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Episode 5



Madison’s POV


“Mama”Mich squealed as he jumped on me


“Hey baby..had a fun time at school?”I asked and he nodded


“I got my sums right”he said and I chuckled


“You did?”he nodded and I pinched his cheeks playfully


“Good boy,for that,I’m gonna buy you popsicle”I said and he squealed as he clapped his hands


“Let’s go Home”


I hailed a cab and we went home..I still can’t hold the excitement..I still can’t believe Alexa,loved my dish,I made the restaurant get a good recommendation and a lifetime sponsor from Alexa this good luck or what?


“Yay..we’re home”Mich squealed as i unlocked the door


“I’m gonna go play”he scurried to the room and I trailed behind him I got to the room and slumped on my bed..I’m exhausted


I sat up and reached for my bag and took the envelope out..I don’t know why I’m so scared to open it..okay,here goes nothing



I opened the envelope and dipped my hands inside it,my hands felt something and I took it eyes almost popped out of its socket..


4huge bundles of $100 notes…someone should please wake me up….OMG,I’m


sweating right now,I’ve never held money this much before,what I’m I supposed to do with this huge money..I gotta do something..I’ll call Jason..yes I’ll do that


I quickly took my phone and dialed Jason’s number



“hey sis



“I’m gonna explode






“okay…picture this as I tell you






“this afternoon at work,I got the shocker of my life



“what is that



“Alexa my place of work!!!”I squealed



“no way



“yes way



“then what happened



“then she ordered for Pasta e Fagioli



“what the hell is that?



“its a Mexican dish that no one in the restaurant except me knew how to cook



“wait…so you cooked it?






“,so what happened..did she like it?



“she didn’t like it






“she actually loved it


He squealed like a teenage girl..I had to take the phone away from my ears to prevent it from being blocked


“Oh my God sis this is f**king good news



“heck yeah..and guess what?






“she promised our restaurant a lifetime sponsor and not only that,she payed a lot of money for the dish..almost a hundred thousand dollars


“The f**k?



“yeah its crazy…that’s not even the best part



“what’s the best part



“when she got to know I was the one that cooked the dish,she gave me an envelope filled with something..guess what the something is





“yes money!!!



“Jesus…wait wait how much



“I don’t know…I got home now and I checked the envelope and boom..four bundles of $100 poured out”I whisper yelled and I heard him gasp



“okay sis,I’m literally jumping round the house right can’t contain my happiness



“Me too…I’m so hyped right now..what I’m I supposed to do with that much money


“Um…you know what?






“find a way to save it..maybe in a bank or a safe place..we’ll know what to do with it later”


“okay..gosh I’m visibly trembling right now



“just breathe and relax,calm your nerves



“okay…I’ll talk to you later



“yh…but sis,please call dad okay?



“I will



“okay,thanks bye



“take care


I cut the call and squealed as I bounced on my bed still squealing Mich laughed at my display



“What”he asked and I laughed


“I’m happy”


“Happy?”he snuggled up to me and I nodded with a smile


“yay!mama’s happy”he squealed and started jumping on the bed and I joined him..our giggles filled the room as we jumped up and down


We finally settled down and I was breathing heavily..I picked up the envelope to return the money in it but I felt something dangling in it


I dipped my hands in and brought out what was dangling this a card??


Wait a sec..its her card..Alexa Grande’s card,she left her card in the envelope..or she deliberately put it there?


Wait..does this mean I have to call her?..I’m kinda confused


I’ve been staring at the card as I twirled it in my fingers for almost 10minutes now not knowing what to do to it..


A battle is going on in my head right now..should I call or not I think I’ll call..yeah,I will


I punched in the numbers with trembling hands and clicked on “call” rang and i


breathed in sharply


There’s no going back now


She finally picked and I cleared my throat before talking



“Good evening ma’am”I greeted



“good evening and to whom I’m I speaking



“um..this is Abigail ma’am,the girl that cooked your order at Olivers”wait,doesn’t that sound stupid?


“oh yeah..I’ve been waiting for your call since”






“Yes..I need to talk to person



“when ma’am



“My chauffeur would come pick you at your house tomorrow by 10am..if that’s okay by you


“its okay ma’am..that’s fine by me



“excellent..your address?



“oh..yeah..12,silver’s avenue



“good..we shall see tomorrow



“okay ma’am






“um…ma’am I saw the money,thank you so much..I really appreciate



“its nothing my dear



“Thanks ma’am



“its okay..bye for now and do take care of yourself



“good bye ma’am





The call ended and I sighed..she wants to see me?..but,why?






Alexa’s POV


I placed my phone on the bed after the call,I can’t wait to speak to Abigail,she has some potentials and I also wanna know the reason behind her leaving home and changing her name..yeah I know she’s Madison Campbell..I heard about the news that happened a year ago,maybe that’s why she changed her name..I’ll find out tomorrow


“Hey mum”I heard a voice behind me and I turned..its my loving son,Romeo,he’s the best son I could ever ask for


“Hey sweetheart”he pecked me on the cheek and I smiled


“How was today”he asked as he took a seat beside me on the bed




“It was fine…school is kinda tiring recently”he huffed and I chuckled


“Hmm,making progress with your cooking dreams?”he hummed a yes and I patted his head…well,Romeo is attending a catering school,my catering school,Alexa Grandes Catering School,the biggest catering school in the world,we recruit youths that have dreams of becoming great cooks in the future and build them into something big…not that i forced Rommy to go,he naturally likes cooking,he says he wanna be the biggest chef in the world after me and he’s working towards it..I’m so proud of him


“And mum..Tiana extends her greetings”he said and I reluctantly hummed…Tiana is his girlfriend who I dislike a lot,that girl is the most disrespectful girl I’ve known,she lacks the word “Respect”she is ras,unmannered,i can’t call her my daughter-in-law in public,she’s a disappointment..I wonder what he gave Romeo to eat that he couldn’t see how bad she is


“Hmm? that all you’re gonna say?”he asked and I rolled my eyes



“Did you expect me to start jumping and screaming…yay! Tania extended her greetings to me”I screamed with unenthusiasm


“I don’t know why you don’t like her”


“I didn’t say that”


“Whatever,I’m going to my room..good night”he pecked me on my forehead and left my room


“I gotta sleep..I’m kinda tired”






Jason’s POV


I was doing some work on my computer when i heard a knock on my door


“Come in”


The door creaked open revealing dad in his pajamas,seems his ready for bed “Hey dad”I said as I closed my laptop and placed it on the stool behind my bed “Hey son”


“Something you need?”


“No,I..I actually wanna talk to you”he said and I arched my brow


“Sure,come sit”I said tapping a space beside me,he sat beside me and sighed deeply before he talked


“Have you been reaching Madison?”he asked and I sighed “Well,


“I know you’ve been reaching her,you don’t have to lie”he said and I sighed in defeat



“What if I am?”


“I just wanna ask know,if you could give me her number…he old number isn’t going,seems she changed her line”


“If I give you her number what do you wanna use it to do”I asked and he paused as he looked at me sternly


“I wanna call her..because..because I miss her,I miss my princess,she’s been gone for the past one year and..and its killing me,I wanna hear her voice even if I won’t get to see her,please Jason please”he begged in the verge of tears..I know he misses her,its very evident


“Dad..”I called as I took his hands


“You sent her out of the house remember?”I said and he nodded


“I know..and I’m sorry,i..I wasn’t in my right sense then..I thought it would make things better but no,it made me lose her,I’m really sorry”He’s finally in tears right now and its making me wanna cry


“Come here dad”I pulled him into a hug and I patted his back


“You don’t need to call her dad,she said she’ll call you”I said and he raised his head up abruptly


“Really?”he beamed and I nodded


“Yeah..she’ll call you tomorrow”he sniffed and nodded


“Thank you son”


“You’re welcome dad…now go to sleep”I said and he stood up with a sigh


“I feel really happy right sure she’s gonna call?”


“Very sure”


He jumped up in delight and gave a silent squeal


“I’m gonna talk to Madi…I’m gonna talk to Madi..gonna talk to Madi”he kept saying in a sing song wiggling his butt as he exited my room..He’s sure really happy,I’m glad to see him this happy again


Gosh I’m sleepy..I got on my bed and switched off the lamp and I drifted to sleep.








So Alexa knows Madi..hmm,I hope she has good news for our Madi o


And Mr.Campbell,you chased your daughter out of the house now you want her back,well you didn’t chase her out oo,it was your wife Anyways,don’t worry,you’ll see her soon






Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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