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Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




Episode 2



Madison’s POV




“Sis you can do this just push”Jason screamed as I panted heavily…giving birth is not easy,I feel like I’m gonna die any time hurts so much


“No no no…I’m weak,I’m so weak I don’t think I can do this”


“Just push,the head is already out…you can do this”mum whispered with assurance


“Arrrrrrrrrghhhhh”I screamed with all my might and the cry of a new born baby filled the ward and I smiled as I breathed heavily…I did it,I’m a mother


“Can I hold him?”I asked and the doctor placed my baby in my open arms .I pecked his forehead and he shuddered..I smiled out tears at the beautiful perfection in my arms


“What are you gonna name him?”Jason asked and I held my baby’s little hand


“Michelle..Michelle Campbell”I said and Jason smiled..


“You did great”mum complimented and I nodded with a smile…I did do great


“Isn’t he cute?”I asked


“He’s a beauty”dad said and I smiled


“Um…Madi”mum called and I turned to face her


“Yes mum”


“There’s something you need to know”she said and I sat up with Michelle in my arms


“You’re not keeping the baby”mum said and I felt a bang on my head…what does she mean by I’m not keeping the baby


“What do you mean”


“Yeah what’s going on”Jason added


“We are selling the baby to and orphanage”dad said and my face darkened in fury


“What?!”I thundered


“Why the hell are you selling Michelle”Jason fired and mum sighed


“Madison,you can’t take care of a baby,you’re just need to go to college,you can’t take care of a baby and also go to college”mum said and I sighed


“That is for me to decide…I’ll find a way to take care of my baby and at the same time go to college but selling my child is out of the question”


“Madison its for your own good”


“No…I’m not selling my baby”


“You’re selling that bastard and that’s final”mum fired


“My child is not a bastard and I’m not selling him”I fired back and she scoffed


“We’ll see about that”she picked her purse and stomped out of my ward.I don’t care,all I know is my child is not going to be sold


I got discharged after two days and mum kept bugging me about selling Michelle


and i kept telling her no.Why would a person sell a child that has a mother to an


orphanage?Who does that?


*knock knock*


.”come in”


“Sis”Jay called as he came in looking troubled


“What’s up…what’s wrong”


“You’re not gonna like this”


“Like what?”I asked as I placed michelle carefully on his baby bed


“Come with me”he took me by my hand and we exited the room and made for the living room


“Oh..there she is,Madison meet Mrs Brown”mum introduced and a plump blonde woman stretched her hand for a handshake which I reluctantly took and she smiled


“Why is she here”I asked


“Well,she’s an agent from the orphanage”mum replied and I clenched my fist


“So you have to sign this..since your mum told me you’re selling a baby to our organization”the agent said stretching a document to me


“I’m not signing that thing”I said with anger visible in my voice


“My dear this is for your own good…you can’t cater for a baby”dad said and I shook my head


“I’ll make money and take care of him”


“And how are you gonna do that”mum fired


“I don’t know I’ll figure it out”


“You’re selling that child and that’s final!”


“I’m not selling my baby and that’s it!”


“Fine then get ready to move out of this house because you won’t sleep under my roof,or feed from my pocket”mum thundered and the room went dead silent


“Mum what are you saying?”Jason finally spoke up


“You heard me right,if you won’t sell that child then you’re leaving this house”I scoffed unbelievably and mouthed a “wow”



“Barbara”dad tried saying but mum cut in


“No Williams,I’ve made my decision”


“No…mum you can’t do this…sis what are you gonna do?”Jason asked and I smirked


“Exactly what she said I should do,I’m leaving this house,in fact I’m leaving New York”I screamed as I made for the stairs


“No..please don’t do this..sis don’t leave”Jason kept begging me as I packed my things


“Please,even if you’re gonna leave don’t leave New York”I sighed as I zipped up my suitcase


“Look,I have to do this,I have to start a new life in a new place..i have to go”I picked up sleeping Michelle from his bed and placed him gently in the baby strap


“Then I’ll go with you”I sighed deeply and placed my hands on his shoulders


“I have to do this alone Jason”he nodded and sniffed


He helped me with my travelling bag and I dragged my suitcase down the stairs carefully not to wake Michelle


“I’ll give you one last chance Madison”mum said and I shook my head


“I’ve made up my mind…bye mum bye dad”


Jason followed me to the bus stop and he was moody all through


“Do you really have to go?”the tears he has been keeping from falling finally fell and I pulled him into a hug careful enough not to squeeze Michelle who was strapped on my chest



“I have to Jay..I gotta do this,I’m sorry”he nodded with tears in his eyes…my eyes were already glistening with tears too.He pushed something into my palm and I checked it


“Your credit card?”


“Yeah…I have up to 25000 bucks there,use that to take care of yourself and Michelle”


“But..what about you?”he held my hands and smiled


“Don’t worry about me,you’re all that matters..if I had seen this coming I wouldn’t have wasted my money on girls and parties,I wouldn’t have spent my money on useless shoes and designer clothes…I wouldn’t have…”


“Hey hey,its okay,25 000 dollars can feed us for about 10months and I also have some money in my account so…we’re good”he nodded and I smiled


“Do you have a place in mind?”




“But…where are you gonna stay”


“I’ll look into some online vacant houses on the way..I’m sure I’ll get a cheap one”I said and he nodded


“Oh..the bus is here”he said and I nodded


“I guess this is it sis”




“You’ll keep in touch with me right?”


“Always”I pulled him into a hug and he sobbed on my shoulders



“Take care of dad for me”I said with a cracked voice and he nodded on my shoulders


I patted him on the back and pulled out of the hug




“Bye…I love you sis”


“Love you too little bro”


I gave him one last hug before I proceeded to the bus..the bus attendant helped me with my luggage and I stepped into the bus and took a seat at the back beside a woman with a little girl..I’m guessing she’s her daughter


I sighed as I balanced Michelle well on my chest


“Your baby is cute”the little girl said and I smiled


“What’s her name”


“Michelle and he’s a he”


She gasped and I smiled


“He’s a boy?…he looks so feminine”


“Yeah..”I glanced at sleeping Michelle and I smiled..he had his thumb in his mouth,he looked so cute


“He’s your son?”The woman asked and I nodded


“You must be a really brave and strong girl”she said and I gave a small smile (Join Group) “You did the right thing child…He’s a beauty”I smiled and she nodded


I felt the bus start moving and I looked sideways and I saw Jason waving at me..I waved back with tears in my eyes and I heard him scream “I’ll miss you”


I closed my eyes briefly and opened them again…I’m leaving New York for good and I’m never coming back…if if I’m gonna come back,I would have fulfilled my



dreams by then,I would have become so successful that no one would dare cross my path


I guess this is bye bye to New York and a welcome to Texas and a new life








Madison is leaving NYC for good…I hope good things are in stock for her




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