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Chapter 31???????? ??


Nwanne Ifeoma ????????????


I returned from work and went straight to my room. What a day and life. I laid flat on my bed and stare at the star stickers on my celling.


lost in my thoughts about what happened today, I felt at peace forgiving and letting go of the past but I was curious about something, I wanted to know what happened to Eric and Gift but so sad that Kennedy walked in at the moment and I was not able to find out.



Wondering if I should pretend and pay Emily a visit in her office in order to see Joe or just ask her his number but she might get ideas and I don’t want to explain anything to her. I was still in my thoughts when Dad came into my room.


“Hi princess” he said to me while seating beside me.


“Good evening Dad”


“Here you are and you didn’t come down for dinner tonight.


“What is the problem princess?


“It nothing Dad, I had something at the office and I was busy today so I decided to get some sleep.


“Is that all, any other thing bothering you. Your Daddy is here to listen.


“Bother….No I am fine.


“Remember I am your Dad and I know you so well. I know when you are happy and sad. Right now I can see that you have something bothering you and it stealing my princess smile.


“Is it that obvious…I asked my dad who seem to have all his attention on me.


Just that I know you and it only obvious to me. Now can you tell me what is it that you are hiding.


“Okay Dad, promise me it stays between us and Mommy won’t find out about anything we are discussing. I don’t want her creating a scene.


“Promise and I will also help.


“You know the man that Emily introduced me in her party ad her boss is no other person but Joe the guy who hooked me up with Eric, he came to the office today and asked me to forgive him and after he long talk I finally decided to let go of the



past but before I could find out what happened to Eric and Gift Kennedy walked in and I think he might have gotten the wrong idea but cleared up his doubt.


“Dad, do you think I did the right thing and if it okay for me to still find out what happened to two. I looked at my dad’s face and listen to what he have to say.


“Ella dear, I know that this day will come and for Joe I wasn’t surprised because after you left for abroad. We carried investigation on the three, with the information we discovered, Eric and Gift paid for their crime. The news about Gift abortion that almost killed her made thy headline in the school because she was found in the room bleeding and after that her womb was damaged. She graduated with a poor grade that all I know about her and for Eric he was sentence to Prison after he was caught with hard drugs and for cyber crime. He didn’t even graduate and out of shame he took his own life at the prison.


“I opened my mouth wide open while hearing everything my dad was saying.


“,But Dad why did you not say anything about this.


“Like I said it all happened while you were in abroad and there was no point bothering you with the news. I promise you that Karma will play it role.


Ella I am glad that you finally forgive Joe because out of them he was nice and from a good home. I understand that he was afraid to express his feeling that was his mistake but is good it all over now.


“,So tell me something, do you ever love him?


“Dad…it a personal question”


“What i just want to know na”


“Okay, I was in love with Joe, I never loved Eric maybe if he had asked me out at the period I would have said yes because I fancy him a whole lot. I enjoy his company and his personality but all in the past now and like you know Kennedy confessed his feeling for me in front of you all and I said yes.



Are you sure, the feelings you have for him is in the past and for Kennedy do you actually want to be his girlfriend. I saw your reaction it says something different from your mouth.


“Yes Daddy……Joe is in the past and Kennedy is the present. I want to make it


work with him and moreover Emily like Joe so much and she have being trying to impress him.


Princess you know I love you and will support whatever choice you make but try to understand what your heart need not what you think it want. Kennedy is a great person but is he who your heart wants. That my opinion but you can always do what you want right now you are grown and I can’t decide for you.


Good night princess and sweet dreams….he kissed my forehead and closed the


door behind him as he made his way out.


I smiled at my Dad’s words, I am glad that the two paid for their crime but why will he think I still love Joe?


It not possible and I know he can’t be in love with me it all in the past. I know my heart want to be with Kennedy and I have accepted him as my boyfriend.


“, Kennedy and I are good together, I know that there is no perfect love and human being. We just have to make due with what life present to us and enjoy every moment that why I just see Joe as a friend and if we’re meant to be with each other then fate won’t have played ugly game on us.


Emily is a nice girl and will surely make him happy. I hope he comes out of his shell and see the beauty and brain that Emily is and go for her and not any other random lady.






Secret love


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