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Chapter 39



Nwanne Ifeoma o



I have never been to Joe’s house. Feeling so nervous when I got to the address Dad gave to me.


The building is very big like how on Earth can one person stay in this big house alone. The compound was very beautiful and I was not surprised by the flowerbed and tree everywhere.


Honestly Joe have a great taste when it comes to this type of thing but one thing is for sure that he most have spent so much building this house and getting this view.


“Good Evening Ma…


“Good evening, please I am here to see Joe.


“I am sorry but Sir doesn’t want to see anyone.


“I am positive he wants to see me.


Tell him that Ella is here.


“Like I said Ma, boss gave an instruction that he wants to be alone and honestly


Ma he is not in a good mood to talk.


Just come back later.


The young man said while locking the gate.


I continue blaring my car horn but that his worker refused to let me in and Joe was also playing hard to get.


Okay they think they are smart but I am not leaving here until I speak to Joe. I came down and bang at the gate like a crazy lady.


“Ma, you are disturbing the neighborhood and my boss.


“Then let me see Joe I have to talk to him.


“Like I said come back later and you will see him.


“, Look just tell him Ella is here.


“Ma’am if I knock at his door right now I will loss my job.


Why is Joe treating me like this, I have sent him countless messages but he is not answering. I know I doubted him and called him names I even went as far as comparing him with Eric and now he doesn’t even want to see me.


I can’t leave here without seeing him. He should have understand that I was only looking out for my best friend but see where it Land me into.


I will do whatever it takes even if is spending the night outside here but he have to see me. I went back to my car waiting and hoping he changes his mind.


“Sir, the young lady is still outside


“Did you tell you don’t want to see anyone but she is proven stubborn.


“Don’t worry she will leave when she is done waiting.


“Sir I don’t think she will, she seems determine to talk to you but I think you should see her and hear her out.


“Hmmmm, you can leave now and lockup my house.


“Next time mind your business and control your mouth if you still want this Job.


She is only here because maybe she found out who is responsible for Emily’s pregnancy. I kept telling her to believe me but No she chose her friend words over mine. She called me all sorts of speakable names and throw me out of her house. I love her but she can’t just continue treating me like a trash and fool.


Look at what she turned me into, I can’t even recognize myself anymore. I have being begging her to admit her feelings and let get together but she kept saying she doesn’t love me.


I looked through my window and saw her car still parked outside.



She can’t always have her way all the time. She threw me out and now she think I will let her walk through that door so easily like nothing happened between us.


I have to stop being a fool for her and become strong enough to make her see my worth.


“Ma’am you are still here.


“Yes, I told you that I want to see Joe.


“But ma’am is late and every where is dark.


“I don’t care about that”


“He is not going to see you just come back tomorrow. You might get hurt this place is lonely during the day talk more of night.


“I will be fine just forget about me.


My phone rang and it was Dad.


“Hello Dad


“Princess where are you it late


“Still at Joe’s place.


“Have you spoken with him.


“No Dad, he has refused to talk or see me. I said crying


“, Princess come home I will speak to him myself.


“No Dad I have to do this myself, I caused this and I have to fix it myself.


“, Just come home and try again tomorrow.. please your safety first.


“Dad, I promise I will be fine.


I said and end the call.


The young man was still standing looking at me crying maybe wondering why I am still waiting.


“Ma’am are you the lady that my boss is hurting over..


He ask me


“You won’t understand, it complicated.


“Please let me in, I promise he won’t fire you.


“If I let you in will you be able to help my boss out of this phase he is in. Because since two weeks now he have being a shadow of himself.


He drinks, break things in his room and hardly comes outside. I am afraid he might go crazy or hurt himself in the process but if you promise you can help him and bring my old boss who is caring and understanding back. I will let you in to see him but I can’t promise he will open his room door for you that part is your task to figure out how to do so. I don’t know why or who hurt him this much but he is suffering and I know it has to do with woman.


“Thank so much, and I promise he won’t fire you.


“No problem Ma’am. I will show you where to stay because I am sure he is drunk by now and will not be thinking straight.


“Tomorrow morning you can start trying your luck to get him open his door.


I was very happy that I was let in to see him but I can’t wait until morning to see Joe. My heart was racing and I swiftly drove in and allow the young man lead the way. He was very polite and respectful, he showed me where to stay until morning and ask if I want to eat anything but food I was the last thing in my mind.


I allowed him to leave the room and wait for everywhere to be quiet before sneaking out of the room to find Joe’s bedroom upstairs.








Secret love



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