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Chapter 25


Nwanne Ifeoma ✨



The procedure was successful and when I finally opened my eyes, my parents were seated beside me and Dad was holding my hands while Mom was resting her head on his shoulder.


I have never been glad to see my parents in my life. I tried hugging them but I felt a sharp pain around my abdomen, Dad saw that look and he hugged me and smiled, after a really long hug we finally broke the hug and I watch my mom smiling.


“How are you feeling princess? Daddy asked


Happy to see you all, I was very afraid….I thought I was facing my death…for a


second I thought I will never see you again.


So my princess was scared…he said while laughing.


It wasn’t funny, Mom tell him to stop laughing at me, I turned to my mom and she was also smiling. You two think it was funny….it because you don’t know how scary it was being in that room tears fall from my eyes.


Don’t cry princess, I know you must have been afraid but I promised that you will be fine and see you are fine. Can you please smile for me now, I have really missed those your white teeth.


I see you are awake….the doctor said while walking in.


Yes, doctor she is finally up and you see she is crying like a baby.



He examined me and told my Dad that I was fine but the only problem is that I lost the pregnancy because of the bleeding but everything else was fine in my system, no danger in my womb because all the drugs was flushed out and I don’t need to worry about getting pregnant in the future.


he promised I will be free to come home after 24 hours.


After I was discharged, I stayed inside for a month and allowed my body to heal and get back in shape.


I was looking forward to return back to School, I have Missed so much and it will be a workload for me and mostly I want to make Eric and Gift pay for their crime.


I was reading my book when my Dad came in with my Mom.


Hello Princess….


I ran and hugged my Dad


He is so amazing, he have being supportive and carring during this dark period. He made me realize I was never alone and that I can always count on him and he will always be of help.


Mommy is caring but mostly strict but behind that strong nature is a wonderful woman who loves me with everything in her. I now realize that I have every love I need in this world in them .


When I finally free from the embrace, I saw him holding a brown envelope in his hand. Curiously I want to know what is in it.


Ella we have something to tell you


“Daddy said”


You know we love right and always want the best for you.


Yes Daddy…I know that I have the best parents in world.


” I replied with a smile”


Do you trust the decision we are about to make is for your future.


“I know that…..the suspense was killing me already…. Dad what is the the matter


hope I am fine, did the doctor say anything ? I asked looking worried.


Not at all, you are fine and it nothing about the past.


Ella dear your Dad and I have decided that you travel to America and continue with your studies over there, we have spoken with Auntie Kate and she is happy to have you stay in her place until you move in to the hostel.


“But Dad, I don’t want to travel…I like my school and I want Eric and Gift to pay for their crime. I want justice, she can’t win.


Princess… listen I want the same thing, I also want him to pay for messing with my precious baby but dear we are thinking of your future. If this news about your pregnancy, rape, the drug and surgery comes to surface it never ends well for the girl Child. People will question your character and might not understand.


I don’t want you facing anymore problem and outsider questions our reputation.


Let this one go remember people who do evil never go unpunished, one way or another Eric and Gift will pay. Karma will serve them in a thousand fold but right now think of your future and life.


God is giving you a chance to start over don’t let anger and desire revenge stop you from taking this chance. Your Visa is ready but think of it and tell what you want .


To seek for revenge and I will a gladly help you out or travel and start all over putting all these behind, I will always support anything you want to. I love you princess and always.


I thought of what my father said, I want those two evil people to pay but I want a better future for myself. I decided to travel and start a fresh, it wasn’t easy but I have to let God serve them with what they deserve.


I travelled and it was a beautiful beginning for me and I made a decision never to let anyone influence my decision.



Love was far away from my mind and I wanted to show my parents specially my dad that I will never disappoint them or bring shame to them anymore.


What did you think about the situation of starting over and not seeking for justice for Ella.




Secret love



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