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Chapter 33



Nwanne Ifeoma


I don’t understand why Emily always bring Joe to all our hangout.


Yes I am happy for them but right now I don’t get why she is insisting in double date. I have being avoiding to honor her invitation but today I have no choice rather than to honour it. Even Kennedy seems to be excited about the whole idea and to worst it they planned a weekend couple trip.


I don’t know where Emily found the location but she believes after staying there, away from all the our busy life and legend has it that the place brings lover together.



Craziest thing I ever heard in my life how can a place change love story and bring people together. I believe it marketing strategy that is used to bring customer to enjoy vacation or weekend in the place.


I was packing my stuff when my parents came in. Mom offered to help me and Dad sat down while watching the two beautiful ladies in his life.


Ella, I hope after this trip Kennedy will put a ring in that finger. Mom “said while folding my clothes”


“Mom….we have just dated for four months why will you be think about such?


“Yes, four months is long enough and you two have know each other since childhood what else do you need to know.


“Geez, I don’t even want to marry now, I still have my career to build and Kennedy understand that.


“Don’t be silly Young lady, which career are you building? You are now in MD level at work and after your Dad retirement you will be taking over his position as the CEO.


“Even that Mom…I still don’t want to become a Mrs yet it too early for such step and marriage is a big deal and you know that too.


“Look Ella, I am just concern about your relationship. Men are not predicted, he can change his mind anytime and I don’t want you hurting.


“Then it his lost… finally Dad came to my rescue.


“My Daughter is not an option and doesn’t need to feel like one. She is beautiful, smart and unique, if he walks away from all these then it his lost and never deserve to be part of her life.



“Hunny you know you are the one feeding this girl with all these ideas and I know what I am saying as a woman and her mother. Kennedy will treat her right



and it time she starts treating him in a way he will start seeing her as a wife not a girlfriend.


“As a father and a man I want her to think carefully and don’t rush into anything that she will regret. and you woman, your mom didn’t ask you to marry at the age of 23 why not allow my daughter enjoy her youthful life.


“With the way she is growing someone will think she is 26 or 29. Me I want a grandchild.


“I didn’t even know when I started laughing watching them debate about me.


Okay it enough, Mom if Kennedy ask me to marry him, I will say yes but if he doesn’t then I can’t kill myself about it.


It just a couple thing with Emily and her boyfriend which is just three days. Can I leave or should I stay and watch you two debate.


“Alright Ella, we will let leave to go now and I hope you packed all your sΒ£xy clothes that will make understand what his missing but remember no sΒ£x…. Mom added


“Yes ma’am… your wish is my command, I laughed and hugged them.


“I glanced at my Dad and he smiled.


Ella, he called me.


“Maybe if you should find out if Joe will give Emily the Happiness and love she deserves and if you will give Kennedy the love and happiness he deserves. This trip should help you find out what you are doing. Or maybe you are also afraid to admit what you feel because of Emily. Think if she wasn’t in the picture will you still be with Kennedy.


The road trip was fun because through out the ride to our destination it was fun filled. The guys were in the front and the ladies were seated behind. We joked around until we arrive but I kept thinking about my father’s words. I noticed I couldn’t get my eyes off Joe, I was wondering if he is right do I still love Joe.



Wow! Wow wow


The place was really beautiful and I must confess it indeed a romance point. The decorations was all love filled and it brings you close to nature, the fresh breeze and smell of fresh water. You can see the waterfall from where we park…the view is amazing.


“Told you that you all we love my choice and look you are all speechless… Emily said.


“Emily I must say that this is beautiful, I thought it was just your hyping skill but no I am impressed… Kennedy said.


“,Yes, girl this is beautiful. Look at the wonders of nature…the moaning birds, the tree and green fields everything is just amazing. I said



“The credit should go to my awesome hubby he found this location and asked me to invite you two…so you should be praising his skills of adventure not mine I was thinking about one of the hotel within town but he told me about here. Emily kissed Joe at his cheek after talking and held his hands


“Oh man.. you got good taste, I would have never thought of such. Kennedy said while shaking Joe.


“,It nothing just one of those places I spent holidays in as a kid if not abroad and with that I developed Interest in nature. Joe said.


“Well it beautiful..I said before we all went to the reception to be directed to our rooms.


Their services was the best, the food was amazing. We went for hiking, swimming, sky ride and play lot of games. Every spot is a best place to take pictures and Emily and i didn’t miss any opportunities of taking pictures and unloading. It felt like I wasn’t in Nigeria.. free from the noisy environment and polluted air and car noise. It peaceful and cozy. It was the best three days of my life.



Everything was going well and we all was having so much fun. It was our last night here and we decided to go for the burn fire dance that will take place later that night. But an hour before the dance Kennedy complain of having running stomach maybe it was because of the local wine he have being consuming ever since the first day we arrive. Those drinks are tempting that it hard to resist. I thought it was better for me to stay with him but he asked me to go have fun that he will be fine.


“I got to the burn fire dance and looked around but couldn’t sight Joe and Emily it will be wrong staying alone so I decided to go back to my room but met Joe and he wasn’t with Emily.


Joe said Emily caught a fluid as well so she is sleeping. We decided to stay for a while before heading back to the room. We talked and enjoyed watching other couples dance. When the organizers pulled everyone to the dance floor we both danced and could not stop laughing.


It was a crazy night and one thing led to another.. from the dance floor to watching


of the stars and fireflies. The next minute our hands were together our bodies we’re touching and eye locked and finally we kissed. The kissing felt good, I


couldn’t stop myself we were kissing and cuddling and I was enjoying every thing and my body was responding to it and it feels like we both have long for this moment for so long.


The reality struck me and I realized that I was kissing my best friend boyfriend and I broke out of the kiss and ran off to my room.



It indeed the best trip and vacation but will this lead to something








Secret love



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