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Chapter 34



Nwanne Ifeoma


This is not happening.


why do I have to kiss him? I should have not come out alone. I am a cheat, Emily is my best friend I am not suppose to do this to her.


Ella listen the kiss was a mistake and nothing more. It just due to the influence of those local wine.


I return to the room and met Kennedy was fast asleep. I climbed next to him and cuddle him. The guilt was killing me all through the night that sleep was far away from my eye.


I continue to turn from side to side. Each time I close my eyes the memory of the kiss flash back and the voices in my head was judging. Nothing was working, the soft music was only creating more fantasy. Mother nature was really mad at me and I know I deserve it.


“Hey, sleeping beauty we have to go.


Kennedy woke me up from my miserable sleep.


I can’t even remember when I slept it looks like I cried myself to sleep.


Ella, get up and get ready everyone is waiting for you outside.


Geez… I look and it was bright and Kennedy was all set.


What is Time? And why did you not wake me up when you got up?


You looked exhausted and I thought it will be best to let you sleep for a while. “Oh, thanks but now I have to rush not to keep everyone waiting.


It fine, babe..we are not in a hurry.



I was finally ready and I went outside to meet with the rest. My problem was how will I face Joe, and Emily. This is very bad Lord help me.


I came outside and met Kennedy and Emily chatting and laughing. I wonder what is so funny..looked around but no sight of Joe.


Ella, here you are… Emily said while facing her attention to me.


Hello, Emily..Joe said you were down with a flu last night.


Yes, dear it just one of those things but I am perfectly fine now.


It alright it looks like Kennedy and I had too much fun that it finally played on us but it good we are fine.


Where is Joe? I have not seen him around. I asked Emily who was busy enjoying the story Kennedy was telling her.


He went to pick something in the room. Oh here comes my hubby…she replied while pointing at Joe who was heading towards our direction.


I flinch at the sight of him, and asked Kennedy to unlock the car so I can get in.


I was very quiet and bent my head while pressing my phone just to avoid eye contact with Joe.

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How was the burn fire Dance? Emily asked finally breaking the silent.


It was just fine, I replied her


Just fine…can I see the pictures and videos of couples dancing?


Sorry.. Emily but I didn’t take any it was no fun without you around.


You two are just weird, so you didn’t take video. Kennedy how do you deal with Ella’s boring nature.


She is your friend asked her .. Kennedy replied the both laughed.


You know I heard that strange things happens at the end of the dance. Reconnecting lost love bringing lovers together.


Ella did you see any of those things? She asked again.


No, maybe I never paid attention to all those things and Emily you know I don’t believe any of that.




” and hubby people.


, did you see anything or you two was just seating and looking at



“Babe… nothing magical happened it just people dancing and drinking with few couple kissing.


I starting coughing when I heard Joe mentioned kiss.


Gosh! Ella are you okay….


Everyone asked.


It nothing, I think I am coming down with cold. I will be fine




” alright sweetie control the cough.


, Kennedy said while handing me a bottle of water to help me



” Sorry dear…now I see why you have acting strange and quiet.


Why did she find out I am acting strange. The feeling of betrayal is Killing me. I tried so hard to avoid eyes contact but it was hard.


After the whole trip, i maintain my distance and try to get the kiss of my mind. I feel strange I kept imagining my life with Joe and the thought wasn’t funny in any way.


What are doing in my office?


I was surprised to see joe


How long will you pretend that nothing happened between us? He asked me.


I don’t think you understand what you’re saying and I will keep pretending if that will keep me away from you.


Ella, we kissed and we both felt the connection?


The kiss was a mistake and it because of the influence of the drinks. It better to forget about it because it mean nothing to me.


Ella, is that what you think or what you are forcing yourself to believe…I asked while coming closer to me.


Ella, you know well that we are in love with each and that is the truth …how long will you run from this.


“Ella tell me that I am wrong, tell me that you don’t love me just like the way I love you and I will leave you and never disturb you again.


Yes, Joe I don’t love you… Kennedy is my boyfriend and I love him. He is the only one that matters right now and you should forget about the kiss and embrace the beautiful Emily who loves and care for you.


She doesn’t deserve to be hurt, you can’t be mine and that the truth. Let not ruin two people’s lives because of what will want. You should know better that life doesn’t give us all that we want.


“I watched him, the pain in his eyes and I was holding back not to break down in front of him but I have to let him go. He can’t be mine and I have to accept that reality.


He left my office and I made him promise never to talk about the kiss to Emily or hurt her. If he does that then our friendship we be over and I can’t afford to loss a friend like Emily.



We both forgot about the kiss but even when I tried to stay away from Joe. Emily and Kennedy continue to arrange for us to do things together as a couple which made it hard to control myself.


Emily and Kennedy mostly do the talking while I just listen and chip in from time to time. I can’t steal her joy away.


“Today I was pissed off about Kennedy’s new behaviour. He Hardly calls me or spend time with me. Even when I call he gives me the same old story of being when did his work become a problem. Some one that enjoy us hanging out together now I am the one begging for it. What I don’t understand is why he never says he is busy when Emily invite us to go out with them.


today was the when I had enough of his madness, we made arrangements for lunch and after that travel to his house to watch he movie but my Kennedy never showed up and his phone was switched off. After some few was hours he sent me a package and a note saying his sorry that something came up and he had to cancel.


“ bad luck with love just when I want to make things work with him he is acting up and I can’t explain this his new found busy toward me.


I was so annoyed at him that decided to drive to his place and understand the reason for all these drama. It Saturday for God seek how will he be busy today as well.






Secret love


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