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Secret love



Chapter 29



Nwanne Ifeoma


Hey Ella..


What going on with you?


Emily it nothing… I was just overwhelmed by Kennedy’s proposal. Never saw it coming.


“I knew something was up but dear you can always say No to him….I understand


that you said yes because of the manner he did it and if he think it not what he want just don’t give me because of family or anything.


enough of Kennedy, it my happy day and we are might to be smiling not being moody.


Tell me why you ran off when you saw my guest and why are you crying?


“Oh Joe


You know him ?


Yes…we met when I was Schooling in Nigeria. Friends but all in the past now.


“,Oh really…that means you will be able to help me out with him.


“Me, I don’t think that is possible and like I said it all in the past and I can’t because


……. you know what forget about it.

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“Ella, I thought we are friends then why won’t you help.


“What are you hiding? Ella talk to me


“Emily… like I said it nothing and moreover you are a beautiful woman, smart and funny any guy in his right sense will see all these. If Joe like you in that manner then he will come around but my help…I am sorry but I can’t help you with what you are asking is impossible.


“Oh you are” I have been looking around for you.


Kennedy said while holding Ella.


“I forge a smile….. just came to have a fresh air.


I think I will leave you two alone and Ella call me because we still need to talk.


Emily left leaving Kennedy and I to ourselves.


“,Do mind if we talk about what just happened in there.


“,If you really love me why did you not say anything about it to me?


I want to make the world know you are mine and Ella I know it hard to believe but I really love you.


You, beautiful smile that brighten my world….. like it that you are business mind, I


like the way you frown just the way you are doing right now, I love the way you sound …. Ella love everything about you. I have gotten to know you and see how


confident you are. We are perfect for each other and it will make our family happy.


“But Kennedy…I really appreciate all you are doing but I don’t think I love you.


I understand but I Kennedy promise not to hurt you. I can see the fear in your eyes, I don’t know why but please allow me and make you part of my world. Together we can make a great love story. Among all the girls I have been with non of them can fit your personality…. you were my first crush and Ella that soft spot I have for you is still there. Let make a beautiful love story together, let explore in the adventure and see why the road will lead.


Kennedy please give me time to think it through and know if I want this. I only said yes because all eye was on us. Please it all came as a shock and I like you as a friend. I will search my heart and know what it want.


“It fine, I will let you think about it.


It important you know that I love you dearly and I will be thinking about you.


I will let you go back and meet Emily before she thinks I have stolen her friend.


Take care of yourself I will be leaving now.


“Lunch tomorrow… hope you don’t mind, as a friend not boyfriend.


“Sure, lunch it is and drive safe”


I went inside to join the party and I saw Emily smiling and laughing with Joe. It strange but he have change… looking all dashing and handsome.


Hello Emily….I said finally making my present know to her.


“Oh Ella, you are back….so Kennedy finally release you.


Never mind…


Sir, meet my friend and bestie Ella and Ella my boss. It not a surprise but Ella already told me you two know each other already.


“Oh really, she did? We finally meet again after all these years?


Please excuse me…


Emily I am sorry but I have to go, I have a headache. We talk later and enjoy the rest of the night.


I walked away without saying anything to Joe.


What do he expects from…to run and embrace him after all they put me through. After all the hurting and betrayal he is acting like everything is fine. I promise that I will never forgive any e them never. The sight of him remind of how their gabble with my emotions.




I have to think about the answer to give to Kennedy, he is a great friend maybe it best to give him a chance for our family not that I have anyone else. It not always about love by the way and together we can build an empire. It just for be to be his girlfriend not that he is proposing Marriage that will be dumb.


All I have to do is avoid meeting Joe again and I will be fine. He is my past and that where he will remain.








Secret love




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