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Chapter 37



Nwanne Ifeoma



I got to Emily’s apartment and found her in tears. I have to drop my own problem and find out why my bestie in crying their eyes out.


‘”Hey Emily… I said while seating next to her.


“Ella.. how long have you being there. She said while whipping her tears.


“Long enough to see that something is wrong with you.


“What is wrong and why are you crying? I ask her “Ella…..she looked at me


“Yes, dear tell me who hurt you and is it Joe?


Yes… Joe broke up with me and “,and what Emily and what?


Ella I am pregnant…she broke down and cried more.


“How but Joe just came to my place and told me you two are only faking to be together.


“Yes, I at first it was all a plan to get you admit your feeling but


“But what… did Joe know that you are pregnant for him ? Have you told him about it.


Emily please you need to say something crying will not help us at the moment.


How, will i face him, he already broke up with me and I found out this morning. “Emily.. you need to tell him about it and let him know you’re carrying his child. “Ella…I can’t face him.



“But why…if he is the father of the child, then you have to let him know. The Joe I know will not run from his responsibility.


“Ella I am sorry but I was meant to help you two get back together but look the mess I have created.


“It fine, I am engaged now my wedding is in few months time. Joe and I are never meant to be together.


“Ella I have to abort the pregnancy, I can’t keep this child.


“Don’t be stubborn and foolish. How will you decided to do so without telling Joe.


This baby is his also.


“You know what I will have to call him and inform him.


Don’t do that I will inform him by myself and it between us. Emily took the phone from Ella.


Promise you won’t do anything stupid while I’m away.


I promise, I will be fine.


Have you eaten anything? I ask


I am not hungry ?


Don’t be silly.. you have to eat something for your unborn child.


I went to the kitchen and prepare something for Emily, made sure she had something before I left.




The thought of Emily pregnancy was killing me and hurting me. Such when I thought of talking to her about there relationship being fake and calling off the engagement she is pregnant. So they got intimate with each other and the result is postive.



What was I thinking, I must forget about Joe. It not about what we want but have to think about the unborn child and ensure Emily is happy so she won’t do anything foolish.


I got to Kennedy’s house and met him sleeping. Cooked something and got lost in thought that I didn’t notice Kennedy was awake.



“Hey babe he kissed my forehead.


“I didn’t know you are up.


“, Something is bothering you.


“Yes, Emily is pregnant and she is afraid of telling Joe.


“What… Emily is pregnant that good news.


“, Not so good to her because she is thinking of having an abortion.


“She must be crazy, why will she think of killing an innocent baby.


“Kennedy was so furious.


“Baby calm down, I have told her not to do so and inform Joe about her pregnancy and he will take responsibility for it.




“Yes. He is the father of the child so he should know about it and now we should help them get back together.


“We…babe I don’t think it our business so we should stay away.


“Kennedy, we are friends and it our duty to help them.


“Babe please…. and I know you two are really close.



“Okay babe I am only doing this because of you. Now can we drop Emily and Joe news and talk about something else.


“Ella.. we need to talk


“Yes we do Joe, we need to talk about you and Emily


“Emily and I are over.


“Yes, but she is pregnant.


“Pregnant … how


“You are asking me how… don’t you know what happens when two get intimate.


“I know that but if she is pregnant I am surprise… wait do you think I am responsible for it.


“Wow…wow…wow! ! !


You want to deny it , if you will lie about it just leave my house and please do the needful before she abort your Child.


“Ella you have to listen, Emily and I have not slept on the same bed. I am surprise, listen she not carrying my Child.


If the child is not your then whose Child is it?


I don’t know… and I am confused as well.


Then when you find out how and who let me know because I can’t watch an innocent Child suffer or take the love of a father away.


I am so confuse, why will Joe deny the pregnancy and could it be Emily is not telling me the truth. God please help me see the who is right and wrong.





Secret love



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