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Chapter 30



Nwanne Ifeoma



I got to my office very late because I had a long time thinking of those nights I laid alone watching the bright colours of the beauty in love. Those million dream kept me awake, I thought of what life would become if all those mistakes never happened.


It sounds crazy but each time I close my eye to sleep all I see is the vision of a wonderful world I can call my own, a place that feel like home and that shoulder I can trust, someone who believe in love just as much like I do but whenever I open my eye I am face with the reality, I still hurt, the pain still feel fresh in my heart why do people say that time heal but my case is different. I haven’t heal, how will I find peace and let go.


Good day ma’am..


My assistant greeted me while handing me a package with a red rose…the fragrances is amazing and welcoming.


“Who is it from, I asked while collecting it.


“It was delivered this morning but the gentleman just Left a few minutes ago.


“I smiled thinking it was from Kennedy but when I opened it my mood completely changed.


“I am sorry, never meant to


Hurt you. Joe.


I looked at it and gave it back to my assistant.



You can keep them for yourself or trash it. “Ma’am… you mean I can keep all these for myself. “Yes… you can it of no value to me and it meaningless.


“Is that how much you hate Me now? A voice stopped me. “You, what the heck are doing here?


I said with so much anger in my voice.


“Ella we need to talk, you can’t continue avoiding me.. hear me out before you crucify me.


“I don’t want to talk to you and there is nothing to talk about, I said while making my way to my office.


I tried closing the door behind him but he grabbed me and pin me on the wall. Our eye meet and great my running mouth suddenly stop just the time I needed it the most.


“Ella.. you have to hear me out and listen to what I have to say”. He whispered while unlocking me from his grip.


“I rushed into my office to avoid further questions that might be going on people mind and Joe follow me.


“So tell me what you want to say?


That you are sorry…. that you knew the type of person Eric was but never told me,


sorry about the fact he drugged me and raped me. “is it that you are sorry for lying about not knowing him or the betrayal I went through.


No…no or that I got pregnant and due to the hard drug in my system I had to under go surgery and in the process lost the pregnancy.


What else are you sorry for that I have to leave my family and travel just to forget about all these thing but do you know what that incident turned me into, I lost faith



in love and it keep hurting me but wait you don’t have to be sorry because I should be sorry for trusting you as friends.


“Ella you have to listen to me…it my fault that I allowed Eric played with your emotions and it mine because I hook you two up but it because I thought you will change him into a better person. I admit that I made that mistake but how will you keep punishing me because of it. When I found out about his intentions it was late. You weren’t answering my calls that night and the next morning you came to my place where you heard everything without giving me a chance to prove myself.


Yes it hurts me so much because l loved you but I was foolish to let that happen, I let my fear destroy the trust you had on me. believe me when I said that I looked for you, I did but your records was removed from the school system and nobody knew your where about.


I am sorry for all you had been through all these while. It true that sorry won’t fix anything but it will help you heal as well and find peace. I also need that peace “Free me from these guilt and pain, it hard moving on because I felt I ruined your life.


I watched him and I saw my old friend back that was the Joe I know. I didn’t know what to say anymore but just cry. I can’t believe I was crying and I can’t help it.


He pulled me close to his chest and whipped my tears and we embrace. I feel much better after talking things out with him and I decided to let the past be the past and see the bright side.


I wasn’t harm at the end rather I became a strong woman who thinks for herself and made my family proud.


I was about to ask him about Eric and Gift when Kennedy walked in on us. By the way he looked at Joe show he felt jealous, who won’t be after seeing us hugging each other. Great I have to start explaining myself to myself but he surprised me rather he a smiled and asked me if I was still going out for lunch with him or maybe next time if I am busy.



“We are done and Kennedy meet Joe Emily’s boss and my old time friend. He came to see me again after we reconnected at Emily’s birthday. I said hopefully he won’t get any idea.


“Oh babe you don’t have to explain and I saw him at the party.


“Hey, nice to meet you….they both exchange hand shake.


“Ok Ella do have a great time at lunch , I will be on my way.


I walked out of Ella’s office but turned to see her face again. I don’t even know why I did that but I saw Kennedy grabbing her waist and the two was looking happy together. I am happy she have forgiven me today and I wish her all the happiness in the world.


Thanks to Emily that invited me to her party and still have me her office address it would have not being possible.


Joe it is time to move pass whatever feeling you have for her all these years and finally embrace the beauty in front of you. She is happy with Kennedy I should also find my own happy ending too.






Secret love ??????????


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