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Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi







Madison Campbell-she was a naive 18 years old girl blinded by love.She was deceived and robbed of her dignity thinking she was showing love to the monster she thought was her boyfriend…that’s not even the worst,the worst is that this same monster leaked her nudes to the public..what could be more shameful than that?


She thought giving her virginity to him would make him love her more-she thought he was the right person…her “Mr.Right”


She got pregnant but the heartless human being left her,he fled…destination?..she didn’t know


She felt helpless and betrayed,she was seen as a slut,a whore..she went from her dad’s princess to her dad’s disappointment


She dragged the name Campbell into the mud,they painted her black…her dad could no longer brag to others with his daughter…he was heartbroken



Everyone turned their backs on her,even her mum and her so called friend who mocked her because of her “mistake”


No one except her younger brother was close to her


Irrespective of all these,she had hope,she rose up and didn’t let anything weigh her down.She fulfilled her dreams…she found her real Mr.Right-the one that was destined to help her back to her feet


She over came all challenges and rose from grass to grace…her light shone brightly in darkness


She is really-The Diamond In The Rough





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