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Chapter 28,



Nwanne Ifeoma



Okay, someone should tell all these guys to stop wasting time trying to impress me.


What nonsense, I can’t have a normal day without someone sending a package. I can’t remember telling anyone that I was in need of a lover so what the big deal if a girl choose to be single.


Just today that I went for my lunch this annoying guy came up to me and requested to pay for my meal did I look like I can’t afford to pay my own bills. See me see big trouble I can be nice when I allowed him to pay just the sight of the bill made him sweat.


It a week to Emily’s birthday and we are organizing a small family party for her.


Everything was going perfectly fine and she was so excited about it.


She can’t pick the right dress to wear just because she invited her boss and she wants to impress him and make him surly see her beauty and everything.


Ella please how do look ?


Emily, you look perfect for the third time now.


“I mean like perfect to impress him. Ella I want to know.


“Geez.. you are really putting up a lot of work for this man.


“Hope he is worth all these effort”


Ella, don’t worry you will finally meet him and see why I am doing all these.


“, Whatever, bae… Just come let go or you will be late for your own party.


“Yes na… It all about me today and nothing more.


Talking about guys and love. Do you notice the way Kennedy have being looking at you today.



Crazy girl ..we are friends and you that I don’t fancy him or any other guy right now so forget about him and he will be loving himself more.


Attention ….. every one I need your attention. Kennedy brought everyone attention


to him as he announced about his surprised.


Ella…I wanted this to done on your birthday but let me announce it now because I can’t hold on until then.


What is he trying to say….God let it not be what I am thinking.


Ella, I have known you for long and spent my childhood with you. We have done so many crazy things together and when studies took us on a separate path I have always want to be part of your life.


I tried to move back but I notice all eye was on us so I have to play along and watch him talk.


Kennedy what are trying to say”? I was putting up an act not to understand what he is trying to say.


I stood there in shock as I heard Kennedy said he loves me and wants me to become his girlfriend.


“Kennedy, did you say you love me? I ask him to be sure of what I heard and he nodded to affirm to it.


For a moment and speeches because I don’t know what to say to him right now, I am not happy about this open confession of love. The dumb thing is that I don’t love him…he is my childhood friend but I don’t see him in that way. I don’t even want anyone loving me ….


I looked around I saw my parents smiling and waiting for my respond. The look in their face shows how happy they are.


What to do, Ella think….if you say No then he will feel regretted and shame.



I smiled at him and hugged him nodded my head. I couldn’t find my mouth and words wasn’t coming,the drama was just playing in my head.


“,So Ella you will be girlfriend?


I nodded again… Trying so hard to hide my disappointment and the anger I was feeling right now.


“,He immediately carried me up and spinning me around while shouting it a year! …yes!. Yes…


I never knew I was that light and Goodness someone should tell this guy to put me down because all these will end soon let just have a personal talk and I will make it clear to him that I was putting up an act.


I most say I am a good actor.


Finally he dropped me and Emily dragged me to meet her boss that I am dieing to meet the man my friend is crushing on big time.


There and behold…it was Joe and he just watched the whole fake drama I put up few minutes ago.


At the sight of him I ran off without saying anything to him, it was a shock and I


felt tears dropping from my eyes.


It just open old injury.


“What going on Emily ask me as she found me crying at the poolside.




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