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Chapter 35



Nwanne Ifeoma


I have slurped enough of this madness.



What a nonsensical behavior? He must explain to me whether those packages is what I need. Sorry doesn’t fix mistake especially not the one written on a card and sent to me.


I was very furious as I drove to his house and was ready to rain my anger on him then face the wrath there after. I need a proper explanation to his found behaviour, if he think I am desperate for him to love me then he have something else coming his way.


“I did not notice that his security man was greeting me because I was drunk in my anger.


“What if he is actually busy and not at home? My thoughts stop me . Ella you will just make a fool of yourself.


Remember you said you are not desperate but that what you are doing right now.


Who cares about what he might be thinking, I finally snap out of my thoughts and try the locks.


To my surprise, the lock were unlock and it shows he is at home but why will he unlock his door. It unlike him, he likes locking the door even if he is at home he lock it from inside that why I have a spare key. Is he planning to go out or expecting someone maybe that why he left it open.


I got in and the light was off, it is so crappy and I wonder what is going on.


I called out to him but he didn’t answer. I took a deep breath and switch on the light.


My eyes was dilated in surprise as I pause and stare around the decorations in the room. Rose petals shattered around and finally on the cake it written.


“will you marry me”.


I knew you will come, his voice made me to turn.


I saw him kneeling in front of me and I was speechless.



How is this possible, I never saw it coming. I came here because I was angry but he asking me to marry him.


“Ella.. please will you become my wife, I know recently I’ve being a jerk and acting all up but dear I was trying to think about this moment and here we are.


“I don’t know what to feel at the moment and if I should accept this ring. Something is telling me those words are not for me. His eyes are saying something different but maybe is my stupidity playing a game with me.


“Yes I will marry you, finally yes came out of my mouth and he carried me around and kissed me.


“We had dinner and after that we cleared up together.


“So who gave you this ideas?


ask Kennedy who was busy with his phone. “Emily’s idea, and did you like it.


“So she helped you out and she didn’t even gave me a hint about it.


You know what I said while resting on his shoulder and getting his full attention. I was coming here to fight you because of the way you left me waiting at the restaurant.


“So Emily did not ask you to come? He asked looking surprise




“Yes and anyways I am happy about this surprise. I love you hubby while kissing him.


, I said



We continue with the kissing for a few minutes before he whispered to me.


“Are you spending the night with me”?


“I would love to but you know my parents will be against it.


“But we are engaged, I don’t think it will be a problem.


“Engaged not married yet I replied.


“Ella, okay let go to the club and celebrate then I will take you home.


“Kennedy..we have being celebrating since and I told before that clubbing is not what I fancy anymore.


I could see the disappointment in his face but after the last experience the club is not a place I go to in the name of fun. I drew close to him and began to kiss him again this time more passionately but he stopped me and smile.


“Ella if you continue kissing me in this manner I won’t let you leave here tonight and your parents will give us lecture on premarital sΒ£x.


“Kennedy, I am sorry but I am sure once I tell them about our engagement those rules will change.


“It fine sweetie but we have our whole lives to do this and very soon you will be waking up next to me.


I got tidy myself up and he followed me to my car and I kissed him goodbye as I watch me drove off. I could not wait to get home before calling Emily.


“I am getting marry…I screaming as she picked the calls.


“Girl, I am happy for you.. Emily respond.


“She girl I was really surprise about it but soon I will become his wife and you my friend will be my maid of honor.


“That for sure…who will drag it with me.


“But Emily I am angry with you.


“What have I done?



“You knew his plans and did not give me a hint.


“If I did you won’t be surprise like this and happy.


“It fine bestie and I love the surprise.


“Good, now can you focus on your driving before Kennedy kills me if anything happens to his wife to be.


I got home and announce the news to my parents. Mom was dancing and singing she more excited than I am but the look on dance face show his displease about the news. I know his fear is that the decision wasn’t right. My Dad knows me too way and it hard lying to him because he sees through me.


I might be right about something, maybe this decision was a wrong one and it won’t make me happy.








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