at the end.


When we got to his family house I was already sleeping because I had a busy day at work and maybe I was already stressed while over thinking they whole thing.


” Hey sweetheart we are here.


Joe woke me up from my sleep.


I got out of the car and I was amazed by the view.


What wrong with this people with big house and compound that has natural look.


Now I see where Joe got his taste of decorations from.



Joe this is beautiful



My parents like and live for nature and wait until morning and you will be wow by the view.



” Good evening sir…. welcome Sir


Two ladies came outside to help us carry our bags inside.


” Joe you are home… another lady ran towards him and hugged him very tight.


“I just stood and watch the way she grabbed my Joe. I was getting Joe about it and she didn’t even act like I was there.


“, Ella Meet my crazy sister Tina and Tina Meet Ella my wife to be.


“Nice to you meet you Tina.


I extended my head to show a sign of courtesy.


“Nice to meet you two Ella.


“So Joe is true that you found the one. Justin wasn’t lying after all she beautiful.


“Oh..thank you Tina but your brother has good taste.


“Ella don’t mind me must be thinking I talk to much but I can’t help it.


“No it fine you are catching up with your brother.



“Sweetheart pray she won’t make you here partner in talking if not I’ll be dragging you with her.


“Are you guys going to come inside or you will stay outside talking all night.


“Good evening mom.. Joe hugged the beautiful woman in front of him.


“Good evening Ma …I greeted.


“Is she the one Joe?


“Yes Mom



“Come and greet me properly my daughter and don’t mind Tina and Joe that kept you outside.


“Come inside dear you must be tired.


We got inside and I was introduced to his father who seem to like me as well. We talked and Tina didn’t miss any chance in interrupting Joe and I every time we want to have our moments. She insisted I share her room with her so we can get to know each other more.


The date for the wedding was fixed by both family after our visit and the preparation was going smooth. I have never been so happy in my family everyone was doing all can to make the day a successful one and I was less stressed knowing that I will be marrying the man that I love.


Joe have a great family and I am lucky to be getting married into such a beautiful home where everyone seems to love and respect each other. The bond they share was amazing and I was not just treated like a daughter in law but a daughter. His mom advise me on how to ensure that I have a peaceful marriage and trust being the key to a successful marriage.Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


The good thing was, I have gone through so much but I have learnt so much from the process. Every trial has it own lesson starting from learning how allow my future child to be comfortable with me to talk about how their feel. Educate them properly on s£xual life in order to avoid being misled while trying to explore life. Teach on trust and forgiveness and speaking up for whatever is going on in their life.


Life is filled with so many ups and downs but they should feel that I am always there to support them and fight it.


When I looked at Joe I see that is not all about being in a relationship or getting married but being happy in love and with your partner. I am happy with myself and love and I believe together we will fight anything life throws at us.


Love is beautiful feeling when you are with the right person



The end.

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