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Chapter 38



Nwanne Ifeoma



The news of Emily pregnancy was causing so many problem within me. Nothing was adding up and Joe have refused to accept his responsibility. He still holds on that the child in not his and I can’t help seeing my friend drowning in her tears and pain.


I thought Joe was different but he is so cruel to reject Emily now that she needs him the most. I blocked his line and made it clear e him never to show his lying and wicked face ever again.


What did he think that denying the pregnancy will make me come back to him never he hurt my friend and he will pay for it.


“Emily please I need to know if Joe is the one responsible for the pregnancy?


I return to Emily’s apartment three days later because Joe continue with his words of not being responsible for the pregnancy.


Ella, I am sorry, it was a mistak


What a mistak…I just want to know who is the father that is it.


“Don’t worry, I will abort the Child and move on. But I can’t tell you who the father is.


“This is ridiculous…. Emily you must be crazy right now.


Here I am thinking we are friends and we tell each other everything and no lies but you don’t consider me as a friend .



I want to help you but you don’t want to talk to me. It fine you can go ahead with your plans but just know that our friendship ends today.


Nobody is killing my child” ?


Kennedy said while walking in.


“Kennedy, said as a pulled her close to him.


“What is going on here?


“Kennedy what are you saying?


How and when ? This is not possible how will you be responsible for her pregnancy.


“Ella I am sorry, I can explain, it was a mistake. Emily said


“Emily how is this a mistake, how long have this being going on.


“Ella, the truth is that I love Emily and the night you came over to my place those arrangements was made for her.


“I tried to explain things to but Emily was afraid of hurting you. She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship you two share but thank God the results of our love is out and like I said earlier nobody is aborting my child.


Kennedy when were you planning to tell me about this? you should have said something to me?


Ella I am sorry but this engagement is over.


My unborn child life is important to me and I will protect him and the mother. “Emily you have to stop crying now it not good for your health and my baby. Geez! I looked at the two and left the house and drive home.



I can’t believe I am walking through this road again. Why do I have to get hurt at the end. I don’t know what to feel at the moment, should I be angry or happy. I got home and locked myself in my room.


I shot everyone out including my Dad, he was unable to get through me this time.


I was hurting again because of betrayal from my love ones. Everyone is trying their best to help me out from being the shadow I have become but it looks more difficult everyday.


Everyday comes with it own style of trouble. Friendship is built on trust and respect, we promise to stand by each other and see everything they do as the truth never doubting them.


What is my crime in life maybe because I let myself trust too much, I believe that everyone will be like me that never want to hurt anyone but I always end up getting hurt and broken.


The people I love always give me reason to stop trusting and loss faith in human beings.

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Why do we tell people we love them and end up hurting them?


Why lead people on and break their trust. My heart is heavy and I don’t even understand why.


I should be happy that he called off the engagement but I am hurting that my best friend was having an affair with the man I am engaged to.


“Hey princess….


Please open the door for your Dad.


“Go, away I don’t want to talk”


Ella just come out we are here for you and help you get through this phase. “Dad, Emily is pregnant for Kennedy…he was cheating on me with her.



“I trusted them Dad and this is the result. It not fair, I don’t deserve this.


“Princess, I know it not fair but look at the bright side.


“Which is ?


“,You can now admit your feeling for Joe.


“Dad not now…


you have to go talk to him because Emily called and said he have being away from work and he might hurt himself.


What are you talking about.


Yes Ella, he is hurting because of you. When he needed you to believe him you never did and you blocked him out because you believe Emily’s lie over him. You will hurt more if he hurt himself and you won’t forgive yourself.


“I have sent his house address to you. I don’t like seeing you hurting anymore.


Think fast and do the right thing, Emily and Kennedy made a mistake but you can’t punish an innocent Joe for their wrong. I have always taught you that forgiveness is the key in healing and moving on.








Secret love ✨



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