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Chapter 42



Nwanne Ifeoma



I felt like punching Joe’s head for ruining the moment but I have to follow him downstairs and I grabbed his hands and frowning my face. He knew I was not happy but he is enjoying the effect he has on me.


“Bro you down?


“Yes little bro…


“Look like Mr lover boy is out of his shell. and Joe hit his head.


I was surprised to hear the young man that I thought was working for Joe referring him as his bro.


“Ella Meet my little and annoying brother Justin.


“And Justin my love Ella.


“Welcome to the family and thanks for getting this crazy lover boy out of his Shell.


“, Wait I thought you were…



“Working for this One. Don’t mind me for not introducing myself properly at the first day we meet. Joe was in a bad state and that why I was being careful of the people that comes near him.


“If I was working for him do you think I will risk my Job by disobeying his order.


“So you played a prank on me.


“At the end you two are happy right.


“,I can’t wait to announce that Joe has a woman in his life.


“Justin I don’t want you spreading news about my personal life.


“,Try and stop me if you can, by the way you are owing me.


“, Owing… for what?


“, For letting Ella in to safe you from your self if I have not let her in you will still be acting like a little kid that his candy was taken from him.


“,Oya.. come and be going to your father’s house.


I was laughing watching the two argue like little children and the night was magical. We had dinner together and Justin won’t stop teasing his brother. It sweet to see that he is very close to his brother and it made me happy.


I got home smiling and singing. The joy in my heart was priceless and I can’t contain it. When you are in love and happy being in love it can’t be hidden because you will be glowing and blushing.


“, Madam you decided to return home.


“Oh, mommy…I love you ….I love and You two Dad.



“, Woman what is wrong with her…I thought you said she left the house angry. Dad asked my mom



“Yes Hun I am surprise with this excitement and mood.


“, Ella Darling are you okay.


“,Oh Dad… I have never being more happier.


“, What happened, did you win a lottery ticket..Mom ask


“Better than lottery ticket and any money.



“Then tell us why you are this ears are inching


“Joe and I are back together. We finally made up and cleared all our difference




“I am happy for you princess and I told you he will come around.


“Yes Dad you did and I am happy you made me understand that.


“Ella better hold this one tight. Mom. Said


“Yes Mom and this one is my own.


I replied while hugging them.


“Goodnight to you two I will be in my room.


“Won’t you eat Dinner…Mom ask


“I had dinner at Joe’s place


I said while running to my room.


We talked all night and I felt like a young teenage girl that is in love. Love can make you stay up all night and forget about the worries of life.



I return from work and found my parents laughing and acting crappy.


“Dad what going on with you two.


“Nothing, can’t we also be romantic.


“Yes..Ella do you think we are too old to showcase our love.


“My God … you two should get a room I said while running to my room.


“Rose petals was decorated from the staircase and the fragrances was luxurious .


“Mom… you two should stop being childish and you have two grown kids.


“Stop being jealous that your Dad is treating like queen. You should tell your boyfriend to get a tips from your father on how to make a woman special.


“Great!!! ..this is what I have to deal. Two grown adults acting like kids.


“Ella go change and let eat.


“,No thanks but you two can carry on with your romance. I will eat later. and please don’t ask me to clean this mess up.


My eyes dilated in surprise as I open my door. I paused and stare at my room and how it was decorate. This is not happening, I want to scream when I saw the ring on my bed with the write up that was written with rose petals mixture of white and red rose.


“, will you marry me”


I looked around and Joe wasn’t there.


I tried running outside to ask my parents where he was but a hand pulled me to him and I smiled when I saw my Joe.


” Going some where”


“You are here, how and this..


Do you like the surprise” “I nod”


“So what will my answer me. He said while kneeling in front of me.


Ella I don’t want you to be my Girlfriend but wife. You are the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Waking up every morning with you by my side and to grow old with you.


I love you from the the first Day I met you and my heart want no body else but you. Please marry me and let do all the craziest thing that lover do together.


“,Yes.. Yes..yes…


He carried me up and swing me around and kissed me around.


“I love you Joe and I love you now and forever.


He placed the ring in my finger and kissed it. “Mmmmm” I smirked at him.


What now Ella.


“Are that dumb..I asked.


Me dumb I think you are the dumb one here. Joe replied


Jerk…I yelled and avert my eyes to his bare chest.


Too hot for you to resist.


Don’t act shameless and get yourself a shirt.



“What if I didn’t come here with any shirt.


I know my parents won’t let up without one Mr.


Oh really.. you think so? He asked while grabbing my wrist and jerking me up to rest on his chest .


I don’t think so I know so.


I think your parents won’t mind..he said while pulling me closer to him and staring into my eyes and his touch was sending and awaking everything within me.


Joe.. stop my parents ?


Young Lady you are wearing my ring right now and I’m sure they won’t come upstairs any time soon.



Joe you are shameless.



Okay let me show you how shameless I can be



He pressed kisses around my neck and all the way down. Carried me to my bed and start with his magic and Damn he is really good at this .



“Okay you two enough of the loving up and downstairs



Geez. Mom what are you doing here. I said while pulling away from Joe.



Sorry guys but not too soon.


Mom.. must you ruin my moments.


I quickly adjust myself and Joe wore his shirt.



You two should come down for dinner. She said while returning downstairs



“You mom can enter at the wrong time



“, Tell me about it



“So no more fun tonight



“,That what it looks like let go down before she start yelling my name


“Damn give me a minute let me relax.




“Oh baby


I warned you on time but you refuse.




“See you at the dinner table in a minute





“,Be enjoying your self now I will still have my way”. Joe said while heading

to the bathroom.










Secret love


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