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Chapter 41



Nwanne Ifeoma


Okay, why on earth will this dumb Alarm ring at this moment. It would have let


me kiss him at least if can’t have him in person let me enjoy him in my sleep but No the witch have to spoil and ruin my moment.


Ella,…. Ella …. Ella. My Mom yelled my name while entering my room. “Mom… what the matter?


Young lady, are you going to sleep and hide all days in your room.


Mom, please not now.


Look, you have to forget about Emily and Kennedy.


“Go and have fun, meet people and cheer up.


“, Mom, please not now.


“Why not? My friends are sending me their children wedding invitation and my beautiful daughter doesn’t want to forget about that lying and Cheating Kennedy.


“Mom, it about Kennedy his not my problem right now.



Then tell me, your Dad and you keep me in the dark and you tell him everything not me.


“Okay, you know what I will go out and have fun. I will even get ready and go to the gym.


Happy now.


Ella, I know you are just avoiding the topic but mean while it good you are leaving this room of your.


Great now I have to go to the gym. All the things I do for Love and damn I hate the stress but it fine i will have to get fit to clear my head and think for best way to get my man back.


After the gym I decided to drive to park and get fresh air. The gym instructor want to kill me. How do people even survive the process it good I am glad that I’m not fat if not I would be in trouble.


What wrong with people, just today I came to the park that everyone is being all loving and romantic. I kept watching and every point I turn to I will see couple snogging each other.


Mission get my man back, got home and dressed up in just beautiful way that Joe won’t take his eyes off me.


Ma’am, you are here again. “Yes, and how doing.


Fine, ma’am I must confess you’re looking really beautiful today.


Oh really… thanks and where is your stubborn boss?


His at the pool side.


Yes, at the other side of the building.


Do you mind directing me to meet him.


That No problem, this way ma’am.


Thanks so much for all your help.


I should be thankful to you because after the last time you came there was changes in his mood. So thank you Ma’am.


“,I will leave now and the pool is right there.


“Okay take care.


“,Is this a dream or do Joe look like a super model in those swimsuit. I have never seen him shirtless and those swim shorts are killing me. His muscles are tempting.


I was watching him and fantasizing about him with my mouth wide open. Damn how on earth I didn’t I notice this wonderful creature since.


“Why is he making this hard on me, I am tempted to join him in the pool but that will ruin makeup and hair..


“, Did he just walked passed me without saying anything. Like seriously he actually acting like I am invisible.


“Okay, Mr Joe two can play this game and I followed him to the house.


“Hey, Joe what wrong with you.


“, What Ella why can’t you leave me alone and allow me to rest.


“, Leave you alone Joe, even you knows that not possible.


” Then stay here and talk to yourself. He said and went upstairs to his room.



Look Joe we are not done having this conversation. I trail behind him and kept talking but he just ignore me.


Are you going to leave my room or you want me to change in front of you.


We are not done talking and you know that as well.


‘do you think changing and removing your short while make leave.


“,Then enjoy the view and try not to go blind.


This guy is not serious why is he changing in front of me and the sight is killing me. Why is he doing this and I am sure he is enjoying watching me beg. I can’t get enough of his view and this is torture.


Ella just make a move now, get closer and get your man back.


The argument heated up and he dragged me to wall and everything went South and our eyes met and locked.


“Damn! She is looking beautiful.


Ella what are you doing to me?

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I should be asking you the same question.


“I could kiss you right now and that lips that is tempting.


” What is stopping you then.


“Ella I am angry at you and I should stay away.


“How can we do that tell me, Joe you know it not possible and we can’t control what we are feeling right now.


I pulled him closer to me and this time I kissed him and he is kissing me back. He used his hands around me.



Great this is real and it not a dream. I gave him access to my body the kiss was getting intense and I am enjoying every bit of his touch and kisses around me but wait he pulled me off him and said we should not indulge in the act.


Damn what my head is saying I just missed him and obviously we both want this and my body is giving itself away maybe because I have not done this since after the night Eric took advantage of me.


We are supposed to me angry and fighting but wait look where we are craving for each other and the desire is burning and consuming us that I am willing to throw away all myself away.


“Ella, he placed my hands on his chest.


“Can you you feel it beat.


” I nod.


“Do you know it only beat for you and you alone. A day without is literally living in an empty life but with you everything is perfect with you and I love you so much Ella and it driving me crazy.


I love you too Joe, I do and I will always do. I promise I will never doubt you. I was foolish and stupid for denying my feeling for .


I was still talking when he silent me with a kiss and I embrace it with open arms and welcome it.


“Forget about what my heading is saying I just want him so bad and that what matters right now.


“Hey.. Ella we should go have dinner downstairs.


He just ruined the moment and he is smiling. I knew it that this guy just like spoiling my mood.


“Now..I asked him.



“Yes…I am hungry and I it will be nice we go down. He said while leading me out of the room and worn his shirt.


He is smiling and I can punch that smile of his face. He knows what he is doing and he is enjoying it.






Secret love




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